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Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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4:55 AM


Just letting you know that Ashenpond/Jenye is having a lot of trouble with her eyes and is finding it very difficult to see the computer screen. For this reason she will be offline for a week or so. Please send your regards and support to her, she has been a rock on which we have built the team.
6:23 PM

Recipe Book from Sparks

I was amazed last night to see that Sparks have gone yet another step towards improving our health in giving us a chef with her recipes, video presentation and the ability to print the menus off. It's one of the daily blogs and you can find it here:
6:12 PM

New Success Icons from Spark Guy blog

Based on member feedback, we've added some new "success" icons that you can use as your Message Board profile picture. In addition to the "I lost __ lbs" icons, there are now icons such as "I ran my first 5K", "Creating a New Me" and "Getting Fit". To upload one, click on Edit My SparkPage, click the link to change your profile picture, then click the link to "success icons" at the top of the page.

We hope you enjoy the new options!!
4:29 AM

Two New Challenges

One - Fifteen minutes per day of exercise. It doesn't require a gym to just get moving. If you have young children you probably never stop moving. For me it takes a concentrated effort but even watching TV I can hop on the stationary bicycle. Let's do it!

Two - This is specifically for Katty, Jenye and Foxey who want to become more aware of their calorie intake. We can support them by taking on the challenge too and talking about the highs and lows of calorie intake. Who would have thought that Coke would count as much as a meal? Frightening eh! Let's do this together and learn.
10:01 PM

One thing you are grateful for today

It is easy to forget all the good things in our lives when we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by what is going on in our lives. Take a moment to remember one good thing that is going on in your life.