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  • Chandelier Swinging

    7/16/2015 12:17:52 PM, by DEEGIRL50

    I was watching a cooking show this morning. I've made a commitment to myself to exercise first thing in the morning. I wanted to watch the show... Read more

  • A motivational walk

    7/16/2015 11:36:59 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    ... Read more

  • Stall

    7/15/2015 7:31:13 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    So, I've been basically stalled for a week now. It's hard not to let it mess with my mind, but it's so common I found it online as "week three st... Read more

  • I heart my Fitbit

    7/15/2015 6:39:07 PM, by SASSAFRASS613

    Today's Balanced Life challenge is to look into getting a fitness tracker. I already have one, having been given money to purchase one by my in-l... Read more

  • I want a BLT!

    7/15/2015 5:03:47 PM, by TIKITAMI

    Today for lunch I decided I wanted to use up some of the leftover bacon from our BBQ this weekend and decided a yummy indulgence would be a BL... Read more

  • What Was I Really Waiting For?

    7/15/2015 4:58:43 PM, by NOTREBLE

    Today I hopped on the treadmill...okay hopped may be a bit of an exaggeration...and walked for 20 minutes. I've been meaning to this for months ... Read more

  • 36/52

    7/15/2015 11:57:05 AM, by MARGOO_GNU

    So, yesterday I found where I want to move to for t... Read more

  • Riding bikes is for stupid people!!!!

    7/15/2015 11:27:09 AM, by RONDADEBI

    So this morning, I rode my BIKE 2 miles this morning, lets be honest, if your 352lb's and haven't hardly exercise this summer ( what the HELL are... Read more

  • I went to Pilates!!!

    7/14/2015 9:27:33 PM, by YENGLISH100

    First time in months, since I hurt my back and hip. It was somewhat difficult. Glad that I made it.... Read more

  • sick yet again..

    7/14/2015 8:56:40 PM, by OLDFATLAZY

    This summer has been one of the worst for me being sick,, if its not one thing its another, I have been sick the last 4 days and went to the Dr. ... Read more

  • July 13, 2015

    7/14/2015 5:25:30 PM, by LORYDORY21

    I joined a fitness club with a neighbor last week, so we have been going swimming and exercising in water, plus walking and doing spinning clalss... Read more

  • Down 100!!!!😄

    7/14/2015 2:09:56 PM, by BARNUN311

    As of today I have officially lost 100lbs. 100LBS!!!!!! That's an entire person! Also although still obese I have moved out of the morbidly obese... Read more

  • How It Feels

    7/14/2015 2:04:10 PM, by DEEGIRL50

    I just finished 45 minutes of Zumba dancing! I like how it feels. I'm alive! I'm very sweaty so I must hav... Read more

  • Slow it ok, doesn't mean you aren't succeeding

    7/14/2015 1:01:22 PM, by TIKITAMI

    When we first set up our trackers we set a weight loss goal. Apparently I was going to lose the 150 pounds that I needed to by last month. I t... Read more

  • The Fork In The Road

    7/14/2015 11:28:09 AM, by REDDMARIE7

    Today...I am re-evaluating where Im at with my health and fitness. As of Feb, this year, that was the 'new, fresh start' Part of the plan wa... Read more

  • Day 1

    7/14/2015 1:06:17 AM, by YENGLISH100

    I tracked my food, first time in months. However, I was so busy at work, I failed to exercise. Tomorrow I will get up early and swim. In the even... Read more

  • work Harder!!!

    7/13/2015 9:21:48 PM, by RONDADEBI

    Jeb says to work harder!!! Unfortunately I have to agree... There are too many Lazy americans out there who think they can get things for nothing... Read more


    7/13/2015 5:25:10 PM, by SASSAFRASS613

    Remember how in this mornings post, I was going to drag my butt out to the library? Well, that became a walk up to my friend's house to borr... Read more

  • Exhaustion

    7/13/2015 11:20:37 AM, by SASSAFRASS613

    Yesterday it was soooooooooo hot out. I left the house once all day, for a very short walk, and I didn't even hit 6000 steps. I know there will b... Read more

  • I am determined

    7/13/2015 2:14:42 AM, by YENGLISH100

    I am resilient and determined to have a good and fulfilled life again. It has been tough since my husband died. But I am ready. Starting to... Read more

  • ouchies

    7/12/2015 3:54:46 PM, by TIKITAMI

    Lose 100 pounds - check Run 5K races - check Sign up for a Spartan race - check Do a bootcamp that will leave you feeling like ... Read more

  • Be Genuine happy and kind

    7/12/2015 2:17:21 PM, by RONDADEBI

    Lets face it, there is so much in the world to make us cry and wonder what kinda HELL are we living... So lets change our Attitudes and find... Read more

  • Closet Shopping

    7/12/2015 11:38:28 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I'm down ten percent from my all time highest. WOO HOO. That said, I still have a longggg way to go. Still. Yesterday I moved out som... Read more

  • Road trip ...

    7/12/2015 10:12:59 AM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    After mentioning a while back that I was delaying a vacation until next year (when hopefully weight loss will mean a much better experience on se... Read more

  • I'm walking

    7/11/2015 10:47:22 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    Streak! three days in a row meeting my fitbit goal---yesterday, again took two times on treadmill and grocery shopping. But my endurance is incre... Read more

  • July Update

    7/10/2015 10:05:37 PM, by WARMSPRINGDAY

    I am encouraged by the small victory I achieved in meeting my water drinking goal for June. I want to continue this as a habit formed. Unfortuna... Read more

  • Despite the thorns

    7/10/2015 1:35:59 PM, by LIFECHANGZ

    He picked up one of Lorna's roses and set it in my lap. "Here." I picked it up and smelled it. He poked me in the shoulder. "See what I mean? Tho... Read more

  • Honest to Goodness

    7/10/2015 1:13:08 PM, by DEEGIRL50

    Yesterday, I went on a Girl's Day Out shopping trip to a resort town. Shops up and down on every street. It's a dream place!! I went wit... Read more

  • Black Bean Soup

    7/10/2015 10:35:50 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I grew up on spaghetti, chili, and things that came out of a box: chicken, pot pies, etc. I credit Chipotle for making me LOVE black beans ... Read more

  • The Travel Reckoning

    7/10/2015 7:51:04 AM, by MSJESSPDX

    Whew! Back home after a short, busy trip. I had a great time, reconnecting with colleagues from around the country, and attending sessions that w... Read more

  • Balanced Life, day 1

    7/9/2015 5:47:18 PM, by SASSAFRASS613

    What is causing unbalance in my life right now? Unemployment! I am without work at the moment (a fact I hope will change soon, please!) and my da... Read more

  • Calories in vs out

    7/9/2015 5:41:21 PM, by SASSAFRASS613

    I keep getting this bright red message under my fitness tracker: *The number of calories you should eat to manage your weight depends on many f... Read more

  • Future Goodies

    7/9/2015 11:19:45 AM, by MARGOO_GNU

    So, earlier this week I decided to do something eac... Read more

  • Simple

    7/9/2015 9:38:52 AM, by SANDY1969

    Man my computer ate my blog! ARRRGH! I am having issues so if I disappear for a while it's just my computer and not me. Short version ... Read more

  • Crushed pills

    7/9/2015 9:17:46 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    crushed pills are disgusting! I haven't found a way to take them yet that is palatable. Right now what is working is chocolate protein shake. Ugh... Read more

  • Today I swam in my swim spa

    7/9/2015 3:23:28 AM, by YENGLISH100

    My grandson helped me empty and clean out my swim spa this week. Today I promised myself I would swim AND I DID IT! Only in there about a half ho... Read more

  • Food coma

    7/8/2015 11:01:39 PM, by TIKITAMI

    This afternoon I just wanted to slip into a food coma. It happens, life gets hectic and old habits want to rear their ugly heads. I tried to a... Read more

  • What's the opposite of a shortcut?

    7/8/2015 10:47:20 PM, by SASSAFRASS613

    Whatever it is, I took one today. See that kind of horseshoe loop I've skillfully drawn on Google maps? Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    My Coach is Persistent

    7/8/2015 8:01:04 PM, by _RANDY_

    ****sorry I've tried twice to get it turned the right way***** Toffy let's me know when it's time to go for a walk... Read more

  • July 8

    7/8/2015 5:06:59 PM, by LORYDORY21

    I had a premiere protein shake for breakfast with a graham cracker, then a little later I was volunteering and a had 150 calorie bag of chips, bu... Read more

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