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  • Semaine du 9 au 15 Mars 2015

    3/16/2015 9:53:15 AM, by ZEPHI8RINE

    Augmentation de poids: DE 143 à 143.5 lbs = 0.5 lb De 37% à 36% mg= Perte de 1% Marche: 2 X 1mille = 2 milles Weight train... Read more

  • Didn't Rock it Today

    3/15/2015 10:22:24 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I went to the gym this morning and did that very relaxing Yin Yoga where you stretch for 3 minutes holding a pose. Then I walked 2 miles... ... Read more

  • Cancer sucks!

    3/15/2015 8:59:55 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    Cancer does not discriminate. It does not care whether a person is female or male, the color of their skin, if they're young or old, rich or not... Read more

  • Get Outside

    3/15/2015 2:08:25 PM, by STRIVERONE

    I got this one from Christine Luff's Running & Jogging column on About.com and the way this season has been across the country, it struck a ch... Read more

  • "Pi Day"

    3/14/2015 10:58:27 PM, by 56ROSE

    My hubby & I decided that we needed to celebrate Pi today by eating pie. So, we went to Sherri's restaurant and each ordered the lunch trio which... Read more

  • Nice Day

    3/14/2015 8:37:14 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Busy day today. DD and I went to an annual event called "Woman's Expo". We have never gone before and DD wanted to see what it was like. I'm n... Read more

  • Happy Pi Day!

    3/14/2015 7:26:54 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    Yesterday, I went out with a girlfriend to watch 50 Shades. We went to a movie theater that is also a restaurant. It is pretty nice. I also go... Read more

  • 3.14.15 Pi Day = My Day!!

    3/14/2015 11:41:34 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Pi Day, my sister's 40th birthday and MY day to work on getting my life in order. Many issues in my life have been due to the fact that I'... Read more

  • Once Again....

    3/12/2015 9:05:16 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I am at the lowest weight recorded. I have been here several times this last 12 days but I just seem to not go any lower. But, I feel that thi... Read more

  • Virtual never felt so good.....

    3/12/2015 11:47:36 AM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I have synced my fitbit to catch up my virtual hike of the PCT. On day 3 there was this beautiful butterfly along the trail Read more

  • Finding Money

    3/11/2015 3:19:31 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Michigan has a 10 cent per bottle deposit on all carbonated drinks. I'm not too proud to pick up an empty I see on the side of the road. All th... Read more

  • Mother - Update and cautionary tale

    3/11/2015 12:04:43 PM, by PAG2809

    A day or two after I first wrote about my mom, my sister and I finally were able to go to Pennsylvania, where she lives. We thought we were going... Read more

  • Possibly my 1st Plateau...

    3/10/2015 8:06:15 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I did my best in miles last week and did not drop any weight. I was pretty good in my calories...other than going out last Friday. I have met m... Read more

  • My Favorite Meal

    3/10/2015 6:21:26 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    This is my favorite lunch. Three kinds of beans, lots of misc veggies all lay... Read more

  • Too Hot?

    3/9/2015 5:42:47 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Walked home from school today. 21,498 steps by the time I got inside my home. I had worn my winter coat since it was only in the low 30's when ... Read more

  • I have arrived - leg 3!!!!!

    3/9/2015 2:15:49 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    On May 1, 2014 I started a virtual walk. I left my home in Grand Rapids Michigan and set out to visit a friend who lives in Phoenix Arizona. I ... Read more

  • Semaine du 2 au 8 Mars 2015

    3/9/2015 10:49:44 AM, by ZEPHI8RINE

    Perte de poids: De 147lbs à 143 lbs= 4 lbs De 36% à 37% mg: Marche: 1.32 mille Weight training:3x20= 60 minutes Classical ... Read more

  • Slightly disappointed in myself yesterday

    3/9/2015 8:58:56 AM, by DEBORAH2180

    The day before, I did amazing at the gym. Yesterday, my legs were like noodles. I did yoga and walked 4 miles. Not too bad. I thought I would... Read more

  • Slow & Steady

    3/7/2015 9:54:29 PM, by 56ROSE

    Today was the official final weigh-in for the 5% Winter Challenge. I'm happy to report a loss of 4.2 lbs!! That averages out to 1/2 lb per week o... Read more

  • The End of a Streak

    3/7/2015 7:14:38 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    My streak of 616 days of logging in to Spark came to a stop yesterday. Yesterday I was tired. Bone tired. I overslept in the morning and did ... Read more

  • Beat My Mile Record

    3/7/2015 2:58:50 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I beat my mile record by 4 seconds! I am now at 13 minutes and 58 seconds. I really sprinted hard at the end! OMG that was awesome! ... Read more

  • It's me again!

    3/7/2015 8:51:21 AM, by MISTY919

    So I have been off the Spark grid for some time now... About 15 days ago I started back into the groove of working out again, I have two co-wor... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    A Helping hand.

    3/7/2015 4:53:15 AM, by STRIVERONE

    There are all kinds of reasons for interrupting a workout, but this one takes the cake. Less than a fifth of a mile into my run, I see a deer's h... Read more

  • Taking another Day off From the Gym

    3/6/2015 7:20:03 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I took yesterday off from the gym since I was actually a little sore from jogging 4 miles. Today, the upstairs track is closed due to a tr... Read more

  • Stuff you carry on this journey....

    3/6/2015 4:33:52 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    This journey can get rough at times. Sometimes I can visualize myself looking up this huge mountain feeling very small and intimidated. Other t... Read more

  • Spring Forward

    3/5/2015 5:14:22 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    For the last couple of days I have gotten up earlier than usual. My usual is 5AM so I can get in some exercise before heading off to work. But ... Read more

  • One month down...

    3/5/2015 8:07:19 AM, by RHAYS01

    ...and I'm surviving! And SPRING is right around the corner!... Read more

  • 8 Miles!

    3/4/2015 9:38:51 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I have finally broke the 7 miles! It always seems that I am done walking / jogging after 7 miles. That seems to be my limit. Today, I fina... Read more

  • 1 month old!

    3/4/2015 8:36:28 AM, by HUGHESBOYS4

    Mr. Isaac turned 1 month old on 3/2. That month just flew by. Unfortunately I think this month will fly by too and then I'll be back to work. Aft... Read more

  • Taking a Day of Rest....Sort of

    3/3/2015 9:40:04 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I decided to take a day of rest from the gym and let my body rest from all the torture I put it through at the gym. I walk and jog mega miles al... Read more

  • Embrace your surroundings!

    3/3/2015 6:01:28 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I live in Michigan. It is cold. People are heading south for warm weather getaways. Me, I headed north with a friend. It just seems so much ea... Read more

  • Bilan de Février

    3/3/2015 9:38:07 AM, by ZEPHI8RINE

    Février ne s'est pas passé comme je croyais. Mais Mars s'annonce beaucoup mieux.Je me donne 4 mois pour perdre 20 lbs,ce qui est parfaitement ... Read more

  • Felt Lazy but Did Amazing!

    3/2/2015 10:21:20 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I was just dragging at the gym today. I walked 2 miles to start me off. I wanted to jog but felt so lazy. I forced myself to jog a mile and I ... Read more

  • Oh No!

    3/2/2015 6:24:54 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    I have been very bad lately. Most of February I was not tracking my food intake and today I got on the scale and YIKES! I'm actually up 7 pound... Read more

  • February Stats

    3/1/2015 2:32:24 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    Thank goodness that February is gone! Hopefully the cold will follow! I think we broke the record set over a hundred years ago as the coldest m... Read more

  • March!!

    3/1/2015 1:11:32 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Wow, already on the 3rd month of 2015! Time flies! March is going to be an interesting month for me for several reasons: 1. My friend... Read more

  • The many faces of me

    2/28/2015 10:47:14 PM, by 56ROSE

    ... Read more

  • I'm Shrinking!

    2/28/2015 9:40:34 AM, by DEBORAH2180

    I was pleasantly surprised that I lost another half pound last night. I was tired but still made it to the gym to walk 3 mil... Read more

  • Made it to the Gym!

    2/26/2015 8:35:17 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I haven't worked out since Sunday... Other than doing a Tuesday's Pilates class. When I work out, I mean "working out"! I walked a warm up ... Read more

  • Oh the bad choices I made...

    2/25/2015 9:39:31 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    Yesterday evening, I stepped on the scale and lost another pound! I am now down 12 pounds! Yay!!! Today, I was doing very well...up until ... Read more

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