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11:23 PM

"Religion Free Zone"

Every so often we get religious messages posted in the team – since this team is an EXERCISE team and since the members are from many different countries with their own creeds, religions, and beliefs we would appreciate it if you could assist us in keeping the team a “religion free” zone!! Thank you
7:16 PM

Chair Exercise Really Can Work!!

I have often been asked - is Chair Exercise a real form of exercise and does it work - or is it just a cushy option??
Well here is proof that it really can work!!
This short video slideshow is of Chair Exercise Team Member Beth (Indygirl)

1:50 AM

Facebook Scam

Do you click on "Like" on Facebook on those cute or heart breaking stories - BEWARE
This article is from our National Newspaper today

You have been warned!!

4:34 PM

Danger in Energy Drinks

Danger in Energy Drinks
I am wondering if any of you might be tempted to try a so called “energy drink” on occasions when you feel lacking in energy.
There has been a lot of talk about them in Australia – and about the danger that they present.
Many of them contain caffeine and other stimulants that can cause the heart to react badly by racing and can even cause a heart attack. The amount of caffeine in just one drink can be more than in 3 or 4 coffees.
Here in Australia it is mostly the “kids” that tend to drink them – but often they are promoted as being great for people exercising, and people tend to gulp them down as fluid during or after exercise.
Please DO NOT be tempted – there are other ways to get energy – like eating healthy foods, particularly a carbohydrate and protein source after exercise – something like fruit and yogurt is good!!
There is a Sparkpeople article on this -
9:24 PM

Exercise resources for those who are Mobility limited.

I thought it might help you if I sent round a list of exercise resources that may be of interest to you. These resources have been assembled specifically for the mobility limited and those with medical problems that limit regular exercise.
If you click on the links they will take you to the relevant sections.
I suggest that you keep this list where you can refer to it in future.

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An easier but effective method of stretching

The leader of “Stronger Seniors” Team – Anne Burnell, has posted a number of video blogs showing Chair exercises. These are freely available for anyone to watch.
The link below takes you to her blogs – select the one you want to watch and click on the link.
Anne Burnell’s Spark Page Blogs

This article from the Sparkpeople Fitness section – on “5 Exercise Excuses Busted!!” might ring true for some of you!!

I would add another excuse I hear frequently – “There is nothing suitable for my capability, or mobility level”
This email should show you that there are ideas for exercise for ALL levels of mobility and all capabilities, from Stretching and Pilates, to Yoga, to Chair Dancing, to Zumba on a chair!!.

I would add a few tips of my own too
a) It doesn’t matter how long you start exercising for – be it 5 min or 20 mins or even more –
b) what matters is that you DO start exercising,
c) that you do exercise consistently and
d) that you gradually increase the exercise time and intensity as you feel capable.

Listen to your body – let it tell you what it needs and how much it needs, and when its ready to increase intensity.

No excuses now!!