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  • Moderation of Bad Foods

    7/30/2016 1:53:42 AM, by RUSHER244593

    I think there is something to say for having moderation when eating bad foods!! i don't think we have to eat them all the time but once in a whil... Read more

  • High school reunion

    7/29/2016 11:59:23 PM, by LYNXMYNX

    I had such a good time tonight. I saw people I haven't... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 7/29/16

    7/29/2016 11:53:49 PM, by PDSLIM

    Silly Big Cats www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    JLdaaRF2XaQ Read more

  • Went to the farm today

    7/29/2016 11:27:13 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    Had some errands to run today and I decided afterward to go to the farm store. I love the fresh produce and they always have more things than my... Read more

  • Day 9 - Organizing Garage Clean Up - continuing saga

    7/29/2016 10:08:33 PM, by SOILEDPLANTS

    I have parked my car on the street for 3 days now while I do my annual garage clean up ... this year I am really going through everything and tos... Read more


    7/29/2016 8:03:13 PM, by GREATMARTIN

    As an old man after directing and in most cases wri... Read more

  • Positive reinforcement

    7/29/2016 8:01:43 PM, by DGROELER

    Been working on diet and exercise, am about halfway to the goal of 65# loss. Yesterday after exercise class one of the students came up and said ... Read more

  • My Medals Arrived Today!

    7/29/2016 5:59:56 PM, by SUBMOM2

    A few months ago, I signed up for the Run Disney Virtual Running Shorts series. For those of you not familiar with a virtual event, you're on you... Read more

  • Skin Obsession

    7/29/2016 5:58:28 PM, by MOONSHADOWE

    Here I am on week 2 day 5. The hard work is over and tomorrow I have a relaxing swim then a day of rest. Tomorrow I think I will try the dry saun... Read more

  • Friend request

    7/29/2016 4:57:00 PM, by JINGRAM7

    Sent a message about a friend now I cant find it .... Read more

  • Bathroom

    7/29/2016 3:20:04 PM, by JINGRAM7

    Being in the bathroom alot for both put it in comes back out . Alot of trips but feels refreshed . Thank you Jesus for the strength you have give... Read more

  • Happy Friday

    7/29/2016 12:40:22 PM, by SSALLOWS

    Another weigh in I don't know how it has happened but I lost weight. 10 lbs down. I didn't think that would happen cause I haven't been that... Read more

  • I didn't hit my time, but I still win!!!

    7/29/2016 12:18:24 PM, by MCASKEY6

    I ran this morning and I didn't hit my time of two miles in under 27:40. Instead I did 28:10. But I ran this morning, and that's a win. ... Read more

  • SPOILER...Jesus Christ

    7/29/2016 11:37:14 AM, by JLAMING263

    Thomas S. Monson He who created us and who loves us perfectly knows just how we need to live our lives in order to obtain the greatest happines... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/29/2016 10:58:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    a long weekend here! happy simcoe day on monday to all who celebrate it! woo hoo! my daughter says hi and sends hugs. all of the birds say cheep,... Read more

  • next goal

    7/29/2016 10:56:08 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so on 8/1/16 I will be starting my next goal! I am now... Read more

  • On track

    7/29/2016 10:44:57 AM, by JINXYRAE

    Ive given myself a walking challenge - 10,000 steps a day. some days this is EXTREMELY hard, but Ive found if I walk early in the morning I do ... Read more

  • Fighting...

    7/29/2016 9:34:03 AM, by TWEDEE777

    I have to keep fighting the fight and win this battle of the bulge! I know I can succeed. Today it is raining, but we probably needed it. Hope yo... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    7/29/2016 8:15:29 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    At peace. ... Read more

  • A guiet day

    7/29/2016 8:14:55 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    We had a lovely, quiet day yesterday at home. Beloved puttered in the garage/shop and I sat in a chair reading. We got our walking in, I spent... Read more

  • Letting History Repeat Itself

    7/29/2016 5:47:25 AM, by JSTETSER

    I found a place that I love to hike to, and have visited it probably a dozen times. Three times, I've spent the night there. Here is the story ... Read more

  • 100 days of exercise day 6

    7/29/2016 1:26:33 AM, by AMIEMICHELE

    Today I rode the exercise bike for 35 minutes. My back is feeling much better after going to the chiropractor and getting a massage. Hopefully ha... Read more

  • One good thing about being sick ...

    7/29/2016 12:25:08 AM, by DECREPIT

    you lose 8 lbs in 2 weeks. ... Read more

  • Happiness on the horizon

    7/29/2016 12:00:08 AM, by LYNXMYNX

    I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up. ­čśť I want to be a rock star. No really! I've always loved music but somehow got lost al... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 7/28/16

    7/28/2016 11:46:24 PM, by PDSLIM

    Husky Trio Chronicles www.viralnova.com/husky-
    ium=email&utm_campaign=Vi... Read more

  • Hit the gym with a vengeance

    7/28/2016 11:29:28 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    It rained today. All doggone day. I went to get some bloodwork done and to the store for my mom. After I dropped off her things, I came hom... Read more

  • Weekend

    7/28/2016 6:53:14 PM, by MNABOY

    I hope to start the weekend early. noon Friday. Have a little work to do and then there are the issues that pop up. Wife will return home from gr... Read more

  • My best advice

    7/28/2016 4:20:24 PM, by JINGRAM7

    My best advice is I have learned that things I once thought was healthy is not ! Be careful of health food traps box health food or canned soups ... Read more

  • Tired of the stuggle

    7/28/2016 4:09:11 PM, by IFOUNDHAPPINESS

    Every time I feel like I am on top of the struggle, my inner fat girl takes over. The scale is up three pounds. I can't blame anyone but myself... Read more

  • 7-28-16

    7/28/2016 1:01:36 PM, by PTREINER

    Starting somewhere. Have walked consistently every day this week, 30 min minimum. Substituting foods rather than eliminating. Ex: yogurt with gra... Read more

  • Testing 1,2,3, Testing

    7/28/2016 12:29:44 PM, by KENTUCKYWOMAN54

    I have been thinking about this for awhile now and so I am putting out a few feelers sort to speak. If you don't know me well, you may not know t... Read more

  • Day 8 - Week 2 Begins

    7/28/2016 12:20:10 PM, by SOILEDPLANTS

    I made a nice BIG salad last night of arugula, oil & balsamic, pear slices, parmesan and pecans. It was filling enough for dinner. I had a slice ... Read more

  • Setbacks

    7/28/2016 10:51:54 AM, by BABYBLUE01

    I have been trying and most days actually eating healthy, but I got on the scale this morning and found I had gained 3 pounds. I know water weig... Read more

  • SPOILER...Peace

    7/28/2016 9:36:25 AM, by JLAMING263

    M. Russell Ballard PeaceŚreal peace, whole-souled to the very core of your beingŚcomes only in and through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.... Read more

  • Had a meltdown...too tired to function

    7/28/2016 8:28:56 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    It's too much...Mum, trying to get the school ready, trying to get all the exercise in. I just started crying last evening, I'm too tired to func... Read more

  • Wednesday Workout

    7/28/2016 8:28:25 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Bench Press;1-Rep Max raised from 165 to 170 making 90% workout weight to be 158 Lbs. Performed 10x35, 5x65, 5x80, 5x95, 5x105-66.5%, 5x125-... Read more

  • Tracking...

    7/28/2016 8:24:43 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Been good tracking the past few days. Hope I can keep going this time. My biggest downfall is the weekends and it's coming. Look out Saturday and... Read more

  • new change

    7/28/2016 7:09:00 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so I am contemplating doing a low carb change I have been following a WW plan and I'm doing ok on it I am losing but a few of my friends have bee... Read more

  • Ok now the doors are

    7/28/2016 6:32:26 AM, by HAN130155

    Finally sanded as required. Let's concentrate on Nan From today I AM going to try to get the cals right. Stress of never ending job done ... Read more

  • My Summertime Boot Camp

    7/28/2016 5:38:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    This summer I have decided to make my health a priority. I have created my own boot camp workout program.. Here is what my program looks like: ... Read more

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