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  Shared Diet & Fitness Trackers   Members can choose to share their nutrition and fitness logs, use this page to learn what others are doing to eat right and stay active!  

  Username: Daily Goals Achieved:
MALACHAIS_MOMMY  Food tracked: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds Cereal, 1.5 cup (1 serving)
WKELLYJR  Food tracked: Poached Egg, 1 large
DIVIERO968  Exercise tracked: Circuit training (including boot camp workouts) - 34 minute(s)
MCPPSL   Exercise tracked: Yoga (general stretching) Demo
SWIM4SLIM  Food tracked: Quaker Salt Free Rice Cakes (1 cake), 2 serving
JANDLP  Exercise tracked: SparkPeople 28 Day Bootcamp (Boot Camp) DVD: 22-Minute Tone & Burn Workout - 20 minute(s)
POSITIVEPAULA8  Food tracked: Apples, fresh with skin, 1 small (2-1/2" dia) (approx 4 per lb)
MIAMIAMIA20  Food tracked: FutureLife Smart Food Chocolate Flavour, 50 gram(s)
TOCONNER  Food tracked: Ham - Lunch Mate - Virginia Brand Ham, 1 serving
TIMETOCHANGE45  Exercise tracked: Step Aerobics (low impact) - 48 minute(s)
SLIPPINGAWAY66  Food tracked: Fat free half and half, 1 tbsp
LEZASEDAI  Food tracked: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (as prepared, 1c), 0.5 Serving (makes about 1 cup prepared)
SUZETTE070  Food tracked: Raisins, 1 miniature box (.5 oz)
GUTSYGOURMET  Food tracked: Stevia, SweetLeaf Stevia Plus Fiber (FOS=475 mg) 1/2 packet, 1 serving
AMYMINOHIO  Food tracked: AZO Yeast, 1 serving
NEWWAYOFLIFENM  Food tracked: Turkey, Ground turkey, 93% lean, 4 oz
BEFIT015   Exercise tracked: Kris Gethin LEGS
KRISZTA11  Exercise tracked: Walking: 5.45 km/h (11 minutes per km) - 120 minute(s)
84HOKIE  Food tracked: Cashew Nuts, dry roasted, 8 grams
PEACEFULONE-  Food tracked: Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal (3/4 cup), 1 serving
NEWMEELIE  Food tracked: Scott's Porage Oats, 60 gram(s)
MICHFIT4LIFE  Food tracked: Milk, nonfat, 1 cup
FOXXIER  Exercise tracked: Walking: 6 km/h (10 minutes per km) - 120 minute(s)
1888MICHELLE  Exercise tracked: Gardening - 60 minute(s)
CHERYLDH  Exercise tracked: Treadmill: 5% Incline, 7.5 mph (8 minutes per mile) - 120 minute(s)
STEELER71  Food tracked: Milk, nonfat, 1 cup
CANDYDM  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.85 mph (21 minutes per mile) - 140 minute(s)
GAYBRASTER  Food tracked: M&M''s, Peanut, 1 pack (1.74 oz), 0.33 serving
PATSYB7  Food tracked: Milk, 1%, 0.5 cup
RAYFISHER234  Food tracked: Spinach, cooked, 2 cup
DEBBIE092913  Food tracked: Kelloggs All Bran Buds, 1 serving
DEBBIE092913  Food tracked: Almond Vanilla Milk, 1 serving
SPDRAGON  Food tracked: Fit and active nonfat plain yogurt, 0.5 cup
BRII_MARTINA  Food tracked: New York Bagel - Plain (UK), 1 each
DOREENKNIGHT64  Food tracked: Banana, fresh, 0.5 small (6" to 6-7/8" long)
AUNTIELES53  Food tracked: McDonalds Frappe all the way Carmel medium, 1 serving
EMKAISER  Food tracked: Pizza Hut Medium Thin 'n Crispy Pepperoni Pizza (1 slice), 2 serving
JUSTANO1  Food tracked: Coffee, Filtered, with semi-skimmed milk, 2 cup
CDCSMITH2013  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3 mph (20 minutes per mile)  - 13 minute(s)
MLOVE1978  Food tracked: Tim Horton's Cheese Croissant, 1 serving
NEWLY_IMPROVED  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4 mph (15 minutes per mile) - 15 minute(s)
SERENEHEATHER  Food tracked: Egglands Best Extra Large Egg, 2 serving
BUTTER350  Food tracked: Larabar Cashew Cookie, 1 serving
FAYEMOUS2  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.5 mph (24 minutes per mile) - 40 minute(s)
LOSTIT4GOOD  Food tracked: Lean Cuisine beef pot roast, 1 serving
ADAM777  Food tracked: Banana, fresh, 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)
MARGCAIN  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.5 mph (24 minutes per mile) - 90 minute(s)
HONEYBEAR1461  Food tracked: Chicken Breast Schnitzel, 1 serving
HARRISMILL  Food tracked: Mashed Potatoes, 1 cup
ME_BES  Food tracked: 1 slice brown bread, 3.5 serving