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6:30 AM

Introducing SP Friend Feed Enhancements

SP announced yesterday that the Friend Feed has been updated.

Your Friend Feed shows you the recent activity of your SparkFriends: things like new blog posts they've made, their status updates, and even when they've won a trophy. You can find a shortened view of your Friend Feed in Step 3 on your Start Page, or see it in full by clicking "Friend Feed" under the "Community" tab at the top of the site...

Enhancements are:

- A new design. SP has cleaned up the Friend Feed so it's a little easier on the eyes (fewer hyperlinks, etc.).

- Easy options to "hide" certain activities (or people). If you don't care about seeing how many SparkPoints your friends earn, when they join a new SparkTeam—or any other Friend Feed activity, you can now easily hide all of those activities from showing up in your feed. Simply click the dropdown arrow next to the activity you don't wish to see, and select the option to "Hide All" of that activity in the future. Related, you can now hide any friend from showing up in your Friend Feed (without having to "unfriend" them) using the same dropdown. (Your friend will not be notified if they were hidden.)

- Fitness tracking! SP always want to celebrate and encourage fitness, so now any exercises that your friends track will show up in your feed. This is a great way to see what people are doing to be successful—and cheer them on!

When you surround yourself with people doing healthy things, research shows that you are more likely to adopt their habits, too. Your Friend Feed keeps you in the loop with all the healthy actions your SparkFriends are taking—so you can be motivated, inspired and encouraging! Remember that you can choose which of your personal activities show up in your friends' feeds. To edit what other members see about you, go to the "Settings" tab in your Friend Feed.

SP hopes that you enjoy these new Friend Feed enhancements. Please share your comments or feedback at

- and be on the lookout for even more SparkPeople updates in the near future!

11:58 PM

Nutrition Tracker: New Recent Foods Tab

SP announced today at

"If you use the Nutrition Tracker regularly, you probably already know that you can save foods you eat frequently to your "Favorites" list. This makes it much faster to add foods to your tracker every day. But now it's even easier to keep track of what you eat most often.

The new "Recent" tab on the Food Tracker automatically generates a handy list of all the foods you've recently tracked so you can add them in an instant. Since so many people eat the same foods day to day, this is another option for making it easier and faster to track your calories and nutrition.

To add a recently tracked food to your Nutrition Tracker, visit your food tracker page. Click on the "Recent" tab (next to Search) and you'll see a list of your foods. Simply check the box next to the food(s) you want to add to your tracker, then click "Add Selected Foods to Tracker" at the bottom.

The most recent quantity of the food is already noted, but can be changed easily on the same screen. Be sure sure change both the Quantity and the Measure columns to accurately track what you've eaten.

Finally, you can select which meal to add the food to by using the Meal dropdown menu to the far right. If you'd like to add several different foods to the same meal all at once, simply select the "Change all meals to" dropdown menu at the bottom right before clicking the "Add Selected Foods to Tracker" button.

We're constantly working to improve the Nutrition Tracker because it's been proven that people who consistently track what they eat are more likely to successfully manage their weight."

7:27 PM

Changes to the Nutrition Tracker

As per SP Coach Tanya:

"This morning we launched a slightly redesigned version of the nutrition tracker. The changes entail:

1) An overall visual redesign. We simplified the colors, and a few other things. The goal was to better match the redesigns recently launched on pages like our homepage and Start page.

2) As part of the redesign, we moved a few things around the page:
- The biggest is that the water tracker, Tracker Options, and Daily Feedback buttons were moved down the page.
- We dropped the fruit/veggie quick track but that tracking can easily be added to the Start page tracking options. The same can be done with the water tracking as well for more of a one stop tracking option.
- The button to add more nutrients is now at the bottom of the page, vs to the top right of foods tracked for the day

We will be updating the Nutrition Tracker tour in a week or so. Further questions can be directed to or via the Site/Tech message board forum.

While we know change can be difficult, please know that we do not make changes simply for the sake of change. Our goal is always to better serve the millions of members that are working hard to positively change their life, one goal at a time."

9:43 PM

SP's New Welcome Guide On StartPage

It was announced in today's SparkPeople Blog that SP has launched a new Welcome Guide on the new StartPages which would earn members 500 points when completed. Even though this guide is for new members, existing ones can complete the 7 steps of the Welcome Guide as well, at any time, at their own pace.

For full details, see

12:02 PM

New Start Page Effective Mon. Oct. 21/13

Starting Monday, October 21, 2013, SP will be launching it's new Start Page.

As many members have said in the past, SP can be overwhelming especially at first. Many have said they just didn't know where to start and so SP has put together a new Start Page that will be effective for everyone starting on Monday.

"The improved Start page was created to give everyone a clear three-step program for using SparkPeople to reach their goals. It prioritizes three main things:

1.Tracking. We know that tracking food, fitness and other goals builds confidence and helps people get results, which is why it's Step 1 of your SparkPeople Start page. You'll notice a brand new tracking feature on the right side of the page that allows you to customize up to six other goals—they can be anything!—and earn SparkPoints for tracking them each day.

2.Coaching. Step 2 combines "coaching" from our experts (in the form of articles, videos and other tips) with a brand new feature: the Goal Board. This is based on what a great coach or goal-setting expert might do with his or her clients: encourage them to write down, look at and visualize their goals each day. You can completely customize this section with your personal goals, inspirational images (from our site or your own photos) and more so that you give your goals some attention each day to stay motivated.

3.Community. We've seen just how much of a difference it makes in our members when they connect with others on our site, so connecting with our Community in any way that works for you is part of step 3. A new Community feature you'll find here (in addition to all of your old favorites) is SparkTeam Bonus Points. For every 5 SparkPoints you earn each day, you'll get a bonus "spin" to earn extra SparkPoints for yourself—and your favorite Teams. It's a fun feature that we think you'll enjoy to help your Teams advance on our leaderboards."

And note this P.S.: "Soon, we'll have another BIG announcement related to this new feature directly from SparkGuy!" Soooo there is more to come!

For more info, and an excellent 5 min. demo video, please go to

Happy Sparking!!!