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America's Team- Your Dallas Cowboys

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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11:46 PM

I Choose....YOU choose

I would like to send this message to all of you, encouraging you to keep charging towards your goals within improved health. We all are instrumental in helping SOMEONE, either directly, or indirectly. And, most of us need help from time to time. I am happy to know each of you.

To me, Sparks is like a great swimming pool. Each of us are either learning to swim/tread water, or improve already possessed swimming skills. We all look out for one another, and NO ONE drowns. I like that....

You ARE the sum of each of your choices. You should CHOOSE wisely, including the words you tell yourself. Replace "can't" "never" "give up," and "quit" with "CAN TRY HARDER" "HOPE"
I choose to stand up after each fall.
I choose to encourage all who ask.
I choose to celebrate my accomplishements.
I choose to wonderful care of my children's father!
I choose to ask for help, when needed.
I choose to quit sodas (today is day 161 since last soda)
I am elated to announce that I choose to remain involved with Sparks until WHENEVER!
I choose to focus on adding life to my moments, instead of moments to my life.
I choose to use the scale as a healthy tool, instead of a psychological barometer.
I choose to teach my children by example, with the Grace of God.

I encourage you all to create positive choices, and follow through. Cheers!
8:04 PM

Let's thank the little people....

KIDS! They will keep you running, rolling, breathing hard...a wonderfully great time and an excellent source of cardiovascular workout! Whew!
8:53 AM

Lets get up and moving.....

Simple: Let's move soemthing, somewhere, somehow......You can do it. Choose to spark yourself. You are the sum of your choices. Choose wisely. Go, Cowboys!