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Team Announcements

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Team Zombie

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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12:07 PM

Red Cross Donations

If you can, please give to the Red Cross to help the residents of the East Coast that have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I have been to the Jersey shore and seen how it looks like the apocalypse has struck over there. If you can, please give
11:06 PM

HAPPY 2012

Greeting to all the new faces that popped up while I was away, and regreets to the regulars. 2012 brings us one year closer to the Zombie War, and I hope all of you will use the time to get yourselves in better shape. As they say, "Zombies hate fast food!"
11:29 AM

Dead Pool

Come place your vote in the "Walking Dead" dead pool! cast your vote on which character is the next to become zombie food! The pool resets each week!
12:36 PM

Zombie Movie Challenge

The Zombie Movie Challenge has begun! Be sure to take a look in the "Zombie Media" forum!
5:51 PM

Good reading. And it's FREE!

Julie is posting more story chapters. Get over there and check them out!

Pick it up with Day 32
4:26 PM

Gather More Survivors

We need YOU to go out into the world and gather more survivors for the team. There is strength in numbers. Go out there and find us more fighters!