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Walking for Health

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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6:46 PM

Motvaiton to loose a reasonable amount of weight.

I have set a new Team Goal - lets all join together
To loose .68 kg or 1 .5 pounds every week.
Please come back to your team page and enter to track this goal.

We are starting a new month - a new beginning - a little closer to summer to reach the goals we seek - so lets all keep our new year commitment in focus and join this challenge. Marty
0:55 AM

New Co Leader

New Leaders for the Walking for Health Team. My name is Marty and I am one of the two new Team Leaders who are on this journey to a healthier life style. Step by step we can drop the weight, drop any stress that we might be dealing with, and step by step we can change our lifestyle so that we will have more peace more energy more satisfaction in everyday living.
Please feel free to join right in and be sure to introduce your self to your new team leaders.
Who am I I am a man who likes to walk and cook. I am an active blogger - if you choose to read you will observe that I really do, do a lot of walking, or is it hiking.
About me... I work seasonally at a children's camp as the head chef. I am married to Noni and we own a dog named Dalhouise, who is a major factor of our lives. I live in an area that has many hiking trails along the ocean or deep into the forests not to mention within the city it self.
I hope we can encourage one another and see the weight disappear as we walk to a more Healthy Life
Co/Leader Marty...