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  Shared Diet & Fitness Trackers   Members can choose to share their nutrition and fitness logs, use this page to learn what others are doing to eat right and stay active!  

  Username: Daily Goals Achieved:
POLLYFAX  Exercise tracked: Walking: 6 km/h (10 minutes per km) - 30 minute(s)
KARE30BEAR  Food tracked: Seaweed TJ Roasted Snack 12 sheets= 1/2 pkg=30cals(5g) by sheet Trader Joes, 12 serving
GODSGIRLISREAL  Exercise tracked: Cardio Dancing (including aerobic dance, Zumba, Hip Hop HUSTLE) - 150 minute(s)
BERNIEANN2  Food tracked: Peanut Butter, smooth style, with salt, 0.5 tbsp
KITKABOO  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4.6 mph (13 minutes per mile) - 15 minute(s)
YAELOHAYON  Food tracked: Old Fashioned Quaker Oatmeal- Plain (1/2 cup dry), 1 serving
ACNKOSI  Food tracked: Mini Babybel Original, 1 serving
SK3333  Exercise tracked: Running: 7 mph (8.5 minutes per mile) - 15 minute(s)
ZENRYAKU  Food tracked: Ferguson Valley Lite Milk, 62.5 gram(s)
JULS471  Food tracked: Dinner Rolls, 2 roll (pan, dinner, or small roll) (2" square, 2" high)
KATHLOW  Food tracked: Bread, mixed-grain (includes whole-grain, 7-grain), 90 grams
SHRINKINGMYGUT  Food tracked: Egg, fresh, whole, raw, 2 large
MIAMIAMIA20  Food tracked: FutureLife Smart Food Chocolate Flavour, 50 gram(s)
SURAPH  Food tracked: Campbell's Select Harvest - Italian Style Wedding Soup (2 cups per can), 2 cup
SARAHSGRAMMY  Food tracked: Beef chuck, 0.65 lb
DRUANTIA13  Food tracked: Tazo (Green Ginger / Green Tea), 3 cup
VENDIETA  Food tracked: Egg, fresh, whole, raw, 2 medium
LADY-SPARKLE  Food tracked: Lean Pockets, Philly Steak and Cheese, 1 serving
YBOOGIE  Food tracked: Clif Bar - White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, 1 bar, 68 gram(s)
NEW-CAZ  Food tracked: Blackberries, fresh, 33 grams
KALISWALKER  Food tracked: Quaker Carmel Corn Rice Cakes, 1 Cake, 2 serving
BARBAJMATTHEWS  Food tracked: Old El Paso Flour Tortila - 8", 1 serving
ILOVEBAGELS  Food tracked: Turkey breast, sliced, oven roasted, luncheon meat, 4 ounce(s)
SELENITYLUNARE  Exercise tracked: Snorkeling - 180 minute(s)
JACKKEG  Food tracked: KFC Extra Crispy Fried Chicken - Breast, 1 serving
BILLYHERO  Food tracked: Gammon, 1 serving
GRIZZERGIRL  Food tracked: Dove Almond Dark Chocolate - Silky Smooth Promises - 5pcs, 0.4 serving
PUFFBABYMAGIC  Food tracked: Salt - Pinch, 1 serving
GODS_TEMPLE  Food tracked: Chobani Banana on the Bottom - 2% 5.3oz, 150 gram(s)
DLPHAN73  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 80 minute(s)
DALID414  Food tracked: In-N-Out Cheeseburger, 1 serving
PIDUSA91  Food tracked: Fried Egg, 2 large
WRITERGUY13   Exercise tracked: Alternating Dumbbell Triceps Curls  - 3 set(s), 30 rep(s), weight 30
MEEKA71  Food tracked: Creamer ~ Wholesome Farms, Half & Half (0.5 oz. tub), 3 serving
RURABE  Food tracked: Welch's Frozen 100% Purple Grape Juice Concentrate, 60 ml
MIKENDEB4  Food tracked: Walnuts, 0.25 cup, in shell, edible yield (7 nuts)
ERICJAMESNYC  Food tracked: Water, bottled, 1 serving
MANDABEAR11  Food tracked: Tim Horton's Chocolate Glazed Timbits, 2 serving
STARRYNIGHT26  Food tracked: Pineapple, fresh, 292 grams
CEIGSTI  Food tracked: Marshmallow Peeps 5 peeps, 1 serving
GPRICEATHOME  Food tracked: Keebler Fudge Shoppe E.L. Fudge Double Stuffed cookies (two cookies), 0.5 serving
MOLLYBROWN55  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 40 minute(s)
STAR6TKO  Exercise tracked: Cardio Dancing (including aerobic dance, Zumba, Hip Hop HUSTLE) - 60 minute(s)
GRACIEGOES  Exercise tracked: Aerobics: General: High Impact (including P90X and Insanity) - 25 minute(s)
SB3872004  Food tracked: O'Charley's New York Strip Steak (does not include side item or salad), 1 serving
KPHMITTEN  Exercise tracked: Gardening - 120 minute(s)
ELSEYDON  Exercise tracked: Golf: Using Cart - 145 minute(s)
BARB4RICK  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.3 mph (26 minutes per mile) - 60 minute(s)
RUTHIET_456  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 40 minute(s)
XLFAITH  Food tracked: Oscar Mayer Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast (1Srv is 6 slices), 1 serving