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Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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4:09 PM

Changes to SparkAmerica

Hi everyone!

As you might have read in SparkGuy's blog, we've launched a new version of SparkAmerica. You can read the announcement below: urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=3496067

In case you aren't familiar with SparkAmerica, it's a way to track your fitness minutes (and more), and a great way to introduce people to the site who aren't interested in a weight loss goal. We'll be adding more features and improvements to the SparkAmerica site in the upcoming months, so look for those soon!

A few things I wanted to mention:

You can now track minutes for your kids and other family members on SparkAmerica.

We also moved our city pages over to SparkAmerica. As part of this we no longer have the healthy resource directory (restaurants, parks, etc) but kept local events and SparkRallies. The healthy resource directories weren't used as much as we'd hoped, and they were also a source of spam, which is why we removed them.

Please let me know if you have questions.


1:52 AM

Get points AGAIN on articles that you've read

Get points AGAIN on articles that you've read
Message from Coach Jen:

Hi Everyone!

Based on member feedback, we've made it so that you can now reset the articles you’ve read more than 6 months ago. To reset articles, you can go to Account/Email Preferences (
) from your MyStart page, and scroll down on the Account tab to the Reset Articles section of the page. Click the Reset Articles button, agree to reset, and voila! You can now read the articles again and get more SparkPoints. Again, this will only allow you to re-read articles you read more than 6 months ago. Articles you have read less than six months ago will be left unchanged.

Resetting your articles will keep the SparkPoints you earn for previously reading articles. You will lose the checkmark next to any articles in the Resource Center that have been reset.


Coach Jen