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8/9/2014 1:10:35 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I just did 15 minutes worth of "hard" chores (involved multiple trips up and down the stairs, balancing while I carried stuff up and down, some...  Read more


This week's meal plan
8/9/2014 5:26:26 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I love meal planning. It takes some time, but I enjoy it and it keeps me on track. Thought I would share my meal plans for the coming week. Note:...  Read more


Week 30 of Shred
8/9/2014 3:15:50 AM,  2 COMMENTS

This past week, I've strayed the farthest from my healthier lifestyle changes that I started in January. I've been under a lot of stress during the p...  Read more


Feeling lazy?
8/8/2014 4:40:05 PM,  6 COMMENTS

This week I wasn't as active as I have been. It's amazing how fast that can have an affect on your system. I'm used to 4 - 6 walks or hikes a week,...  Read more


Start Down The Yellow Brick Road
8/8/2014 2:44:03 PM,  179 COMMENTS

Rode my bike for the third time and fell again, this hurting my knee and shoulder, both of which already need surgery. Also pulled on a hernia, which...  Read more


Pre-Vacation Day!
8/8/2014 12:42:16 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Tomorrow is the official start to our vacation. So today is the final prep day. I've had my list ready for about a week now, tweaking it a little ev...  Read more


Sailing the chop
8/8/2014 8:53:37 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Even my husband above, my "Chesapeake Angel" (see his wings behind him?) isn't perfect, look at how the boat lists to one side because of his we...  Read more


Day 44 of 100 Days to a New & Healthier ME
8/7/2014 8:28:15 PM,  13 COMMENTS

I have been plugging along with some good days and some not so good days. I got away from blogging as it was just too much to do it daily for a while....  Read more


here I am back again
8/7/2014 8:21:52 PM,  0 COMMENTS

15 well a lot has happened I went down under 200 when I quit refined sugar and started eating clean but then stuff happened that wasn't good many m...  Read more


Blog challenge for Seuss-y Challenge - Cheer up the Grinch
8/7/2014 7:39:02 PM,  8 COMMENTS

This is a blog challenge for the 100+ First Step Club. 1.Make a list of things you could do to cheer up the Grinch. I found this part...  Read more


The Better Path
8/7/2014 12:26:30 PM,  11 COMMENTS

This morning was a great day in court. (For those of you who don't know, I am a public defender and part of what I do is represent parents when there...  Read more


8/7/2014 8:44:21 AM,  8 COMMENTS

First thanks everyone who participated in my last blog!!! Today - I had already had a healthy breakfast. Today - I have already been to the gym...  Read more


Temptation 0 Me 1
8/6/2014 8:46:00 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Last night I had an opportunity to skip merrily down the wrong path of eating habits. I love ice cream, hands down my favourite guilty pleasure. Kn...  Read more


Day 22 of 135 - salsa in a salad
8/6/2014 6:57:52 PM,  24 COMMENTS

So I have some salsa in the fridge that needed to be used and I also wanted to comply with a challenge from one of my teams  Read more


A Great BLOG, I'm inspired!
8/6/2014 5:25:30 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Reading through my articles, I read about Amanda, and she totally inspired me! Reading her BLOG and how she said about "making small changes, and aft...  Read more


2 words --- what would you tell yourself in 2 words
8/6/2014 3:38:26 PM,  16 COMMENTS

376 live simply 126 389 223 389 252 389 306 389 521 389 381 please comment with your 2 words you would tell YOURSEL...  Read more


Turning over an "old" leaf....
8/6/2014 9:40:27 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Last night, I was extremely discouraged. My knees were really hurting and I was having a hard time walking. My husband jokingly threatened to ma...  Read more


8/5/2014 11:16:04 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm looking forward to finding a community of support here. I'll update my story gradually over the next several blog entries, meanwhile; I'll start...  Read more


Only four pounds.....
8/5/2014 5:48:26 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I lost four pounds during my first week of being diligent to SparkPeople and my tracking. To be honest, I was expecting more considering a) the amoun...  Read more


8/5/2014 5:29:31 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I am stress eating. So I took a break (I am at work) to get away from the goodies that everyone seems to have laying around and sharing. I need...  Read more


Count Your Cups Of Water
8/5/2014 5:16:18 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I got the idea for this project when we were in Milwaukee for TOPS IRD. I didn't know this, since this was my first IRD, but a lot of people bring so...  Read more


There's Nothing Like the Real Thing
8/5/2014 4:25:48 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I love reading books by, Christian pastor, Max Lucado. Not only is he an author, but he's really a word artist. He writes in a way that paints a pi...  Read more


Forgiveness - Negativity
8/5/2014 3:13:17 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Again from previous blogs I'm reminded of forgiving self and negativity. I tried to write a blog a few minutes ago about not feeling like I neede...  Read more


Day 15
8/5/2014 2:51:13 PM,  0 COMMENTS

STill going strong,however appears I have gained over two pounds this week. Not to worried though because clouths are not as tight. Was tracking...  Read more


Day 20 of 135 - A great day for a hike
8/4/2014 9:48:42 PM,  19 COMMENTS

The weather here has been great for August - only in the low to mid 80's (normal is 90's) and not so humid so it's been a nice couple of days. Today a...  Read more


Bunny Count: NINE!
8/4/2014 8:46:15 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Getting back into the groove of taking the time FOR ME and walking at night. I just have to remember that even though I am tried, by consistently gett...  Read more


My Weight Doesn't Define Me...Still a Work in Progress
8/4/2014 4:49:19 PM,  19 COMMENTS

Today, my SparkFriend DaisyBellekia had a quote on her blog that really made me stop and ponder for a moment. The quote was: You aren't fat, you HAV...  Read more


Finding the limit (with a tiny bit of TMI)
8/4/2014 12:24:47 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Yesterday I posted about a hike my husband and I went on. I am still vibrating from the success of it. I'm bruised, cut, blistered and sore but mor...  Read more


Farm Life: RIP little bunny
8/4/2014 9:28:39 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Well after my morning coffee, bagel & cheese I went for morning walk up behind the barn to check the area where I released the little bunny. Unfortuna...  Read more


How are you really?
8/3/2014 9:23:52 PM,  18 COMMENTS

Today at church, the usual, "Good morning. How are you today." "Fine thanks." really hit me. So many times it's easy to just keep things at the sup...  Read more


Nailed it!
8/3/2014 8:22:35 PM,  5 COMMENTS

This summer has been all about the hikes. I have one that is very challenging and hands down my favourite. It's also my measuring stick. The...  Read more


Memories of Mumsie
8/3/2014 8:03:33 PM,  12 COMMENTS

129 What doesn't remind me of our lives together... Images flash through my mind, evoked by sights, sounds, thoughts... I can hear her words r...  Read more


How to Cheer Up a Grinch
8/3/2014 7:09:11 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Let him know he's got a friend that believes in him. I have a I B I Y friend. I Believe in You. She picks me up trinkets and cards here and...  Read more


Farm Life: Bunny update
8/3/2014 2:58:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well the bunny made it through the night and his bleeding has stopped. His back is missing about a quarter size patch of fur; his left leg had bloody...  Read more


Day 19 of 135 - chocolate devotion
8/3/2014 1:22:45 PM,  23 COMMENTS

So I just had ice cream for the first time in 2 months - half a cone of chocolate devotion at cold stone creamery and while I had a slight moment of g...  Read more


struggling and itīs signs so you know what to look out for
8/3/2014 3:55:40 AM,  19 COMMENTS

sorry for not blogging sooner i am really struggling at the moment.not so much with my weight loss(though that too) but with life in general.i am in a...  Read more


Deciding already on what to do next summer for a vacation...
8/2/2014 6:11:44 PM,  5 COMMENTS

the verdict. Kings Island gold pass for the whole family. Boys super excited me im like 40 . Last time I went I did not feel like going on rides f...  Read more


Day 18 of 135
8/2/2014 12:31:52 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Having a great day so far! Woke up and made a nice spinach and feta cheese omelet and hard boiled eggs for snacks this week, then headed to barre clas...  Read more


Speak it & make it so time! # 14
8/2/2014 5:15:20 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Hey y'all I'm studying for a pre-nursing exam, sorta, kinda. Every time I get overwhelmed or feel it coming on. I turn my eyes &/or my hands to heaven...  Read more


8/1/2014 9:09:14 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Anyone subscribe to it? and do you recommend it? My money is very tight right now... and I just tried it and did my first day of the trial perio...  Read more


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