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Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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3:54 PM

New HANGMAN game posted

A new game has been posted if you are interested in playing. Just click the link, post your daily letter guess and the first player to correctly post the phrase will receive a SPARK goodie.
9:29 PM

Winner of The Biggest Loser Challenge

Congrats to our winner Xena1956 with a total weight loss of 9.2 lbs and 5.93% weight loss Xena has won a copy of Body Gospel execise dvds lets all stop by her page and congratulate her....

Thanks for sticking it out

9:04 PM

The Biggest Loser Summer Challenge

It's that time again and wow am I excited about the Summer Challenge.....I hope you will be also....This is going to be fun and motivational so join us this summer for you chance to win a fantastic prize

The contest will run for 12 weeks Starting on Monday July 5th and ending Monday Sept 20th and as before a beginning and ending photo should be sent to me via email at the beginning photo should be sent on Monday July 5th thru Wed July 8th 2010......The ending photo will be sent on Monday Sept 20th 2010 that is the final date no exceptions on the ending photo.....The contest is limited to US residents only

The rules are different and stricker this go round there will be eliminations this time.... anyone who does not post a weigh in three (3) times thru out this contest will be eliminated....and sent packing no questions asked......Now for the Grand Prize there will only be one winner and that person will recieve a set of the Body Gospel exercise dvds you can check out the dvds at the link below

Is that enough to get you up and moving then lets get busy 12 weeks come and go so fast and just think of all the weight you can lose in that time........So sign up and sign up fast you only have three days to get the starting photo in......

The starting weigh in photo should be of you standing on the scale looking down with the weight and feet showing only.....I want to wish you all good luck and lets do this lets keep moving foward......