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  • 20 days

    10/25/2016 7:29:49 AM, by VANILLAMAMA

    Hello dearest readers! I now have twenty days until surgery. Today is my presurgical class. I'm a little nervous to start the liquid stage of m... Read more

  • Class Workouts vs Solo Workouts

    10/22/2016 9:36:34 AM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    Just a few of my own thoughts, no studies are statistics here. Solo exercise can be working out at home, or in a gym doing your own thing. ... Read more

  • The YoYo Effect

    10/20/2016 9:07:30 AM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    All through my weight loss journey I have struggled with the yo yo effect and plateaus. I started strong and lost the first 15 lbs in 1 month, a... Read more

  • The flight of stairs

    10/17/2016 10:07:29 AM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    Every morning when I come in to work I take a flight of stairs to the second floor, this morning it occurred to me that the steps are fairly shal... Read more

  • Spark Goodies

    10/14/2016 10:25:34 AM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    So every now and then I like to reflect on parts of Spark People that inspire me, Spark Goodies is a small but significant benefit. Anyone can ... Read more

  • H pylori infection

    10/13/2016 8:04:19 AM, by VANILLAMAMA

    Wednesday I found out my EGD biopsy came back positive for H pylori. It causes stomach problems. I never thought I had a issue just cramps once i... Read more

  • Climbed a staircase while chatting with a United States Senator

    10/11/2016 12:16:11 AM, by AHTRAP

    Went to a election campaign event Monday night, held at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI, featuring a trio of US Senators, Debbie Sta... Read more

  • Gastric sleeve

    10/8/2016 10:11:00 AM, by VANILLAMAMA

    Good morning ladies and gents. I wanted to update you on my progress. As of Monday I decided to have a gastric sleeve done. My surgery date is se... Read more

  • 210.2

    10/2/2016 10:45:24 PM, by AHTRAP

    Been a few weeks since I've thrown a weight on here. I've actually seesawed a bit the last three weeks. The first of those weeks, starting a new ... Read more

  • Saying Goodbye

    10/1/2016 5:44:46 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    It seems that I have very bad luck when it comes to social media websites, especially Facebook. In the years that I have been on Facebook, I have... Read more

  • I hate paying the fat tax

    10/1/2016 1:42:40 PM, by AHTRAP

    You know, the one where you go to a fantastic concert, and you're thinking you'd like to buy a t-shirt, something you don't do too often at shows... Read more

  • Happy October!!!

    10/1/2016 11:29:56 AM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    I love the first day of the month. I get to start over and set new goals with a clean slate. I get to look back at the last month and see what ... Read more

  • Putting Myself Out There

    9/27/2016 10:09:38 AM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    I'm telling you, I want to be positive all the time. I want to feel good all the time. I know that my attitude is a choice and I have control of... Read more

  • Words

    9/22/2016 9:29:36 AM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    So the word of the day is.... Diet noun 1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. "a vegetarian die... Read more

  • Fall Challenge 2016

    9/11/2016 6:16:37 PM, by LIZMORGAN

    I'm doing this challenge because I don't want to wait until my new year resolution to get back on track. I've tried losing weight and getting int... Read more

  • Guidelines for my Life

    9/11/2016 4:38:17 PM, by GRAMMICHELLE

    So many people want to know how I have lost 44 lbs this year. What is the secret? What am I doing? I tell them I'm working hard, harder than an... Read more

  • 214.2, a jog in the wrong direction

    9/6/2016 2:56:50 AM, by AHTRAP

    Yeah, but I'm taking the weight after dinner (or I was, when I started scribbling this entry hours and hours ago), and stuff, and things have con... Read more

  • Yule

    9/4/2016 3:41:09 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    Yule is celebrated on the shortest day of the year, Midwinter Solstice, and it is also the darkest day of the year. Yule is a celebration of the ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Yesterday and Today

    9/1/2016 9:48:08 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    This video is yesterday and today combined into one video!... Read more

  • Samhain

    8/30/2016 9:09:47 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    Halloween. Sly does it. Tiptoe catspaws. Slide and creep. But why? What for? How? Who? When! Where did it all begin? 'You don't know, do yo... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    A Hard Decision

    8/29/2016 6:09:17 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    I had to make a hard decision on something and the video explains why.... Read more

  • What More?!

    8/22/2016 10:53:22 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    This past week has been up and down for me. I am finally over the nasty cold I had, but then around the beginning of last week I hurt my lower ba... Read more

  • 211.2

    8/20/2016 4:01:38 PM, by AHTRAP

    On the right track, anyway. Let's see if this positive trajectory survives the next few weeks. I'll be heading down to Atlanta just after Labor D... Read more

  • The Battle of the Cold

    8/16/2016 11:07:13 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    I guess I just can't catch a break when it comes to not feeling well.The past 3 days I have been in bed due to a cold. This is going to be a shor... Read more

  • I guess I carry my weight well...

    8/16/2016 7:55:03 AM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    I've even gained a few pounds because I'm not motivated when it's hot but when I went for my annual lady exam my doctor thought I was a good weig... Read more

  • Mabon

    8/13/2016 1:48:49 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox, is usually celebrated... Read more

  • The Avocado

    8/12/2016 5:06:32 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    Avocado, oh how I wish I could eat you at every meal, but you give me the worst upset stomach imaginable, to be honest. Luckily, for me, I am har... Read more

  • 214.6

    8/10/2016 11:52:51 PM, by AHTRAP

    Been a couple weeks, and there's a persistent first step loss. That's cool, I guess. Get to go back to the doctor's office tomorrow, a annual phy... Read more

  • Getting Back On Track

    8/9/2016 2:08:42 PM, by ATHENADRUID

    Since Memorial Day I haven't been working out or sticking to my protein intakes. This has caused me to gain weight. NOT what I wanted. I lost 6 p... Read more

  • Complete

    8/7/2016 4:23:44 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    My workout today; build a furniture. My own plan, siz... Read more

  • late night pudding

    7/31/2016 12:42:14 AM, by AHTRAP

    Oh, don't mind me, just calling myself out on a bit of dumbassery (let's see if that one gets past the spark censors!) that may well be reflected... Read more

  • 218

    7/27/2016 7:42:55 PM, by AHTRAP

    That's the new high score. On the scale, where you don't want new high scores. This is after the month in nebraska, and after a week traipsing ar... Read more

  • haven't been here in a month

    7/17/2016 9:22:39 PM, by AHTRAP

    previous times I didn't scribble a blog for a month, I'd visited in between times, sometimes even doing so often. But this time....I seriously ha... Read more

  • 7/17/16

    7/17/2016 3:26:25 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    I finally refinished the old bench we got from a relat... Read more

  • Sub

    7/16/2016 5:01:50 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    I planned on going to the Y today. Not going to happen. My husband is under the weather. I have been playing with the kids most of today to ... Read more

  • Hah!

    7/13/2016 10:02:42 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    Take that, storm! I rushed out after feeding the family dinner to beat the thunderstorm. Got stuck in traffic for 15 minutes due to a rally ... Read more

  • 7/13/2016

    7/13/2016 6:39:18 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    Severe thunderstorm in the forecast again tonight. Whee..... maybe I'll do Leslie Sanson's video instead. Not going to burn as much as swimming b... Read more

  • Losing weight

    7/10/2016 11:55:16 AM, by TEMOCK

    Trying hard to lose weight... Read more

  • T

    7/6/2016 7:44:11 AM, by MARKATSPARK

    O... Read more

  • G

    7/5/2016 8:49:57 AM, by MARKATSPARK

    G... Read more

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