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  • Cool

    12/21/2016 12:28:46 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I lost three lbs between Thanksgiving and today!!! So cool! I never loose weight this time of year. I'm still above my lowest weight this year...... Read more

  • Motivated today

    12/20/2016 6:05:22 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am motivated today. I am feeling better and I have a lot of things that I need to do before Christmas and before I leave to go to back home th... Read more

  • Came out of no where and hit me like a ton of bricks

    12/20/2016 11:21:13 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I took the oldest to basketball practice yesterday, feeling fine, was waiting for her and running errands and started to get a headache and then ... Read more

  • Booked my flight

    12/19/2016 11:33:34 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well I booked my flight to go back home for my uncles funeral will leave on Monday the day after Christmas.... Read more

  • Making holidays happen

    12/19/2016 1:45:47 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Who makes the holidays happen in your family and life? For me, it was my mom, for a long time. She was the one who shopped and did the stockings,... Read more

  • Fantastic Sunday

    12/19/2016 7:20:50 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Im happy to report the gifts are wrapped and I did walk 3 miles yesterday and watched what I ate so it was a good day. Not a great day as I spen... Read more

  • Not a good day for me

    12/18/2016 6:19:49 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Today started out bad for me. I woke up to a message on Facebook that my Uncle died at 1:40 this morning. I knew he was dying but it is still ha... Read more

  • Hope its a lazy Sunday

    12/18/2016 11:05:24 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Pre Christmas things are winding down here. Shopping done, most of the wrapping is finished. Still have some big things for the 13 year old that... Read more

  • not as tired today

    12/17/2016 3:14:44 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I ended up doing all of my workouts today and I am not as tired as I have been for the last few days. Hope I can keep it up... Read more

  • Friday night cotillion

    12/17/2016 10:25:19 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Last night I went to the eighth grade cotillion. I don't have an eighth grader this year but was put in charge and was feeling a bit resentful th... Read more

  • Good

    12/17/2016 8:20:44 AM, by DHAMBONE2000

    Working out real strong.... Read more

  • Tired again today

    12/16/2016 8:23:34 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am tired again today. I go on Monday to see my doctor so I hope that she can figure out what is wrong with me. I think it is my white cells ag... Read more

  • Listening to/Ignoring your body

    12/16/2016 1:00:39 PM, by BEESHELL8

    I have been sick the past few days with a cold that's been going around. For once, I decided to try and not just medicate away the symptoms but i... Read more

  • Sad day

    12/16/2016 5:24:57 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Today is my brothers birthday and he would have been 51. RIP RJ. Love you and miss you and think of you every day.... Read more

  • Game Day GO SEAHAWKS

    12/15/2016 6:58:30 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well I have everything done for Sparks tonight so that I can sit down and enjoy my game tonight. Only sport I like to watch on TV is Football. ... Read more

  • Storms a brewing

    12/15/2016 12:48:14 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Bad weather is forecast for today and it is here early. Very windy in Sacramento and cold and it makes you want to hunker down but Ive got a lot ... Read more

  • Bye to the family

    12/14/2016 9:20:31 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Just got back from the airport and Im really feeling sad. Great visit that went by too quickly and now they are flying home to Illinois. Wish th... Read more

  • Meal planning

    12/14/2016 8:00:38 AM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    This is the one thing I excel in for my SparkCoach plan. I am a planner, I like to write stuff down and put it together like a puzzle. I like t... Read more

  • Another busy day

    12/13/2016 5:42:07 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Spent the day shopping with my sister. Fun day.... Read more

  • Another busy day

    12/13/2016 5:42:07 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Spent the day shopping with my sister. Fun day.... Read more

  • Wonderful day

    12/12/2016 8:20:06 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    So the brunch was great and I did well with food intake. Old friends came and my family was here. Due to start at 11 am and my husband, who live... Read more

  • You matter

    12/12/2016 1:01:31 AM, by BEESHELL8

    Today I had a pleasant surprise - I was checking my email and saw the comments on my most recent blog. I was so happy to see that Laura (A-NEW-OL... Read more

  • Next steps:

    12/11/2016 10:34:47 AM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    You would think that I could somehow build up some weight loss. I cut my calories down to the bare minimum most days, and I get a ton of steps i... Read more

  • Rainy day

    12/11/2016 8:02:14 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    California has been in a drought for a few years and boy are we working at being over that. It has been raining for several days and it is a har... Read more

  • Great busy day

    12/10/2016 11:35:50 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Dead tired, we did so much today but it was a grand surprise. Fun can't blog about much as I am so tired but we went to an open house at my niec... Read more

  • Yes I've done a marathon - three, in fact

    12/10/2016 5:31:49 PM, by BEESHELL8

    People are surprised to learn I've run a marathon - I'm not thin and even heavier than when I ran my first marathon in 2004. I went on to run 2 m... Read more

  • Excited

    12/9/2016 9:09:55 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    My sister and niece are coming today for a visit and no one knows and are going to surprise everyone tomorrow. So excited can't wait for the plan... Read more

  • Rainy day in Sacramento

    12/8/2016 1:59:28 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Feeling proud today walked for 5 miles today in the rain and Im soaked but... on the trail I only saw one other person and if you reframe it its ... Read more

  • Sorting things out

    12/7/2016 2:37:27 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Cutting my carbs back has been challenging. I sat steady on the scale for over a month, then recently it crept up a few lbs. I know what I need t... Read more

  • Wednesday

    12/7/2016 6:55:11 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    The freshman played in her first high school basketball game last night and she scored 6 points. She was so excited and I think we are over the h... Read more

  • Walking today

    12/6/2016 9:48:42 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Looking forward to long walk today with a friend. Cold but should speed us up.... Read more

  • Busy week

    12/5/2016 9:26:06 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Very busy week this week, lots of basketball practice, tournaments and league games for the girls and my husband is going out of town and there i... Read more

  • Always inspiring

    12/4/2016 11:20:31 PM, by BEESHELL8

    The past few days have been busy. On Friday, we volunteered at the California International Marathon (CIM) expo for 4 hours and I got to meet Sco... Read more

  • Another week done

    12/4/2016 8:52:55 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I am surprised that I feel so good considering that I was so sick at the start of the week. I was able to go to a Christmas party last night and ... Read more

  • Final Check-in 2016 including sleep

    12/4/2016 8:48:03 AM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    So I had gained some weight back during my transition in September. I struggled with how to fix that after I moved. I spend some time snorkelin... Read more

  • Looking forward to not doing much today

    12/3/2016 9:15:37 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Very busy week last week with work and kids etc. Everything was fine except the exercise and food prep were the things that I slacked off on bec... Read more

  • What was I thinking?

    12/2/2016 8:32:39 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Was out getting a haircut yesterday and there was a cute little shop with lots of Christmas things and I saw a lighted Santa picture that looked ... Read more

  • How did it get to be December?

    12/1/2016 9:03:43 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I logged in and everyone mentions it is Dec 1. Wow. Seems like we were just starting 2016 and it is Dec. Been a heck of a year and the best t... Read more

  • Yea

    11/30/2016 3:28:08 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Thankful I am feeling so much better. Slept all night. Back at it today.... Read more

  • This one's for Fredie (MARINGAL)!!

    11/29/2016 11:53:44 AM, by BEESHELL8

    Okay, I couldn't WAIT to write this post and hoped to do it last night - but we had date night so that wouldn't have been too thoughtful LOL. Yes... Read more

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