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  • Craft Projects

    5/16/2015 12:08:53 AM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    For some reason I like to work on 2-3 craft projects at at time. I guess that way I don't get bored with one, and put it away and not work on it... Read more

  • Updates.....

    5/15/2015 4:35:37 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Oh boy - so at the docs Wednesday she told me she didn't want to order any testing at this point - that there are numerous reasons for these type... Read more

  • 2 steps forward, 3 steps back?

    5/14/2015 9:37:22 AM, by ENERGY_MAMA

    So yesterday I logged all my calories and was confronted by the fact that I eat like a total pig! A couple of things happened in the past 2 ... Read more

  • Long enough

    5/13/2015 2:03:51 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Last night after work, I got home, ate a quick supper, walked 15 minutes on the treadmill, did a little strength training and feel onto the couch... Read more

  • A Slow Start

    5/12/2015 9:47:48 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I have been procrastinating but I finally went to the gym today! I did 3 miles of mix walking and jogging. ... Read more

  • Today's challenge.....

    5/12/2015 12:01:45 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I feel yucky. I have been feeling yucky for a few days now. My intestines and I are not working together! Without getting into the gross detai... Read more

  • Walking in the rain....

    5/12/2015 9:59:12 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    Had an interesting walk home yesterday. It was barely sprinkling when I headed home. It was hot, muggy, and I was glad I did not have a jacket ... Read more

  • Most Amazing Mother's Day Gift

    5/12/2015 9:02:43 AM, by ASOBFALLS

    The most amazing Mother's Day Gift: unexpected, unplanned, sweet. I was served communion wine by my son for the first time! It has alwa... Read more

  • Giving it a go

    5/11/2015 10:02:35 PM, by ENERGY_MAMA

    I am going to be putting my all into the next 20 days. I am going to do this as well as I know how, as accountably as I know how. I want to be co... Read more

  • Week 6 and I am

    5/10/2015 7:47:36 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    Tomorrow is ALWAYS another NEW day! I caught myself saying, "I went to the ... Read more

  • Starting Fresh Again

    5/9/2015 9:42:59 AM, by DEBORAH2180

    My chronic cough that lasted about 2 months is finally gone! It took 3 antibiotics to clear it up! The last antibiotics, the doctor said to not... Read more

  • Total Backslide

    5/8/2015 6:28:23 AM, by ENERGY_MAMA

    So I'm back up to nearly my starting weight. This is such a bummer, but I'm not going to let it defeat me. The difference 10 pounds makes at this... Read more

  • Gratitudes

    5/8/2015 1:54:03 AM, by RAENIEL

    I am grateful for The Boo, my wife, because of her unflagging love, support, encouragement and all around goofiness. She is my Why - why I keep o... Read more

  • When it Rains, It Pours!

    5/7/2015 2:13:48 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, I've been dealing with the flu bug for over a week now. It just seems to linger on & on. A few days ago, I noticed that my right ankle was sw... Read more

  • Ugh, I am ...... enough AND able...really, I AM!!!

    5/7/2015 1:43:52 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    Did I ever say I am obsessed about numbers? Seems natural that I would be drawn to a career that involved numbers. And then, there are those pe... Read more

  • Update 2015

    5/6/2015 3:21:49 PM, by JUSTJO66

    Geez, it's been a long time since I have made a blog entry. Sorry, is all I... Read more

  • MOM

    5/6/2015 6:45:42 AM, by MCCALI59

    Happy birthday in heaven to my Mom Helen Vena Love and miss you with + all my heart and soul. Love your daughter Marie ... Read more

  • Back Home, Back on Track

    5/6/2015 3:20:11 AM, by RAENIEL

    Finally home after a week in the hospital, dealing with tedious medical stuff that's even more boring to read about than to experience. 'Nuff sai... Read more

  • This is when it could unravel.......

    5/5/2015 4:23:42 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I got back from vacation Friday night. A week in Florida on Marco Island behind me. I was a bit worried about the week, however, I did AWESOME!... Read more

  • Exercise

    5/4/2015 8:11:05 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    I've done 700,000 steps for the past 2 months. The first time I did it was amazing. An unwritten goal for myself and I made it. Last month, sa... Read more

  • Yard Work

    5/4/2015 6:06:57 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    Spent most of the day mowing my front and back yards. Tomorrow I need to trim some tree branches, that make mowing difficult. ... Read more

  • May = STRESS!!!

    5/2/2015 9:59:23 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    We've arrived at May! Wow, where has the time gone? This is going to be one STRESSFUL month for me! Facing a June 1st deadline at work that it... Read more

  • Week 5 - and the challenge is in the 2nd half!

    5/2/2015 6:46:17 PM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    half-way through the challenge sees me holding my own. I had to up my cal... Read more

  • Sneak Attack

    5/2/2015 5:07:25 PM, by 56ROSE

    I've been sick with the flu this week. For the past several years (5?), I've been faithful about getting my flu shot with good results. Well, thi... Read more

  • What a Day

    5/2/2015 8:48:29 AM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    This was a long week for me. I normally work until 12:30 each day but this week I was there until the end of school, 2:30; doing end-of-year tes... Read more

  • Just won my first bet

    4/30/2015 3:51:09 PM, by ENERGY_MAMA

    So, one of the fitness apps I use is DietBet. If you win the bet, you at least get your money back, possibly more because you will split the lose... Read more

  • Another week in... :)

    4/28/2015 4:12:01 PM, by MAGICKSTORMKATT

    Week two... I have done a little less yoga as in not everyday but am still doing it! About every other day right now. But with all the animals I ... Read more

  • Home Sweet Home!

    4/28/2015 9:30:11 AM, by JANELMARIESTAR

    Made it back home about 9 pm last night. It was a good feeling to be home. I set my mind to waking up today and exercising and that is what I ha... Read more

  • Epic Scale Fail

    4/27/2015 7:19:44 PM, by RAENIEL

    I hopped on the scale this morning, not really expecting to see much change but more in the spirit of poking the angry cave bear with a pointy st... Read more

  • Busy, busy, busy

    4/27/2015 12:23:55 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    We are currently getting our house ready to be put back on the market for sale. It was for sale over the winter, but we discovered that no one r... Read more

  • A Goal I want to continue!!

    4/27/2015 8:19:45 AM, by JANELMARIESTAR

    I have started a new habit. I drink a full glass of water before I eat anything in the morning. It makes me feel like i am starting on the right... Read more

  • Food is Hard

    4/27/2015 5:59:12 AM, by RAENIEL

    I've been researching various diets that are supposed to help curb or even reverse type-2 diabetes. Lots of reputable sciencey folks are recommen... Read more

  • The frogs are singing and my heart is light!!

    4/26/2015 3:49:37 PM, by JANELMARIESTAR

    I went for my exercise of the day. I went on a walk in the country. I am always surprised at the frogs singing so loud. They must be having a l... Read more

  • I just had an amazing workout!

    4/26/2015 11:01:15 AM, by ENERGY_MAMA

    So, I am completely in love with this new app I'm using to accompany me on my walks on the treadmill: The Walk. I love love love this app! Oh yea... Read more

  • Self Awareness

    4/25/2015 8:59:32 PM, by 56ROSE

    Well, I didn't make it through Vegan Week, but, truthfully, I'm ok with that. I'm beginning to understand my nutritional needs better and that's ... Read more

  • It sure is a beautiful today!

    4/25/2015 12:49:37 PM, by JANELMARIESTAR

    Woke up early today and took a walk before 7. Still had to wear my winter coat, but the fresh air was invigorating. Each day I want to thank God... Read more

  • I Must Be Nuts

    4/24/2015 8:30:25 PM, by SQUIRRELMOMMA1

    I have a certain amount of steps I like to walk each day so I make my monthly goal. I've been increasing my goal for a few months and, honestly,... Read more

  • Snow fell down this week!

    4/24/2015 8:02:04 PM, by JANELMARIESTAR

    It snowed this week. Slowly I have been walking through this year. Walking being my main exercise. Been eating more fruit and vegetables. My big... Read more

  • Starting Over and other updates

    4/24/2015 3:59:25 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    I need to start over on my dieting and exercising. I'm doing great with just drinking one Pepsi a week (on Sundays). I've reall... Read more

  • This is a test.....

    4/24/2015 2:56:09 PM, by ONTHEPATH2

    I am going on vacation. I am stressed. The before vacation stuff, work, home, commitments..... is pushing me towards the edge. How to get it A... Read more

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