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100 Plus Pounds to Lose

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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11:13 AM

How to sign up for a Virtual Race!

To sign up for a virtual race go to the following link:

and select the date you want to complete your 5k from the dropdown box. (October 28 is the trick or Treat Trot) and once you hit "go" there will be a big button at the top of the page that says Join this Race. Click it and sign up for what event you want to do. The week of the race to record your results go back to the race page and a new button will open at the top where "join this race" was and you put in the time it took and all that good stuff. Note: You can only record your results the week of the race so remember to report it as soon as possible!

To follow one of SP's training plans you can sign up with an option when you join your race OR you can go directly to this link:

and decide which one to do. The Couch25k program (c25k) is also pretty popular and you can find that here:

Now as for actually completing the race, you simply choose a time that's convenient for you during that week, strap on your tennis shoes and go. You can walk outside in a park or around the block if that's convenient or you can walk on a treadmill inside if the weather's bad. You can walk by yourself or with others. You can even walk it in short segments at a time like Beth Donovan did last year if you have medical issues. The goal is to do it whenever and however you can.
Good luck and let me know if anyone has more questions!

6:02 PM

Trick or Treat Virtual 5k

Hey everyone! i'm starting a forum (and a challenge) for the SP virtual 5k. Drop in and say hi!
1:09 PM

New Team Goals!

The goals will now change each month! Go Join one today!
2:48 PM

Sorry I've been incomunicado! Be back after finals finish!

Sorry about the lack of communication! There's craziness going on over here!
9:11 AM

Go Snowballers!

The new week is up!