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Weight Training for a Healthier Life

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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3:22 PM

Track your food for a chance to win!

FYI Maybe you missed it in todays SparkMail about new contest June 8th through June 17th If you use the new food track you will be entered into a drawing for $100 gift certificate to the SparkPeople store. How emoticon
is that?

The new Nutrition tracker is so much quicker and easier to use a person who really dislikes tracking I am in love with the new setup Here's a link if you haven't tried the new tracker yet will explain how's

Have fun and good luck ! emoticon
9:15 PM

Enhancements to the SparkTeam pages

What the changes are:

- Moving a number of features to the right of the page, to bring the Forums higher up the page. We moved the Huddle plus Announcements/Photos/Links/Blogs to the right, plus moved the team leader listing and team fitness minute and SparkPoint totals.
- On the right we have a new "Team Stream" pulling in blogs announcements, photos, and links together. By default people will see all of these together, but have the option to filter to see one at a time (like just see all Huddles). This Team Stream will scroll down the page.
- We also put all the leader action links (Send SparkMail to Team, Edit team, etc) into one place at the top of the page.
- This new right side of the page will also be on all the team Forum pages, making the Forums and Threads feel more part of the team experience.
9:22 PM

Looking for new a co-leader's for the team

I am on the look out for some help on the team to make this team a active and lively brunch of "Sparkers" Would love to hear form 1 or 2 of you all who would like to volunteer as a co-leader In order to make this team all it can be. Contact me if you are interested in the spot. We can do this together

9:00 PM

Private vs. Public Profile Settings

If you want other Spark Members to be able to leave comments, goodies, or see your blog entries, make sure you set your profile to public. The initial setting will be for private, so here is how you change it.

Access your SparkPage (if you haven't done this yet, you can click on it directly from your Start Page under the myCommunity column). Once you are on the page, there will be a button on the top right that is labeled "Edit My SparkPage."

Click on Edit My SparkPage. This will open a new window at the top of your page with many options for changing the look and behavior of your Page. In order to change the Profile setting to Public, uncheck the top box (Only allow my SparkFriends to see my page), make sure there is a checkmark in the 3rd box (Link to my recent message board posts) and you can enable comments by placing a check in the 4th box (Allow comments on my page).

Now others can interact with you through your forum posts, send comments and goodies! emoticon
9:25 AM

A Note on Copyright from Coach Jen

Hi Everyone!

Recently we've had a number of issues with members posting copyrighted information- primarily in their blogs. The original authors have been contacting us, asking that their work be removed, or properly cited, or in some instances they want to be paid for the fact that someone else is using it.

I'm asking that you pass along this reminder to your teams:

If you are going to post something on the boards or in your blog that someone else has written, you need to credit the source. Our policy is that you can post a few sentences and then you need to link to the source so that people can read the rest of it. You should not be posting an entire article, for instance, and if you are going to post something you always need to cite it.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and for spreading the word about this to your teams!!

Coach Jen