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9:48 AM

March Photo Challenge - Post your most inspiring picture

1. Post your most inspiring weight lifting picture in the photo section of this group (Can be of you or of someone else just make sure to give credit if it is not yours)

2. Write in the caption why it inspires/ motivates you

The team leaders will pick the winner at the end of March emoticon
0:42 AM

New Leadership Weight Lifting 20's

Hey y'all!

Some of you may already know, but I'll make it official. I've taken over as co leader of the team. You can expect a lot more activity at headquarters now as we slowly get rolling again. So let me introduce myself!

My name is Manda, I'm 25, and I have always enjoyed the dumbbell but never really took it seriously. I'm new to sparkpeople but not so new to leading online groups. I decided to try my hand at shepherding this team mainly to ingratiate myself to this website.

I want to start a landscaping business on the side (I cashier at a local nursery) and to do that I must get into shape. Committing to sparkpeople should help me stay on track with my goals. As soon as the really hot part of summer rolls around, I'm buying a lawn mower and printing some cards (how does MMM Landscape sound... Manda Mows and More? :P). I'll be walking house to house and offering to knock down the tall stuff for 20 bucks. Following that, I can hire some guys and start doing fall flower installs.

So that's me and that's why I'm here. I encourage all of you, old and new, to introduce yourself again in the intro board and join our monthly goals. Come chat it up in general discussion. We all love weight lifting but that doesn't have to be all we talk about in here! Let's get to know each other and encourage each other to go for one more rep! :P