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7:13 PM

New Team Goal for Sleeping 8 Hours a Day

Join the Team Goal and read the latest link.
1:43 PM

Great Article on Taking Action on Emotional Eating


Take Action Against Emotional Eating
Regain Control With Exercise
-- By Zach Van Hart, Staff Writer

HEADLINE: Emotional Eating is a Problem

Your reaction: Tell me something I donít knowÖ

By now, you likely know what emotional eating is. You probably realize that emotions cause 75% of overeating. You're an expert on how to discover times and triggers of high emotions. What youíre waiting on are alternatives. Enter exercise.

Exercise is a great emotional outlet because it provides remedies for many of the emotions that trigger eating. Plus itís a healthy alternative.

Youíre in control
Different feelings can cause emotional spells. Loss of control is one. Maybe youíre going through a difficult break-up. Your company is downsizing. A family member is ill. You can go all day feeling like youíre losing control Ė until the moment you open the fridge. Now, the control is back.

Exercise can remedy this even better, providing the same in-control feelings that food does. You can decide which exercises you do, where you exercise and for how long, and the list goes on. Work out in the living room, or at the park. Break a quick sweat in 15 minutes, or walk for an hour. Unlike other areas in your life, this choice is yours.

Reverse the unhealthy trend
Hopelessness is another cause of emotional eating. You may feel unhealthy, overweight, and that you canít do anything about it. So you turn to comfort foods, typically unhealthy ones, and simply add to the problem. Exercise is another way to deal with your emotions and to regain hope, only itís a healthy version. All exercise holds some healthy benefits; thereís no exercise that will make you unhealthier.

Rely on others
What does food provide when youíre emotional? For most, itís comfort. Why not turn to a friend or family member instead for that comfort? If youíre worried they wonít have time for you, thatís where fitness comes into play. Exercising with a fitness buddy or a group when stress and emotions hit benefits everyone. You are able to share your time and your feelings with someone you trust. Perhaps they have some great advice for you, or you may think of a better way to handle the issue just by saying it out-loud.

Plus, with this strategy, everyone receives the benefits of working out. Itís a win-win situation for you and your fitness buddy!

Comfort exercises
When emotions hit, some of us open the fridge and find our favorite foods to console us. Think about some exercises that you find comforting instead. "Comfort exercises" are your favorites, the ones you always enjoy. They should be activities you look at as FUN, not as work.

You can have a different comfort exercise for each season (running in the winter, yard work in the summer) or for different times of day (push-ups in the morning, stretching in the evening). You can have several comfort exercises, or just one. Discover what exercises you truly enjoy, ones you look forward to, and lean on them when your emotions strike.

10:26 AM

Tony's 11 Rules of Health and fitness

Welcome to the Team! Sounds like you are ready for some Koolaid emoticon

Ok this is as good a place as any. I will cut and paste it later probably but It's time for your fearless leader to do some typing. I started sharing Tony's 11 Laws of Health & Fitness. It is a little flip note hand-out from the 2006 LA Fitness camp...not 2005 I don't think...good times, lots of amazing people....the best pair of sandals I ever owned...(Don't give me a chance to go shoe shopping...I will choose it over rock climbing every day of the week)...anyway here they are...or at least as much as I can type before I get tired of typing or have to eat...or go someplace.

1. Variety - The Spice of Fitness

Make it up, change it up, turn it up!

Practice the 3 C's
Be Creative, Curious, & Committed to a VARIETY of:
* Cardiovascular Workouts
* Resistance and Weight Workouts
* Flexibility and Yoga Routines
* Core & Synergistic Routines
*Hybrid your Beachbody Library
* Add Sports to the mix

1. Create variety in your workouts
Up the anti - Increase resistance, vary reps & range of motion and try new things

2. Curiosity is the key to a long term fitness lifestyle
It's also the key to preventing injuries, plateaus, and boredom

3. Commit to multiple forms of fitness
Stop doing workouts that you don't enjoy or that no longer produce results

2. CONSISTENCY - You Only Improve At The Things You Do Often

Be Patient - Show up - Follow up

1. Patience and persistance are how you get results
Health and fitness are for life not just 90 days

2. Show up every day
More is better. Consistency means 5 to 6 days a weel of exercise. Find ways to stay motivated.

3. Follow through with your plan when you can
On your worst day push play anyway, unless sick or hurt.
Forget our perfect plan. Sometimes you have to forget your best and do the rest

Missed workout aren't the end of the world, they're extra recovery days.
Low energy workouts are still great workouts

3. INTENSITY - You're Tougher Than You Think!

The Three Rules of Intensity:
^oh my i wrote a note...When it becomes too light...FIND THE BURN^

1. Find Your Line
* When to do extra reps
* When to add more weight & resistance
* How & why to increase your range of motion as you get stronger
* How to carefully up the ante (in general) over time
* High Reps vs Low Reps - The Difference & Why?

2. The Over/Under
* The problems with over training or undertraining

3. Puting On The Breaks
* The mid-set mini break
* Give yourself a break (your ego & perfection)
* Illness and injury breaks

4. PURPOSE ~ find Your Reason Why

What keeps you coming back?

1. Community ~Workout with like minded friends and meeting new people

2. Sport ~ Competition, fun and athleticism. Improves balance & coordination

3. Looking Better ~ Self esteem and confidence

4. Feeling Better ~ Provides Energy and Enthusiasm for life

5. Quality of Life ~ Improving with age

6. Flexibility ~ Less vulnerable and more durable

7. Health & fitness ~ A lifestyle requiring discipline, devotion and courage

8. Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ Creating a connection through healthy behavior

Tony's Top 4
1. Health
2. Fitness
3. Quality of life
4. Feeling Good

DISCOVER ~ Discover what you love
LEARN ~ Learn to do well
SHARE ~ Share it with people who want to learn
BLISS ~ Bliss will follow

5. REALITY ~ Get Honest With Yourself

* Love/accept the truth of your present situation. Enjoy the journey.
* Trust that your life will change for the better through health and fitness

Reality check list

1. Stop living in the past, the future, and for other people
2. Know the difference between the truth and wishful thinking
3. Accept who you are with each step forward
4. Don't let your ego control your life
5. Sto lying to yourself and everyone else

Reality Part II ~ Know Yourself

Learn to love and accept your strengths and limitations

* Know your body type (^Bryce^ ectomorph ~ mesomorph ~ endomorph)
* Choose workouts that target your strengths and weaknesses
* Accept/love the present stage of our life (grow old gracefully)
* Change your reality through health and fitness

I gotta eat something. 5 down...Lord willing I will finish later...

ere's the rest.


Sports are fun, challenging & improve your fitness

Sports provide
1. Balance
2. Coordination
3. Stamina
4. Agility
5. Endurance
6. Skill
7. Competition
8. Community & Friendship
9. FamilyUnity
10. Accelerates Health & Fitness

Find your sport of activity (team or individual sports)

What do you want from your sport?

* Winning and losing (or not)
* Competing against others or self
* Becoming more athletic
* Adventure
* CAN DO instead of LOOK LIKE
* Open new challenging doors
* Share with a partner
* Meet like minded people

Set a goal, take a class, sign up for a race, explore, meet new people and challenge yourself.
Walk away from your scale, tape measure, and mirror and GO PLAY!

7. THE PLAN ~ Create Accountability

Schedule All Workouts in Advance

The Rules:
1. Be accountable to yourself and/or partners
2. Plan all your workouts a month in advance
3. Plan the type of workout and time of day, a month in advance
4. DO NOT "wing it". You will fail!
5. Tet into WOWY

* It keeps you accountable to your WOWY buddies
* Locks in your schedule
* Creates responsibility to yourself
* Has a built-in calendar
* You meet like minded people and build friendships
* Helps you practice Law #5 ~ Reality

8. Stress & Sleep ~ Take a breath and get some rest

Stress ~ fear worry and anxiety is killing you!
1. Turn off the drama
2. Choose wisdom over anger and forgiveness over blame
3. Find logic, peace, productivity, civility and grace
4. Go to yoga class and/or learn to meditate

Mind your own business ~ Put your time and energy into the things you can control and stop giving unsolicited advice.


1. Got's business: Things that happen in this world that are out of my control
2. Their business: Choices other people make based on their life
3. My business: Choices I make that shape my life

Sleep ~ Restore the powers of the body, mind & spirit
1. Improves you immune system
2. Balance between yin (calm) & yang (vim & vigor)
3. Restores cognitive and motor performance
4. The best method to replenish your Energy & Enthusiasm for life

Stress & lack of sleep DO NOT go hand in hand with a healthy, fit lifestyle
Stress changes nothing and lack of sleep affects everything!

9. Loving it ~ The key to long term health and fitness

Love it or leave it! What will bring you back day after day?

How to fall in love...

1. Get creative and stay curious
2. Don't be afraid to experiment
3. Fun and variety are essential for success
4. Fun and variety are essential for success
5. Combine different programs/workouts to create variety
6. Knowing when it's time to find a new love
7. Sports, dancing and physical activities that cause smiling and joy work best

The same routines and workouts done over and over don't work over time. Find out what you love ( not matter what everyone else says) and do that


10. Flexibility ~ The Fountain of Youth

The # 1 factor to become less vulnerable and more durable

Tony's Top Ten reasons for Yota, Pilates, and Stretching

1. As important as strength conditioning and cardiovascular fitness
2. Increasing Intensity and improving flexibility go hand in hand
3. Turn back the clock with supple and limber body
4. Protects bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments
5. Slows down or prevents tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis
6. Improves overall body awareness
7. Reduces muscle soreness & speeds recovery time
8. Increases athletic skill & performance
9. Reduce sprains & strains in back, shoulder, hips, & neck
10. Increases mental relaxation and calmness

Stretching, Pilates, and Yoga can replenish the natural flexibility and durability of your youth. If you decide and commit to become less vulnerable through flexibility you discover a world of overall health and fitness.


11. Food and Supplementation ~ You are what you eat!

From your mouth to your stomach to your brain and beyond

The Facts:

1. Diet and Supplements like Stress & Sleep affect our Energy and Enthusiasm to live a healthy lifestyle
2. Exercise is not an excuse to eat FOOD PORN
3. When it comes to getting results diet is PRIORITY #1
4. When it comes to diet ~ no one chooses for you
5. Your choices affect what you will look like, how you feel, and who you will be
6. Poor diet affects mood, energy, strength and healthy sleep patterns


Poor diet includes processed foods, sugary drinks, fatty meats, & empty carbs result in weight gain, aka: excess fat stores

Food Porn Problems
Heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and Parkinson's disease

Recent studies are concluding that poor diet can lead to the following cancers: Breast ~ Prostate ~ Colon ~ Esophagus ~ Ovarian ~ Uterine ~ kidney and possibly more .....

0:25 AM

Check out the link I just posted!

SparkPeople has a great plan called Mind Over Body...check it out!