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Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel: Mormons

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3:37 PM


i tried to send a goodie to someone who is not a member of our team and it would not let me rats
7:48 PM

new challenge listed under goals

ok call me a nut but i like to be challenged and do fun stuff..

here is my idea

challenge will last the first 10 days of April.
mon-sat will be the same sunday i will add some and take some away
it will be on a point score.

our team has 500 point where i can send goodies out. i have trying to figure out how to use them. they are burning a hole in my pocket.

so i came up with this and everyone who jumps in even one day will get a team goodie..
these points are added up daily and count daily
some with the highest scores will get a great goodie...

1.) get an inactive/slightly active member to
post a new topic on our team site..? 25 points
2.) refer a member to join this site? 25 points
3.) refer a real active sparks member to this site. ) 45 points
4. ) read a friends post/blog 15 points
5. )comment on a blog/post 15 points
6.)eat 4-5 serving s of veggies a day 15 points
7. ) eat to servings of fruit a day 15 points
8.) eat meat sparingly? yu decide what that is 15 points
9.) no junk food ( empty calories) 25 points
10. ) read scriptures 25 points
11.) prayer twice daily 25 daily
12. ) cardio 20- 45 daily or as much as md says 15 points
13. ) strength 10-30 minutes as advized by md 15 points
14. ) do something you enjoy 15 points
15. ) call a member of our church or f/b them 25 points
16. ) do penny challenge 15 points

4/1/11 total your points for day
4/2/11 total your points for day
4/3/11 total your points for day
4/4/11 total your points for day
4/5/11 total your points for day
4/6/11 total your points for day
4/7/11 total your points for day
4/8/11 total your points for day
4/9/11 total your points for day
4/10/11 total your points for day

total for all days let me know what you think just me ginger

just paste and add this next to your name under the challenge...enjoy

Edited by: YOYOQUSTOPFEB11 at: 3/31/2011 (19:46)
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current weight: 167.6

9:49 PM

goals and new team name

i have set up five new goals please look at them and let me know what you think.. also i changed our team name cause sparks said the name should be uplifting and about us.. i liked the old name but thought about stormin we have enough problems .. if i have stepped on any toes or if anyone has another name they would like please let me know thanks just me ginger
4:14 PM

Two New SparkPeople Features will be launched this week.

One sounds like basically a clean-up in the design. The other will be an optional instant messaging feature. It will be interesting to see these two features and what they are like.
8:10 AM

New Features Just Launched

Here is an article about two of SparkPeople's new features