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  • T25 Day 10

    1/28/2015 11:10:02 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Speed 1.0 tonight, and I am loving this one! Who would have guessed? LOL! I'm nearly halfway through week 2 of this, and it's feeling good... Read more

  • Day 60 - Milestone Day

    1/28/2015 2:26:39 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I've made it 60 days of logging into SP and getting at least 10 minutes of activity every day. Today will be no different, although with less int... Read more

  • 1/28/15 ~ Go

    1/28/2015 2:10:30 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Back before I got serious about getting my health under control, I regularl... Read more

  • Sister is improving!

    1/28/2015 6:55:19 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    She has not responded to anyone or anything in over 24 hours but her CO2 levels were going down and her color was returning, and then last night,... Read more

  • T25 Day 9

    1/27/2015 11:49:00 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Tonight's workout was the total body circuit, and it is definitely a killer! One of the neat features of this workout is that afterwards y... Read more

  • 1/27/15 ~ Someday

    1/27/2015 6:23:28 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    One mistake we often make is waiting for someday. For many of us, that so... Read more

  • Day 59 - Taking Chances

    1/27/2015 3:44:43 PM, by SRWYLIE

    Last night posed some challenges. The infection in my gums around the bad tooth really flared up last night, and I finally broke down about 12:30... Read more

  • The Low Sodium Kick & Other Things

    1/27/2015 2:45:48 PM, by IREADYERMIND

    In my last blog post I talked about hidden additives in chicken and other packaged meats. My husband and I haven't bought chicken breasts since ... Read more

  • T25, Days 5, 6, 7 & 8

    1/26/2015 11:46:10 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    I've made it to day 8 of doing the T25 workout! Woohoo!!! Day 5 was the 'Lower Focus' workout, and it burned! My legs were already sore ... Read more

  • 1/26/14 ~ Keep Going

    1/26/2015 4:33:37 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Bad days happen, and they can be really discouraging. They can tempt you ... Read more

  • Day 58 - Maintaining Motivation

    1/26/2015 3:40:26 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I'm finding that for some tasks, staying motivated isn't difficult. I really feel like something is missing if I don't do my workout in the morni... Read more

  • Update on my sister.

    1/26/2015 11:33:31 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    They called us in the middle of the night and said to come and say our goodbyes. We all showed up around 2 this morning. The doctor came in and s... Read more

  • Still going strong!

    1/26/2015 12:26:17 AM, by BTINCHER2001

    I realized today that I overlooked my anniversary of quitting my job, and becoming "retired". That happened on the 21st. This week was another ... Read more

  • Sunday Slide

    1/25/2015 6:31:25 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I'm sorry that I didn't get to take any photos of the new post lamps yesterday. They look really nice. Now I have to go buy matching bug lights f... Read more

  • Weekends with the girls over are difficult

    1/25/2015 3:37:03 PM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    I got a small victory this weekend. I wanted to do something fun and active so we went bowling. Unfortunately we had dinner at the bowling alle... Read more

  • Sister is ill.

    1/25/2015 9:25:58 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    My sister has severe emphysema and has had a cold or flu for the past few days. Last night she was in respiratory distress and had to go to the e... Read more

  • A goal without a plan is just a dream

    1/24/2015 5:09:48 PM, by ID_VANDAL

    Saw that on a T-shirt not too long ago. I've seen that slogan years ago but it's a good reminder and that's been my problem for a long time. I ... Read more

  • Saturday Spectacle

    1/24/2015 11:43:25 AM, by SRWYLIE

    It's a beautiful morning in Clearlake. I'm installing new light fixtures, both post lamps and wall sconces in the same style. We have some vinta... Read more

  • Friday Follies

    1/23/2015 11:35:39 PM, by SRWYLIE

    We picked up the UHaul truck up this morning a little after 8am, and by 12:45 we were on the road to Clearlake. The truck got unloaded much more ... Read more

  • T25 Days 3 & 4

    1/23/2015 12:10:17 AM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Well, here it is on day 4 of doing Focus T25 and I am still enjoying it! That sounds odd to me, but it's true. Day 3 of T25 is the total bo... Read more

  • Thursday Themes

    1/22/2015 5:52:25 PM, by SRWYLIE

    My last week's weigh-in showed just a .2 pound decrease, nothing to write home about. It must have been one of those days where I was carrying so... Read more

  • 1/22/15 ~ Imagine

    1/22/2015 10:40:08 AM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    ... Read more

  • Wednesday Wonders

    1/21/2015 12:08:12 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I get a lot of positive comments from folks about my blog, and for that I'm extremely grateful. I sometimes wonder, though, if I should have some... Read more

  • 1/21/15 ~ Working Out

    1/21/2015 10:40:53 AM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    I workout, because I can. When I get tired, or I am short on time, or I want to quit, I think about how lucky I am to be healthy enough to work ... Read more

  • T25 Day 2

    1/20/2015 10:50:48 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Today's workout is Speed 1.0, which focuses on speed, stretching and stability. It's intense but fun. I had a good time (again), and the 25 min... Read more

  • Tuesday Treasures

    1/20/2015 3:05:34 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I had another great Power90 cardio workout this morning, but I thought I wasn't as out of breath as I normally am until I got to the ab workout a... Read more

  • 1/20/15 ~ Hard Work

    1/20/2015 2:04:32 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last. ~Hamilton Holt ... Read more

  • Hello SP!

    1/20/2015 9:06:39 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    I tried to post the video of my friend getting her award for her work with the Glass Slipper but it the file was too large and it wouldn't post. ... Read more

  • T25 Day 1

    1/19/2015 11:19:34 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    First, the good news...I survived the first 25 minute workout! Woohoo!!! ... Read more

  • Monday, Monday

    1/19/2015 2:58:14 PM, by SRWYLIE

    One of my favorite groups from the 60s is The Mamas and the Papas. Their harmonies and sense of family were a great comfort for a young boy like ... Read more

  • So much to do/lose in such a short amount of time!

    1/19/2015 1:20:21 PM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    So I leave in a month and a half, about. I refuse to start packing until mid February. I did, however drop all the items that are never going t... Read more

  • Great Sunday!

    1/19/2015 11:50:56 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    I went to church yesterday morning and they had a really good motivational speaker there! I was so glad I went. My friend Jackie was getting an a... Read more

  • Sunday Smiles

    1/19/2015 1:05:04 AM, by SRWYLIE

    We had a good turnout for church today. I sing in the praise choir at our contemporary service, and it's always a lot of fun. There were some new... Read more

  • Back again but for good

    1/18/2015 7:04:32 PM, by AMANDAMC34

    so I had asked for a fit bit for xmas. I know I need something to push me and this fit bit is a constant reminder I am. So here I am back again... Read more

  • Beginning the Focus T25 10 Week Program

    1/18/2015 2:13:47 PM, by DAISYBELLEKIA

    My weight loss has stalled. I expected to hit some plateaus, and my first ... Read more

  • Saturday Scatterings

    1/17/2015 2:35:02 PM, by SRWYLIE

    We have a number of things on our to-do list to get the house ready to put on the market. Yesterday we made a tentative schedule of what was goin... Read more

  • End of a so so week.

    1/17/2015 11:53:48 AM, by ID_VANDAL

    Hello again Sparkland. Today marks the end of the week and I'd probably have to give myself a C+. I hit my goal on steps everyday but one, I h... Read more

  • Self Control-Baby steps

    1/16/2015 4:36:07 PM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    I am that person that cannot buy things in bulk. I just sit and eat them all. Yesterday was a day from hell for me. I ate a ton of toffee pean... Read more

  • Busy Busy Friday

    1/16/2015 3:01:50 PM, by SRWYLIE

    Steve is off on Fridays, and he usually has a pretty rigorous schedule for what he wants to get done. Today was no exception. We had sold a ... Read more

  • Time for bed!

    1/16/2015 1:11:22 AM, by SRWYLIE

    A quick late night post before bedtime. You know when you're getting more fit? When you don't jiggle as much during your workout as you did... Read more

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