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  • Our 24th Anniversary!

    10/29/2014 9:55:04 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Above is 2004m when I weighed 460, but still, a proud hubby on my arm. The n... Read more

  • I Finally Weigh Less Than HALF My Original Body Weight Again

    10/28/2014 11:50:40 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I was stuck on an up and down plateau for the longest time, but it finally broke and I hit 227 today! My original weight was 460 and my lowest w... Read more

  • Sunday Blues

    10/26/2014 3:28:25 PM, by STLSUE01

    I'm crashed. I'm tired of being everybody's Pollyanna (or Annie, as my friend Pat in Paducah calls me). Sometimes optimism demands a high pr... Read more

  • Sunny Saturday

    10/25/2014 8:29:14 AM, by STLSUE01

    Our washing machine hasn't worked right since August, and I've been gettin... Read more

  • 10/24/2014

    10/24/2014 8:52:38 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well I have set up my routine to begin in earnest for job hunting next week. Margaret returns to work on Monday and is doing fantasticly well. ... Read more

  • It's Been a Good Week

    10/24/2014 1:55:22 PM, by STLSUE01

    Overall, it's been a good week. I'm starting to become interested in photography again, which I have missed. My problem has been that my hip... Read more

  • PAWSE (Belated x2)

    10/23/2014 9:42:21 PM, by 13UST_IT

    This challenge has been... well, challenging. Instead of being a positive stress, at times I have felt overwhelmed by all it involves. Perha... Read more

  • Still Taking Small Steps

    10/23/2014 9:52:06 AM, by STLSUE01

    Blog day 17 I gotta. I gotta take the small steps. Last night, my friend Britt and I had dinner at a new barbecue place on the Del... Read more

  • I Have Experience in Wednesdays

    10/22/2014 9:53:22 AM, by STLSUE01

    So yesterday, my micromanaging home office made sure we were all prepped by making sure we got copies of the "Crisis Response Guide." The bottom ... Read more

  • 10/21/14

    10/21/2014 9:58:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, I have accepted the reality of my situation,, and will begin my new job search. I refuse to fall into depression eating. I won't sabotage... Read more

  • Slow Stepping

    10/21/2014 9:48:57 AM, by STLSUE01

    Day 15 Today I want to crawl back into bed, even though I'm at work. I feel like I have some big decisions ahead of me, and I don't wan... Read more

  • Mondays are Always Challenging

    10/20/2014 1:46:05 PM, by STLSUE01

    My company likes to micromanage, but since they're based in Colorado, it's distance-micromanaging. They like to demand reports from my boss that ... Read more

  • The Baker's Dozen

    10/19/2014 1:23:08 PM, by STLSUE01

    Meaning today is the 13th straight day I've blogged to check in. Three we... Read more

  • Saturday the 12th

    10/18/2014 8:37:08 PM, by STLSUE01

    Checking in. Drove to Metropolis, IL., and ate within my goals ( brilliant idea that). Took a bag of sliced apples to munch on. Also finding out... Read more

  • Welcome to Friday (11 days)

    10/17/2014 8:10:59 PM, by STLSUE01

    Crazy day but didn't want to lose the momentum. ... Read more

  • 10/17/14

    10/17/2014 1:19:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well just when you think things can't get worse, I got called in my boss's office yesterday and was told that my Department was streamlining and ... Read more

  • 10 days already??

    10/16/2014 9:42:09 AM, by STLSUE01

    Today is ten consecutive days that I have written a little bit of blog to be accountable for my daily actions. Today is 8 pounds down this month,... Read more

  • Just for Today, Day 9

    10/15/2014 9:59:55 AM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will breathe. I strained my left wrist lifting a tenant's file yesterday afternoon. Grrrr. Another was nagg... Read more

  • 10/14/14

    10/14/2014 3:22:55 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy I don't know where the weeks are going. Autumn has arrived like a bear where I live as we have had 4 days solid of rain, rain and more rain.... Read more

  • Just For Today - Accountability Day 8

    10/14/2014 9:50:29 AM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will try to stay focused - I will try to remember to breathe - I wil drink my water. Today when I stopped at th... Read more

  • Seven days - Hello accountability

    10/13/2014 10:04:09 AM, by STLSUE01

    I'm tired. It was more weekend than I expected, and while fun in many ways, it leaves me emotionally free floating. I went to San Fran... Read more

  • I Fit in a Costume and Went to a Party for the First Time @ Halloween!

    10/12/2014 7:14:44 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I was actually able to shop and put together a costume. Most of even the plus sizes still didn't fit right or look good on me... short and stil... Read more

  • Just for Today, 6th day, 10/12/14

    10/12/2014 7:08:23 PM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will keep my heart full of hope and love. I am sitting at San Francisco Airport waiting for my flight back to St. Loui... Read more

  • Just for Today, 5th day, 10/11/14

    10/11/2014 9:18:47 PM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I am continuing my checking in - I am grateful for the wonders of redwood trees and oceans and every thing in between.... Read more

  • Just for Today, 4th day, 10/10/14

    10/10/2014 3:48:35 PM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will be grateful for living in a complex world, and having the ability to make choices - I will allow myself reasonable f... Read more

  • PAWSE (belated)

    10/9/2014 11:48:41 PM, by 13UST_IT

    The past week was bad. I mean that because I was out of town for 4 days with little control over my schedule and food options, but also because e... Read more

  • Just For Today, Day 3, 10/9

    10/9/2014 1:13:59 PM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will lay out what I plan to eat today at work throughout the day - I will drink the three bottles of water I have in my d... Read more

  • 10/8/14

    10/8/2014 4:45:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well my 7 month sugiversary passed and I forgot about it. I guess since my weight loss has stagnated, I am not so gung ho. I am working on this... Read more

  • Just for Today 10/8

    10/8/2014 9:58:01 AM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will lay out what I plan to eat at work throughout the day - I will drink the three bottles of water stashed in my desk ... Read more

  • San Francisco

    10/7/2014 10:28:53 AM, by LAURELSPARK

    We loved San Francisco! I have not been there since I was a kid and it was fun to be back. We did not rent a car so we walked. Our farthest wa... Read more

  • Just for Today

    10/7/2014 9:53:06 AM, by STLSUE01

    Just for today: - I will lay out what I plan to eat at work throughout the day - I will drink the three bottles of water stashed in... Read more

  • Love Red October

    10/6/2014 7:33:17 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    As a Cardinal fan, the end of the season and the post season games have been fun for me. I was in Chicago the end of September for 2 games, but t... Read more

  • 10/2/14

    10/3/2014 3:36:46 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, another week is gone. How did I do this week? Exercise wise, I did good. Pushed through even though some days, my heart wasn't in it. ... Read more

  • stepping back into the world

    10/2/2014 1:41:49 PM, by STLSUE01

    It's lunchtime. This morning I stepped onto the scale for the first time since April and discovered that I'm over ten pounds heavier than I... Read more

  • Good news for Buster!

    10/2/2014 1:38:51 PM, by LESLIE_2B_LESS

    We got good news - the biopsy they took from Buster does not show that the cancer has spread! We are sooooooo glad! ... Read more

  • PAWSE Week 3

    10/2/2014 1:32:07 AM, by 13UST_IT

    The past week has been a struggle. I was under an immense amount of stress trying to write an extensive paper for my most difficult class, while ... Read more

  • Oktoberfest

    9/28/2014 2:49:07 PM, by LAURELSPARK

    Yesterday we rode 8 miles up the Katy Trail to the Oktoberfest . He had a few beers and some great German food. What a great morning! Read more

  • 9/26/14

    9/26/2014 2:08:30 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy I don't know where the week has gone. I have been super busy again this week, and at work this week our boss has created a candy trough in o... Read more


    9/24/2014 9:01:55 PM, by 13UST_IT

    The first week of BLC was a success! I really found myself being motivated (and holding myself accountable) by the challenge. Tracking honestly r... Read more

  • BLC Goals

    9/22/2014 11:37:34 PM, by AQUAGIRL423

    My goals for the next 12 weeks in BLC are: 1: Establish a consistent workout routine 2. Get back to portioning my fods 3. Lose 12 lbs... Read more

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