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  • Tuesday-Week 2 Recap

    4/26/2017 10:44:56 AM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    Wasn't feeling too hot so I stayed home yesterday. Once I was well enough, was able to put in 35 minutes of walking. Slowly but surely, it's beco... Read more

  • Monday - Week 2

    4/24/2017 11:27:51 PM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    ... Read more

  • Sunday-end of Week 1

    4/24/2017 2:45:55 AM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    Today was a great day. Actually ate a good, filling breakfast and went for a run. Well, I ran inside while watching Buffy but holy moly! After my... Read more

  • Saturday

    4/23/2017 4:50:26 AM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    So proud of yesterday. Went to the trails for a few h... Read more

  • Friday Reflection

    4/22/2017 7:27:12 AM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    Super happy with yesterday. Went to buy a new swimsuit and went swimming for a couple of hours. Woke up this morning with some soreness, but happ... Read more

  • Cauliflower power

    4/20/2017 11:46:08 PM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    Since I started tracking again, I realized a lot of my calories/fats/carbs were coming from my dinners. I really wanted to cut down on my carbs a... Read more

  • Healthy Eating and Mental Health

    4/19/2017 5:52:27 AM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    My anxiety and depression have skyrocketed (or plummeted, I guess) in the past few weeks. This itself makes regular tasks harder to deal with, an... Read more

  • Rough

    4/18/2017 9:38:01 PM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    It's been a rough few weeks..months. Definitely know I've been emotional eating and letting my mental health take over my physical health. But...... Read more

  • Let's Get Blogging

    3/21/2017 12:22:00 AM, by MA-BALLARATE

    Today I just reread the spark article about how weight-loss blogging can help you achieve your goals. So I thought long and hard about it, so now... Read more

  • I did what?

    2/14/2017 2:57:33 AM, by MA-BALLARATE

    Oh man, Sunday was nuts. Drove down to Sausalito with the boyfriend. We were trying to do this hike called Slacker's Hill, but the parking lot wa... Read more

  • A Surprising Fitness Partner

    2/9/2017 12:26:26 PM, by MA-BALLARATE

    I've always read that it can be very beneficial to have a fitness buddy, someone to work out with, to practice accountability with. In theory, I ... Read more

  • Another Year Another Stress Fracture

    1/21/2017 1:20:24 PM, by AASMAI

    Hey everyone! I've been having a lot of pain in my right foot for about a month and finally saw a podiatrist. And guess what ? I have a stre... Read more

  • How I Use My Bullet Journal for My Health!

    1/12/2017 8:47:00 PM, by MA-BALLARATE

    My new obsession is the Bullet Journal. It's seriously this amazing planning system that can incorporate basically anything you want. Now I love ... Read more

  • Welcome to 2017

    1/10/2017 9:45:57 PM, by MA-BALLARATE

    So, I didn't get there with my end of the year goal in 2016. I was hoping that between November and the New Year I'd be able to lose 8 lb. While ... Read more

  • Oooooh! Goal Weight #1

    12/22/2016 4:44:04 AM, by SPARKCASSANDRA

    So, well, I, um... Reached Goal Weight Number 1! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! (Ok Cassandra, calm down. Breathe). So this is the weight that I had reached and ... Read more

  • Breaking Out of Exercise Ruts!

    12/16/2016 7:48:45 AM, by SPARKCASSANDRA

    I am, 100%, the type of person who falls into ruts when trying to be healthy- specifically, exercise ruts. Don't get me wrong, I love exercise! B... Read more

  • Bring on the snowshoeing!

    12/12/2016 5:21:44 AM, by SPARKCASSANDRA

    I love summer, for the exercise especially! There is something so wonderful about jumping out of bed, running down to the nearest hiking trail an... Read more

  • Too Much! Triggering or motivating?

    12/11/2016 6:56:17 AM, by MADEMOISELLE124

    So I started out my journey at a very healthy weight 7-8 years ago. 135-140 pounds and 5'5. Perfect for an athlete. Well, then the reality of mid... Read more

  • Learning To Love Recovery

    12/9/2016 6:03:06 AM, by MADEMOISELLE124

    These past few years I have bounced around weight-wise under the diagnosis of Bulimia. I would either eat everything I could find (gosh, if you h... Read more

  • 1 Week and 7 Days

    12/2/2016 8:13:07 PM, by HEAVYMETALANGEL

    I have officially finished a week of changing my life! Just keeping going everybody, just take one day at a time. .... Read more

  • Day 5

    11/30/2016 9:36:43 AM, by HEAVYMETALANGEL

    I would like to thank everybody for the support this week so far. I now feel more comfortable at the gym. I would like to congratulate everybody ... Read more

  • Day 2

    11/27/2016 7:59:04 PM, by HEAVYMETALANGEL

    This day became harder. The feeling at the gym has not ended yet. I still felt like everyone was staring at me. The hardest thing for me today wa... Read more

  • Day 1

    11/26/2016 10:02:28 PM, by HEAVYMETALANGEL

    Day 1 is starting off great, but I need some motivation to keep this up. My biggest problem today was at the gym. I signed up for Gold's gym. I a... Read more

  • Weekend Reflection

    11/6/2016 8:37:22 PM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    This was our first weekend on the program together, so I did expect a few bumps. We went to the mall for early voting and our favorite burger joi... Read more

  • Day 3

    11/3/2016 10:23:01 PM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    Started the day off pretty good. Lately, me and Jon have both been keeping each other in check by making sure we log all our food and make better... Read more

  • Back to the Beginning

    11/1/2016 5:25:28 PM, by RAINEEDAYZE

    I've been away from here for around 2 years and though other aspects of my life have improved, my health unfortunately is not one of them. After ... Read more

  • Missing being fit

    10/19/2016 4:57:45 PM, by YOUCANDOIT225

    I am currently 225 5'3 my goal is to be 160 possibly ... Read more

  • First 5K

    7/18/2016 3:01:43 PM, by SYDSTARR

    Yesterday was my first time participating and completing a 5k walk. It was so awesome knowing that myself, my brothers, along with 5k other peopl... Read more

  • Started from the Bottom

    6/19/2016 9:16:46 AM, by SYDSTARR

    I hope this inspires others to keep moving and when y... Read more

  • Getting Somewhere

    5/24/2016 10:14:33 PM, by SYDSTARR

    I've been "stuck" on a plateau for about 2 months now.... Read more

  • Feeling Stuck

    4/25/2016 9:49:19 PM, by SYDSTARR

    I am trying my best not to get discouraged but I have been stuck on a plateau for over a month now. I have tried to keep up the positivity but I'... Read more

  • Accountibility

    3/28/2016 11:25:30 PM, by JAYDIQ04

    So I haven't been keeping up with my goals too much. This is an awful cycle.... Read more

  • 1/4 Of The Way To My Weight Loss Goal

    3/20/2016 11:19:18 AM, by SYDSTARR

    Super excited to say that I have made it to my 1/4 mark for my weight loss goal. It has not been an easy four months but every time I went off tr... Read more

  • #Goals

    3/15/2016 11:00:26 PM, by JAYDIQ04

    Hey! So today I sat down and wrote out some goals. Any questions or constructive criticism is totally welcomed! Anyway, here it goes. Long T... Read more

  • Starting Over

    3/15/2016 12:52:58 AM, by JAYDIQ04

    So basically I have totally been down this road before. I want this time to be different, maybe I'll actually listen to all the advice I've been ... Read more

  • snow

    1/25/2016 1:04:33 PM, by VEEGIRL10

    its so hard to stick to a diet when you're snowed in and have nothing to do.... Read more

  • Weekly Goals

    1/12/2016 2:30:09 PM, by AEROGIRL1594

    I think that I am going to start making weekly goals so that I have something to really work for. I plan to set a nutrition, fitness and self lov... Read more

  • One Step Closer

    1/10/2016 5:35:26 PM, by SYDSTARR

    I am convinced that working out saved …. is saving my life. In October I was dumped after 3 years and with no reason. This really had me down in... Read more

  • First Day Back...

    1/3/2016 8:57:09 PM, by AEROGIRL1594

    Today was my first day back when it comes to tracking calories. I hate tracking calories but I also hate what I look like. I have to do this. I a... Read more

  • Support

    12/14/2015 3:18:51 PM, by CAROLYNK8

    I am my own support system but my friend Shannon is a huge help too.... Read more

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