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11:04 AM

Vitamin D, B12/folic acid, Iron/ferritin

Title says it all.

If you are optimized on your thyroid medication and still dragging you may want to get these micro-nutrients tested. If you are not supplementing already with the "sunshine vitamin", vitamin D, supplementing at too low a dose, or have gut absorption problems then there is a good chance you are low in D as sunshine on bare skin for 20 minutes or longer can be a difficult commodity to come by. The sun is pretty much our sole source of D3, there's very little in foods. D is our "immunity vitamin" which IMO is one of several reasons why we tend to get sick in Winter when sun and bare skin are not seeing much of each other... and not other times of the year when D levels are higher due to being out in the sun.

Interested in testing, low on cash? See Mzzchief's blog #23 for an inexpensive at home Vit D test. The others can be run at your doctor's office or ordered from if they have a lab in your area.

Be well! Life is too much fun to be dragging yourself thru it! : ) Mzzchief