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  • 12/9/16 - Bedtime

    12/9/2016 11:59:19 PM, by GORDON66

    Jackie was at the gym today, and we caught up on all the gossip. When I drove to the gym in the morning, snowflakes were flying around. The... Read more

  • 12/8/16 - Bedtime

    12/8/2016 11:09:13 PM, by GORDON66

    I've got a bit of an upper respiratory thing going on, and all the other ladies in of the office are dealing with it too. Aside from being annoy... Read more

  • 12/7/16 - Bedtime

    12/7/2016 10:32:39 PM, by GORDON66

    Last Friday, I drove my brother home after he had an injection to relieve pain from spinal stenosis. He called me today and told me he's feeling... Read more

  • December 5, 2016 (Monday)

    12/6/2016 1:27:10 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Not much has been going on in my life, so I've not had much news to write about. I still like to check in though, but I hav... Read more

  • 12/5/16 - Bedtime

    12/5/2016 11:01:43 PM, by GORDON66

    The Park District cancelled the Monday TRX and Wednesday TRX/kickboxing classes. Bummer. Although it was not nearly so much fun, I spent a coup... Read more

  • 12/4/16 - Bedtime

    12/4/2016 11:11:34 PM, by GORDON66

    Today was the first measurable snowfall of the season. Since the temperature is hovering around freezing, the snow is loaded with moisture. Las... Read more

  • 12/3/16 - Bedtime

    12/4/2016 2:15:25 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm grateful for my Saturday morning strength class. Surrounded by nice people, the hour flies by while I get a terrific full-body workout. ... Read more

  • December 2, 2016 (Friday)

    12/3/2016 2:29:09 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Thank you for responding to my last blog. I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND! HUGS Pam... Read more

  • 12/2/16 - Bedtime

    12/2/2016 11:25:28 PM, by GORDON66

    Kimberly's two-year-old daughter, Charlie, is a cutie and a charmer. Today we exchanged high fives and fist bumps. Since I took ten fitness... Read more

  • 12/1/16 - Bedtime

    12/1/2016 11:57:02 PM, by GORDON66

    Since December 1 is the first day of meteorological winter, it's appropriate that today was rather cold. Did I just type that?! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Read more

  • 11/30/16 - Bedtime

    11/30/2016 11:06:57 PM, by GORDON66

    All the women who take kickboxing/TRX are about 25 years younger than me. I can't kick as high or squat as deep, but I keep up with the group. ... Read more

  • 11/29/16 - Bedtime

    11/29/2016 11:06:50 PM, by GORDON66

    I have been checking online for a Fitbit Charge 2, and the prices keep changing. I was listening to the radio, and it was suggested that shopper... Read more

  • 11/28/16 - Bedtime

    11/28/2016 9:59:50 PM, by GORDON66

    I took advantage of a Cyber Monday offer at the Park District and got a 20% savings on a 20-session fitness pass. Today I made Italian-style... Read more

  • 11/27/16 - Bedtime

    11/27/2016 10:55:24 PM, by GORDON66

    I really didn't have to rake leaves, but it was good to get outside for some fresh air; cold but fresh. I slept in a little later than usual... Read more

  • 11/26/16 - Bedtime

    11/26/2016 11:59:51 PM, by GORDON66

    Got my hair cut today. Since it was really starting to look dreadful, that was my emergency. The last time my hair was cut was 4/30. Yikes. I... Read more

  • November 26, 2016 (Saturday)

    11/26/2016 8:23:40 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for commenting on my Thanksgiving blog. Yesterday was pretty busy at the Y with everyone trying to 'burn off' the... Read more

  • 11/25/16 - Bedtime

    11/25/2016 11:43:28 PM, by GORDON66

    Today I had a turkey sandwich for lunch. All hail to leftovers!!! For the first time ever, I watched "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I enjoyed... Read more

  • 11/24/16 - Bedtime

    11/24/2016 11:53:25 PM, by GORDON66

    Started the day off with a workout at the park district fitness center. It included fast paced aerobics, kickboxing, and strength. Admission wa... Read more

  • November 24, 2016 (THANKSGIVING)

    11/24/2016 8:42:40 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, I am very THANKFUL for all of you and all of the members and staff here at Spark People. It is so nice to be a part of such... Read more

  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ALL!

    11/24/2016 11:24:40 AM, by RENIESSPARKIN

    I'm so THANKFUL for all my SparkPeople friends (& family) on this special day. I pray all will be able to join with their families/friends and en... Read more

  • 11/22/16 - Bedtime

    11/22/2016 9:45:34 PM, by GORDON66

    I had a salad for dinner and topped it with tomatoes I picked on Saturday. On the ride into work this morning, a kind person held the door o... Read more

  • 11/21/16 - Bedtime

    11/21/2016 11:08:43 PM, by GORDON66

    It is jumping the season a bit, but when I turned on the car radio this morning, Elvis was singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas". It really made ... Read more

  • 11/20/16 - Bedtime

    11/20/2016 10:31:33 PM, by GORDON66

    All the tomato plants are now in the yard waste bin. Yippee!!! I'm happy, but I'm also sad. It's hard to say goodbye to the garden for the nex... Read more

  • 11/19/16 - Bedtime

    11/20/2016 12:13:14 AM, by GORDON66

    Over night, our area will be getting its first hard freeze, so I picked all the tomatoes from the remaining plants. I found some ripe ones, and ... Read more

  • November 19, 2016 (Saturday)

    11/19/2016 5:40:06 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for responding on my last blog that was posted several days ago. I have worked a lot of extra hours this past wee... Read more

  • 11/18/16 - Bedtime

    11/19/2016 12:04:13 AM, by GORDON66

    With the wind gusting to 30 MPH, I appreciate my snug house and warm kitties. However, I did take the bird feeder down, because I didn't want it... Read more

  • 11/17/16 - Bedtime

    11/17/2016 11:42:07 PM, by GORDON66

    I stopped at Walgreen's this morning, and the check-out person was rather grumpy. I gave her my best smile and cheery attitude, but she was havi... Read more

  • 11/14/16 - Bedtime

    11/14/2016 10:54:01 PM, by GORDON66

    I grabbed a pair of comfy sweat pants out of a drawer and wore them around the house today. Very cozy! I did a wash load of T-shirts and sw... Read more

  • November 13, 2016 (Sunday)

    11/14/2016 1:17:25 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for commenting on my last blog. It is always nice to hear from each of you. The races went on and on last night.... Read more

  • November 13, 2016 (Sunday)

    11/14/2016 1:17:18 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for commenting on my last blog. It is always nice to hear from each of you. The races went on and on last night.... Read more

  • 11/13/16 - Bedtime

    11/13/2016 11:06:56 PM, by GORDON66

    I had a session with Trainer Nick this morning. Although he's a dog person and I'm a cat person, we have a similar perspective on a lot of topic... Read more

  • 11/12/16 - Bedtime

    11/12/2016 11:25:15 PM, by GORDON66

    My thoughtful neighbor helped me clear the leaves today. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I couldn't move my legs. The... Read more

  • November 12, 2016 (Saturday)

    11/12/2016 1:02:20 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your comments. It is a beautiful day for the races, and hopefully there will be a big crowd there for this BI... Read more

  • November 11, 2016 (Friday)

    11/12/2016 1:20:48 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your comments, especially the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" wishes for my sons. You are all so kind and thoughtful. ... Read more

  • 11/11/16 - Bedtime

    11/12/2016 12:16:19 AM, by GORDON66

    My car needed an oil change, so I took it to the dealership. As they were checking under the hood, they found a rodent's nest. Luckily the litt... Read more

  • 11/10/16 - Bedtime

    11/10/2016 11:46:52 PM, by GORDON66

    Although I stayed in bed a few minutes longer this morning, I still got to work in plenty of time. Our building has a new system for the ele... Read more

  • November 10, 2016 (Thursday)

    11/10/2016 11:21:41 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Thank you for your comments on my last blog. The truck is gone again because I am getting new tires put on it. So, I gave it back to my mechani... Read more

  • 11/9/16 - Bedtime

    11/9/2016 11:06:14 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm connected to the internet! Sigh. Although the news this morning was shocking, the day was bright and sunny. Now that it's... Read more

  • November 8, 2016 (Tuesday)

    11/9/2016 12:42:25 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, I appreciate your comments on my last blog. Good News! Tonight, I got my truck back, and it looks GREAT! The new dashboar... Read more

  • 11/8/16 - Starting day

    11/8/2016 9:36:49 AM, by GORDON66

    When I tried to post my blog, I had no Internet connection, so here's what made me happy yesterday. I took down the rabbit fence. ... Read more

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