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  • Rainy day in Sacramento

    12/8/2016 1:59:28 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Feeling proud today walked for 5 miles today in the rain and Im soaked but... on the trail I only saw one other person and if you reframe it its ... Read more

  • Sorting things out

    12/7/2016 2:37:27 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Cutting my carbs back has been challenging. I sat steady on the scale for over a month, then recently it crept up a few lbs. I know what I need t... Read more

  • Wednesday

    12/7/2016 6:55:11 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    The freshman played in her first high school basketball game last night and she scored 6 points. She was so excited and I think we are over the h... Read more

  • Walking today

    12/6/2016 9:48:42 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Looking forward to long walk today with a friend. Cold but should speed us up.... Read more

  • Busy week

    12/5/2016 9:26:06 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Very busy week this week, lots of basketball practice, tournaments and league games for the girls and my husband is going out of town and there i... Read more

  • Always inspiring

    12/4/2016 11:20:31 PM, by BEESHELL8

    The past few days have been busy. On Friday, we volunteered at the California International Marathon (CIM) expo for 4 hours and I got to meet Sco... Read more

  • Another week done

    12/4/2016 8:52:55 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I am surprised that I feel so good considering that I was so sick at the start of the week. I was able to go to a Christmas party last night and ... Read more

  • Final Check-in 2016 including sleep

    12/4/2016 8:48:03 AM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    So I had gained some weight back during my transition in September. I struggled with how to fix that after I moved. I spend some time snorkelin... Read more

  • Looking forward to not doing much today

    12/3/2016 9:15:37 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Very busy week last week with work and kids etc. Everything was fine except the exercise and food prep were the things that I slacked off on bec... Read more

  • What was I thinking?

    12/2/2016 8:32:39 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Was out getting a haircut yesterday and there was a cute little shop with lots of Christmas things and I saw a lighted Santa picture that looked ... Read more

  • How did it get to be December?

    12/1/2016 9:03:43 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I logged in and everyone mentions it is Dec 1. Wow. Seems like we were just starting 2016 and it is Dec. Been a heck of a year and the best t... Read more

  • Yea

    11/30/2016 3:28:08 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Thankful I am feeling so much better. Slept all night. Back at it today.... Read more

  • This one's for Fredie (MARINGAL)!!

    11/29/2016 11:53:44 AM, by BEESHELL8

    Okay, I couldn't WAIT to write this post and hoped to do it last night - but we had date night so that wouldn't have been too thoughtful LOL. Yes... Read more

  • Still sick

    11/29/2016 4:14:53 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    This is very weird and I am really not sick very often but today I am really sick. Ive been in bed all day and now I am soaking wet. Mostly on my... Read more

  • Sick as a dog

    11/28/2016 12:00:13 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Well I have gone back to bed this morning after I took the kids to school. I feel wretched. Going to pamper myself. Had cinnamon toast (which i... Read more

  • New apartment!

    11/28/2016 8:14:24 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    I may have a new apartment soon. I found a place not far from where I live now, but this place is really nice. It has granite counter tops, stain... Read more

  • Pushing along with everything

    11/27/2016 10:29:30 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    It was inevitable that I catch a cold with all the sickness in the house and all the stressors of my nephew and the holiday. Somedays I am amaze... Read more

  • Thanksgiving

    11/26/2016 1:45:01 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Thanksgiving turned out nice this year. Just Tim and I. I was so proud of my plate this year. 3/4 veg, turkey and a lil gravy. Pretty great stuff... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/26/2016 8:40:35 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Made a list of things to accomplish for day after Thanksgiving and I followed through . ... Read more

  • Opted Outside Today

    11/25/2016 7:39:47 PM, by BEESHELL8

    I'm surprised how many people haven't heard of REI's #optoutside campaign. Basically, REI encourages people to get outside and walk or hike inste... Read more

  • Holiday time

    11/25/2016 7:50:03 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I believe that the official Christmas season has started. I pray that I can maintain and not overdo it, but I have 5 party invitations all ready... Read more

  • Thanksgiving

    11/24/2016 8:38:44 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Happy Thanksgiving.... Read more

  • What I'm Thankful For - A Gratitude List

    11/23/2016 1:02:44 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Being alive and reasonably healthy. My family and friends - in person and here on Spark Our two kitties... Read more

  • still feeling full

    11/23/2016 8:56:55 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I think I can guess Ive eaten too much if its almost 24 hours later and Im still full. Not having a good few days. Trying to refocus.... Read more

  • what kind of exercise can I do when I am away from home

    11/22/2016 6:35:35 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am going to be going to my mom's for a week next week and I am not sure what kind of exercise I can do while i am there. I am going there beca... Read more

  • Frustration

    11/22/2016 9:25:57 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I am a binger yes I am. Stress is not my friend. I saw a photo of myself this morning and I want to vomit. I am so sad that I have gotten here.... Read more

  • In Awe of My Sister

    11/21/2016 8:42:06 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Yesterday, I drove my sister around so she could work. She is a veterinarian, and her work is mainly doing low-cost shot clinics at Petco. Her hu... Read more

  • Wow what a week part 2

    11/21/2016 7:31:48 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    So I had posted earlier about how stressful last week was and how concerned we all are about my nephew. Yesterday my cousin called and her husba... Read more

  • Wow what a week part 2

    11/21/2016 7:31:41 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    So I had posted earlier about how stressful last week was and how concerned we all are about my nephew. Yesterday my cousin called and her husba... Read more

  • Dicken's Faire

    11/20/2016 3:43:42 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I had the best day yesterday. One of my oldest and dea... Read more

  • Another week

    11/20/2016 10:55:15 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    I hope that everyone has a very positive experience with their friends and family this week and can stay focused on the goal of a healthy lifesty... Read more

  • Final Weigh in of 5%

    11/19/2016 8:22:20 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Well, this will be quick 'cause it's dinner time and I've got some things to do before an early day tomorrow. I agreed to drive my sister around ... Read more

  • Settling in and trying to re-focus

    11/19/2016 9:31:19 AM, by SEAOFCARNAGE

    Today I spent my first weekend home since I moved in. I have a short visit to make today but otherwise I am planning to stay in this entire week... Read more

  • Wow what a week

    11/19/2016 9:15:35 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Jan 9, 2014 my brother died at age 49 from a heart attack. He was thin and fit and it was a total surprise. He had 3 boys that he had custody of... Read more

  • Have to have Surgery on Monday

    11/18/2016 11:00:05 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Because of my RA i get Rheumatoid Nodules in Aug. ( 4 days after I moved to Sacramento ) I ended up having to go to the ER because my elbow was h... Read more

  • Figuring some things out

    11/18/2016 7:54:33 PM, by BEESHELL8

    This is the end of the 5% challenge and it has been a good experience for me even though I didn't lose weight (last weigh in tomorrow). The past ... Read more

  • Notice the good things

    11/18/2016 1:30:04 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I've been so focused on stressful things these last few months, so today I'm noticing that I feel pretty good. Really good actually. I stuck to m... Read more

  • 110 log in days

    11/18/2016 7:14:29 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Today I have logged in for 110 days. I am proud of my consistency. Disappointed in my slower than slow weight loss but Im trying not to let it g... Read more

  • Keep on pushing

    11/17/2016 4:11:27 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I am very fatigued today but I am pushing through it. I am going to get everything in today that I have to do. I wish that I was just not so fa... Read more

  • Moving along

    11/17/2016 12:24:59 PM, by SOULFISH80

    So, things are ok. Not terrible, not amazing just good overall. I had about a week of stress eating and gained a few lbs, which was expected. I'm... Read more

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