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Clarksville Sparkers

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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8:29 AM

1 Year Anniversary Today

Today is my 1 year anniversary. It has been a great ride, and I have seen a huge improvment in my Strength and health.This site has given me a sounding board for feed back from you all as wel as the tools to get the job done.

Thank You Sparks People and esspecially the Clarksville Sparks Team. emoticon emoticon
3:32 PM

New Bike

I picked up my New Bicycle today. It is Awesome!!!!! I brought it home and took off for a 20 mile ride, as nice as my old Trek was this one is even nicer. emoticon emoticon
10:11 AM

I am still exercising and apologize for not being on for a while

Hello all. I am RoughDraft but my friends call me StacyLynn. I have been helping to grow our site with Mike. I disappeared for awhile and wanted to let you all know I haven't lost the spark. I have been walking in the mornings before I go to work and have dropped enough weight that my neighbors are starting to notice. I took a trip to the islands and kept to my diet and exercise regiment which I will admit was very difficult but worth it when I came home with only 1 extra pound. I have since lost 5. So I want to say thank you to Mike, and all of your hard workers out there. Even though Life may wrap us up and catch us off guard at times, it is nice to know we can still stay focused on goals. I miss the walking gang, and hope to meet some of our new members soon! Take care and be blessed. -StacyLynn
4:00 PM

Welcome all new members!

Hello all new members and thank you for joining the Clarksville Sparkers! We are happy to have you. Please check the boards because we have some walking and hiking events scheduled. Please make sure to set up your pages so we can leave you encouragement and fun little comments! If you have any questions about the site, please ask. If there are events you are interested in, we are also looking for new exciting ways to stay active. Again welcome to the Clarksville Sparkers!!! emoticon
3:08 PM

Sparks pages.

Hi everyone , hey if your a Clarksville Sparker please set up a sparks page so we can comuncate with one another. Come check out my Spark Page, You'll see my hobies, pets, My beautiful Daughter and her Husband, and cutest darn Grandbaby you have ever seen.Oh yes and I best not forget my Darling Wife of 28 years. emoticon