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Ghost Hunters Fans

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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8:40 AM

Post by Coach Nicole

Did you lose weight with a SparkFriend or a SparkTeam?

Then we want your story! If you lost weight with the help and support of a close-knit SparkFriend or small group within a SparkTeam, your story could be featured in a national women's magazine—and help Spread the Spark!

We're looking for interesting stories of women who met online at SparkPeople, became good friends and support buddies, and reach their goal weights together. The ideal story will involve SparkFriends who met online but have ALSO met up offline at least once. Supportive friendships through SparkTeams that meet this criteria will also be considered.

We're on a tight deadline to pitch these stories to magazine editors, so if you think you qualify, please reply to this post with the following brief information:

How much weight you lost

Username(s) of your SparkFriend(s)

SparkTeam name if applicable

Did you both/all reach your goal weights? If not, how close are you?

Your age and location

How your SparkFriends helped you online

How you met your SparkFriends offline in real life

What's unique about your story (Did you run a race together? Travel across the country to meet? Contribute to a cause?)

Please share this post with anyone you think qualifies for the story and reply as soon as possible to be considered. We hope to pitch some amazing stories about our members to the press early next week.



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12:04 PM

Spark People Weekly Digests

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7:06 AM

Another new co-leader

Please join me in welcoming Lucy (LUCKKYGIRL2270) as a co-leader of the team. I really appreciate her willingness to share responsibility for leading the team.
5:29 PM

New co-leader

Mel (MELA1953) had generously agreed to become a co-leader for the Ghost Hunters Fans team. Please join me in thanking her for taking this on. I really appreciate her stepping up to the plate to help this fantastic team continue to move forward.

6:00 PM


Hi team, I just wanted you to know that we need a new leader. I can't do it anymore and that's nothing against any of you, it's me.
Please, if you love the team like I STILL do, please give Janet some help.
Thanks you guys and I'll see ya. :-)