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The Christian's Mindfulness Challenge

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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4:29 PM

FYI: Subscriptions

Did you know that you do not have to post a reply to subscribe to a thread. You can simply click the "Subscribe to this thread" option and you will receive emails for each new post to that thread. To keep it up, just be sure to click to go into the thread when you receive a notice. To stop it, delete the notice without going into the thread by way of the notification link. When you like a thread but don't have time to post to it, you can still benefit from it by subscription that allows you to read the entries and be encouraged. And that is okay to do.
5:52 PM

Darlene on Spark Break

Hi, team.

I, Darlene, want to let you know that I will be taking a Spark and internet break for about a month to get some stuff done about the house and get some good routines back. Then I will gradually work Spark back into that. I have needed to do this for awhile, but I keep putting it off, not wanting to leave you all for any length of time, especially with our study going on. But there is always something, meanwhile my household habits get ignored. and things here get further behind. I have turned off my notifications for now to help me stay focused at home. Hopefully the team threads are set up and can keep going as is. I will let the team know as well, but wanted to let you know first. I am asking you to support the rest of the leaders by participating and keeping the team going well. You are in my prayers. HUGS to you, and thanks for all you do.

4:57 PM

February is Heart to a Buddy Month

Hello, sisters in Christ! I hope this Spark-mail reaches to you and finds you well.

We are doing a month of promoting partnership in this season given to love and friendship. Thus you will find 3 threads set up for the buddy system. As God has prepared me to build stronger accountability partnerships, I was strongly encouraged by this testimony from Lysa TerKeurst in her book, Made to Crave. We will be doing a focus on that book next month, so if you do not have it, I encourage you to get it and prepare to participate. Now to Lysa’s words of wisdom:

“‘Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart. Think it over.’

“Who would have every thought this classic tune by the supremes could apply so much more than a girlfriend warning her wayward beau. …(It contains) within the sing-song melody a very powerful statement, ‘Think it over.’

“I wonder how many bad choices and severe consequences could have been averted if that three-word statement had been applied.

“Sometimes, we can muster up the gumption to think it over on our own and redirect our steps away from the slippery slope of compromise. But more times than not, we need measures of accountability.

“For me, one of the most effective accountability measures has been mutually tracking progress with friends. I have one friend, Marybeth, who started ahead of me and who has been an invaluable source of encouragement and perspective. … (for this focus we are calling this a Mentor buddy)

“The thing that strikes me about the story (of Esau selling his birthrights) is how much Esau gave up for just a few moments of physical satisfaction …

“Had a true friend of Esau’s head this interaction with Jacob, surely he would have spoken some rationality into Esau’s irrational impulses.

“That’s what Marybeth was for me—a voice of reason, stability, and rationality. …

“It also was crucial to have the accountability of another friend, Holly, who started this healthy eating plan at the same time I did. We both knew it would be hard, so we committed to praying for one another as well as holding each other accountable. …(for this focus we are calling this partner, who should be at about the same place as you in their journey, the Comrade-buddy).

“Find a friend who is willing to take the journey with you in prayer. Be honest with her and about your struggles and ask her to commit to praying fervently for you and with you.”

There is much, much more, including listing several scenarios that prove for us who think we don’t need a bud how much better we do when called to accountability, but that is a good intro to the focus for February.

The three threads are as follows:

Buddy-up, Spark-buds contains the details and is the place to post who you are buddy (ies) with:

Buddy update chatter is the place to post insights and share experiences:

Buddy wanted list is the place to post to in search of a bud—I highly recommend putting some detail about your personal hopes and goals, and putting something about what you are looking for in partnership, so people “shopping” can find what they are looking for in a good match:

While there, be sure to check out the new threads and join in with us. We miss you who are missing and love hearing from and walking with one and all!

Hugs to you,
Darlene, Kristi, and Christine

PS: If you are encouraged here, be sure to invite your friends. The legal way to do that on Spark is through your personal blog or by clicking the "invite a friend" that should appear at the top of our main page. Inviting through spark-mail, goodies and on page comments is highly discouraged and prohibited in Spark by-laws.
9:22 PM

Helping your participation

I want to take this opportunity to encourage your participation in the team. One important way I find to do that is to go to your personal “Start” page. In the upper left hand side, there is, in small red letters a link to your “Account / Email settings”. Click it and go to the “Community” tab, where you will find your “Spark teams”. Click that and beside our team, please click to receive “new threads.” This will allow you to be alerted to any new topics for discussion, thoughts to encourage your journey, and challenges to help you achieve your goals. That is also the place to check to receive team emails.