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  • Martial Arts

    4/24/2017 8:27:33 PM, by SPINECCO

    Today's visualization is that I can see myself 10 years from now in the greatest of shape and healthy at age 80 and continuing to perform martial... Read more

  • 4/23/17 - Bedtime

    4/23/2017 11:35:01 PM, by GORDON66

    Jody had too many hostas. She dug them up and gave them to me. I happily planted them in a shady spot at the front of the house. I went to... Read more

  • 4/21/17 - Bedtime

    4/22/2017 12:18:08 AM, by GORDON66

    I was happy to get back into the gym. On the way out of the grocery store, I ran into one of my fitness instructors. She was dressed for su... Read more

  • 4/20/17 - Bedtime

    4/20/2017 11:44:46 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm overjoyed that everyone's prayers were answered, and Linda's (IMUSTLOSEIT1) husband is on the mend. Although I'm not entirely sure how I... Read more

  • 4/18/17 - Bedtime

    4/18/2017 10:39:49 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm going to a wedding on Saturday. Instead of walking to Macy's downtown location, I bought a crystal picture frame online. I did some compari... Read more

  • Losing 25 pounds during Lent

    4/18/2017 3:15:15 PM, by GORDON66

    I had been floundering about; exercising but eating wilding inappropriately. I wanted to lose weight but lacked the intestinal fortitude to make... Read more

  • 4/17/17 - Bedtime

    4/17/2017 10:19:15 PM, by GORDON66

    It was a very colorful day at the bird feeder. The were sparrows, a cardinal, a blue jay, and a goldfinch. Two young guys went out of their... Read more

  • 4/16/17 - Bedtime

    4/16/2017 11:40:32 PM, by GORDON66

    Since they were not reflecting properly, the State sent out new license plates, and today my nephew put them on my car. I attended mass this... Read more

  • April 16, 2017 (EASTER Sunday)

    4/16/2017 1:43:08 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone and HAPPY EASTER! Thank you for your comments on my last blog. I have just now read those comments, and they are very helpfu... Read more

  • 4/15/17 - Bedtime

    4/15/2017 10:59:31 PM, by GORDON66

    Got my hair cut today, and it's looking a whole bunch better. It's almost 10:00 PM, and the temperature is 77 degrees. With the warmer weat... Read more

  • 4/14/17 - Bedtime

    4/14/2017 11:21:34 PM, by GORDON66

    This morning the bird feeder attracted a variety of God's creatures; sparrows, a pair of mourning doves, a squirrel, and a chipmunk. The sparrow... Read more

  • 4/13/17 - Bedtime

    4/14/2017 12:01:56 AM, by GORDON66

    I've been invited to a baby shower, and it's a girl!!!! I love crocheting pink baby afghans. I called today and was able to get an appointm... Read more

  • 4/12/17 - Bedtime

    4/12/2017 10:12:32 PM, by GORDON66

    Along with the sparrows, a red-winged blackbird was perched on and eating out of the bird feeder. I also spotted a female cardinal pecking aroun... Read more

  • 4/10/17 - Bedtime

    4/10/2017 10:58:26 PM, by GORDON66

    I cut the grass for the first time this year! I was happy to get out into the yard early this afternoon, because the temperature... Read more

  • 4/9/17 - Bedtime

    4/9/2017 11:06:07 PM, by GORDON66

    I have gone to an number of rummage sales and found more rubbish than rummage. This time was different. I came across a lovely black evening ba... Read more

  • 4/8/17 - Bedtime

    4/8/2017 11:30:42 PM, by GORDON66

    It was a glorious day, so I was able to get outside for some yard work. I finally got a chance to sit down and watch a few innings of baseba... Read more

  • April 8, 2017 (Saturday)

    4/8/2017 6:40:21 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for responding to my last blog. As you can tell, I am not doing too well reaching my goal of blogging every day. ... Read more

  • 4/7/17 - Bedtime

    4/7/2017 11:14:23 PM, by GORDON66

    I went to the dentist today, and it took him all most no time to fill my tooth. Trainer Nick gave me a book about Chicago archit... Read more

  • 4/6/17 - Bedtime

    4/6/2017 11:52:51 PM, by GORDON66

    The sun made a special guest appearance!! I am grateful that the high winds that were predicted never materialized. We were supp... Read more

  • 4/5/17 - Bedtime

    4/5/2017 10:39:15 PM, by GORDON66

    Since I'm now actually eating the vegetables that I buy, I'm not throwing away food. The weather has not been particularly pleasant, and we'... Read more

  • 4/3/17 - Bedtime

    4/3/2017 10:37:16 PM, by GORDON66

    Baseball season has begun!!! It's been cold and damp today, so my shower felt oh so good. Spring has got to be here, because ... Read more

  • I'm back in Onederland!

    4/3/2017 6:03:30 PM, by GORDON66

    For me, Onederland is the Holy Grail. When I was a sophomore in high school, I weighed 202 pounds. For the next four decades, I was never under... Read more

  • April 2, 2017 (Sunday)

    4/3/2017 2:27:36 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, It is so nice to hear from all of you. I hope all of you are doing OK. MORTICIA....I am so sorry to hear that you lost... Read more

  • 4/2/17 - Bedtime

    4/2/2017 11:00:03 PM, by GORDON66

    I am very grateful to have been invited to take another Body Pump class. The fitness center staff is extremely good to me. The cashier at J... Read more

  • April 1, 2017 (Saturday)

    4/1/2017 4:35:04 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, I am embarrassed because it has been so long since I have written anything here. I have checked into SparkPeople on most da... Read more

  • Goals

    3/31/2017 4:44:02 PM, by GORDON66

    "Don't let life change your goals because achieving your goals can change your life." Anonymous Leslie XXXOOOXXX... Read more

  • 3/30/17 - Bedtime

    3/30/2017 11:13:02 PM, by GORDON66

    Oh my! When I walked to the train station this morning, it was windy and rainy. By the time I got to work, my pant legs were wet almost to the ... Read more

  • 3/29/17 - Bedtime

    3/29/2017 10:39:29 PM, by GORDON66

    A car made a left hand turn right in front of me, and I was able to avoid hitting him. Trainer Karen has mostly senior clients, ... Read more

  • 3/28/17 - Bedtime

    3/28/2017 11:11:48 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm happy I'm able to run across the street to avoid traffic. When I broke my favorite water bottle, I was really bummed. It was a handout ... Read more

  • My brown pants fit!

    3/28/2017 3:06:25 PM, by GORDON66

    When the button popped off my brown pants, I put the button in one of the pockets and hung the pants in my closet. This happened late last sprin... Read more

  • 3/27/17 - Bedtime

    3/27/2017 10:41:27 PM, by GORDON66

    I am grateful that I can pay my bills. After a lifetime of abusing my body with food, I am grateful that I'm remarkably healthy. When I... Read more

  • 3/26/17 - Bedtime

    3/26/2017 10:31:53 PM, by GORDON66

    It sure takes a lot of time to chop up fresh vegetables for soup/stew/chili, but there's always a payoff. Everything tastes so much better. ... Read more

  • Having my lox and bagel and eating it too

    3/26/2017 5:29:21 PM, by GORDON66

    Up until a couple of weeks ago, I'd never had lox and a bagel. I had gotten a flyer for Einstein Bagels, and there was a $2 off coupon for a Nov... Read more

  • 3/25/17 - Bedtime

    3/25/2017 10:41:18 PM, by GORDON66

    It's been raining on and off all day. Right now the rain is in the "off" position. After yesterday's 80 degrees, it's gotten ve... Read more

  • 3/23/17 - Bedtime

    3/23/2017 11:45:23 PM, by GORDON66

    Around 7:30 this evening, lightning lit up the sky. and the rain followed. It came down pretty heavy, but the rain didn't last that long. When ... Read more

  • 3/22/17 - Bedtime

    3/22/2017 10:41:21 PM, by GORDON66

    I was looking forward to using shrimp in my salad today. When I got to the fish counter, the fully cooked shrimp were frozen, but I bought some ... Read more

  • 3/21/17 - Bedtime

    3/21/2017 10:59:28 PM, by GORDON66

    I went into the office today and made it a point to walk around for a minute every hour. Adding just that bit of movement throughout the day hel... Read more

  • 3/20/17 - Bedtime

    3/20/2017 10:48:43 PM, by GORDON66

    I had a doctor's appointment to day. I lost eight pounds, and my blood pressure is 110/71. The fitness center is adding more ... Read more

  • 3/19/17 - Bedtime

    3/19/2017 11:18:33 PM, by GORDON66

    Since it is Lent, I've been trying to eat more fish, so today I made fish chowder. I used tilapia, and the dish has a very nice flavor. Tod... Read more

  • 3/18/17 - Bedtime

    3/18/2017 11:12:09 PM, by GORDON66

    I put some sunflower seeds on the patio. My kitties were sitting by the window and started chattering. When I got up to look to see what they h... Read more

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