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3:42 PM

December's More Team tracking challenge winners!

And the winners are...


r most total points: PEBBLES706, with 1332! Wow!

For best average: POSITIVELY_EB, with 45!

[Note: I took myself out of the running this time, because we're a new team and all, but next month, the gloves are off, and if you want to beat me, you'll have to start eating your veggies! emoticon ]

Congrats to the winners -- I'll be messaging you about your prize today. Congrats to EVERYONE for trying a new thing! emoticon emoticon

My plan for this new month is to post a tip every day for how to get in more points on this challenge.
11:05 AM

Ending December and starting a new year!

Okay, loves, it's time to add up all your points for the month. You have until the end of tomorrow to get them tallied -- if you don't feel like doing the math on the average points, not to worry; I'll do it for you.

Remember, we will have two prizes -- one for the most total points, and one for the highest average. The same person CAN win both prizes, but it's certainly not a sure thing.

A new challenge starts tomorrow. Feel free to suggest prizes on the January Prizes thread!
7:58 AM

December challenge starts today

Today is the first day of our challenge. We're a brand-new team, and we will grow, but just think: a small team means more chances to win the lovely prizes we have this month.

Keep in mind that we're all about abundance!

MORE VEGGIES: means we find ways to eat our vegetables that are joyful and delicious. No forcing down limp spinach. Around here, if we don't like steamed spinach, we have a zucchini muffin or a bowl of snap peas instead! We also find creative ways to incorporate vegetables into our meals: did you know that shredded carrot or zucchini can make your meatloaf moister?

MORE FRUITS: means we start training ourselves to think of the fruit bowl as the snack bowl. Fruit is naturally sweet, and the more we reach for that, the more the empty calories (which we're not saying you can't eat) tend to be crowded out of the spotlight.

MORE WHOLE GRAINS: You don't have to suddenly start eating wheatberries at every meal. What I do is just try to choose the whole-grain option when I have a choice. Ordering a sandwich? Whole-wheat bread, please. Eating cereal for breakfast? Choose raisin bran or oatmeal or shredded wheat for a big dose of whole grain.

MORE EXERCISE: My challenge in life is to find the ways of moving my body that aren't painful or too boring. For me, the key was finding a walking partner and buying a Bowflex. For you, something else might work. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Anyway, we all know deprivation sucks. This program is about abundance, and embracing MORE, rather than less.

Welcome to December!
10:10 PM

2 Days until the Challenge!

Okay, teammates, we're a small team so far, but we are gonna kick this challenge into high gear on Saturday! This is a GUILT-FREE fun-for-all! Log points every day or just when you can. There will be TWO winners (one for total points, and one for best average points), so anyone can win.

(And psst! There will be REAL PRIZES!)