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Eco-Fit and Friendly Sparkers

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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10:47 PM

Eco-Friendly Sparker Team Leader needed

Here's your chance to get more involved with a Spark Team.

I've "served" as leader for a few months but after a quick start haven't been active the past couple. So it is time to pass it on to another leader, or co-leader if you wish.

Just SparkMail me if you are interested. Interest is the qualification.

Wayne (ContentAndFit)
10:18 PM

New Goal: Read the blogs

The focus on our team is on community building and information sharing. With that in mind I've added a team blog reading goal. The challenge is to read all the blogs written by team members for a particular date.

To find a list click on the "Blogs" link at the bottom of the team stream. That will take you to a list of the blogs posted by the 600+ team members for the past several days.

When you've read all the blogs for a particular day, give yourself a check mark on your own goal page.

I like to read them and post encouraging comments if I am so moved. I am not going to be too precise. If I miss one that is posted late in the day so be it.

I find it easiest to "ctrl" click or middle click on the links to each blog I want to read so that I have the tabs open for them. I think that works in Internet Explorer (all I use is Firefox.)

I've also deleted the plastic bag goal and another very old goal. Sorry if they were your favorite. You can continue to track them as a personal goal. If you have an idea for a good eco related goal that you want to take lead please write me.

It has been a pleasure interacting with the active members of the team. It is my pattern to be present for a few days and then to disappear while I do something else for a while.

In the time I have been active on the team I have tried to read member blogs and have found it to be a very satisfying, enlightening and slimming experience.

I hope those who chose to track the goal will find it so as well.

Wayne, in San Antonio, original home of Tex-Mex where the healthy cuisine of Mexico met the unhealthy ingredients of the United States and made something inexpensive, fatty and tasty.
12:59 PM

Reinvigorating Eco-Friendly Sparkers. Nov 2010

I'm Wayne from sunny San Antonio, Texas. (Yes there are some environmentally friendly folks in Texas!)

I've agreed to lead the team for the next few months.

If you want the team to be a place to share and connect with fellow Spark People who enjoy living lightly on the earth then I hope you will participate. I've learned that participation is the key to harmony.

I've revived William C's excellent “Daily Question” with “Q 'n A:” This new title will allow the subject of the question to be included in the title and it may have a more open ended lifespan since it won't be associated with a certain day. This format also lends itself to members posting their own questions as they wish since there won't be an “official” question. I encourage you to add your own Q 'n A's (each in its own topic).

My hope is that in answering the questions and threading with one another we may discover connections that will lead to spark friendship and support of one another, which seems to be the main purpose of the teams within the big sparkpeople picture.

I've started a new forum and made it sticky in the “Introduce Yourself to Team Forum”. It is called “Pleased to meet you....(for members old and new). The idea is to have a single thread where old and new members can introduce themselves and greet each other. My first post in it explains more about the intention of the topic.

Regarding team goals, I'd like is for every goal to have a forum at least one thread in the renamed “Team Goals! Forum” and for the thread to have self-appointed curators who will participate in the forum and goal. I think that any goal that someone is willing to shepherd is a good one. If you want to add a team goal just contact me.