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Team Announcements

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Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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5:32 PM

Hi everyone! I am a new team leader

Hi everyone!!! This is Samantha Massoth a.k.a known as sunshine1024....I feel so privileged and honored to be to be a team leader... I want to try and do my job well with this sparkteam and help anyone with any thing they may need... I will try to keep post and things up to date on here and help in any way I can.. thanks again for letting me do this!
8:43 PM

7-Day Bootcamp Workout Plan

7-Day Bootcamp Workout Plan-you can track in Exercise Daily Topic wiht any other exercise you do if you want!
3:58 PM

*** 7-Day Jumpstart Your Fitness with Spark people CHALLENGE!***

"Every week a **NEW 7 Day Spark fitness Challenge**-If you want to join in- To read and track the Challenge go to 'Exercise Daily' topic!"- thanks!

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