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12:42 PM

Holiday Run at Sharon Woods

There's going to be a 4 mile run on Dec 12 at Sharon Woods. I've run this course many many times while on lunch breaks and I must admit, it's a very pretty course (I just hope it still is in winter!). There's a few nice hills, very scenic and all that jazz. CrazyLizzie and I were talking about maybe having a brunch after the run. It starts at 9:00, so it wouldn't really be brunch but somewhere in between.
If anyone is interested, please post under this same message in the General Discussions Forum! Also, if anyone lives up there, let me know of some good eatin joints! If we get enough folks, I'll work on finding a spot and making a reservation at a time we can all be happy with. I was thinking somewhere around 10:30. Please just let me know what you all think, I'm all ears :)