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  • Week 2 Of Working Out

    1/23/2015 11:57:40 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Well I have managed to work out now 3 days a week for 2 weeks. I so did NOT want to go this morning but I did. I was able to do the inch worm w... Read more

  • Pictures don't always tell the whole truth

    1/21/2015 9:53:14 PM, by LADYRINO

    I am looking at pictures of myself taken about a month apart- today there does not seem to be much of a difference. Here is today: Read more

  • time for a change

    1/21/2015 1:32:51 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    i turn 35 in a few days so that's where this is coming from. i've been reflecting a lot over the last few days and it hasn't been good. i'm in a ... Read more

  • Derailments are not the end of the line

    1/18/2015 10:10:53 PM, by LADYRINO

    The last 7 days or so have not been friendly to my goals of health. I have already lost my streak of purposed miles, water intake, and so many t... Read more

  • Friday workout done

    1/16/2015 1:43:50 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    I still can't do a burpee or a bear crawl but I keep trying. I hope that after a month or so I'll have enough upper body and core strength to do... Read more

  • 2nd Intense Workout done for the week

    1/14/2015 11:46:27 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Well my new workout buddy Jacquie and I met again at the club for our workout with our trainer Nichole. We were dying, breathing heavy and somet... Read more

  • derailed: why i call it a goal and not a resolution

    1/14/2015 3:37:49 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    shortly after the new year i ran into my first obstacle for my 2015 goals of losing weight and getting out of debt. dh's grandfather passed away ... Read more

  • Avocados, Passion and the Seattle Seahawks

    1/13/2015 9:32:30 AM, by ESASSE

    While my non scale victories add up, the scale is stuck. I'll be honest, I haven't been tracking my food because I have been eating very well an... Read more

  • Weigh in and body fat today

    1/12/2015 3:35:41 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    LOL. Whew! I had gained 10 pounds back after losing 20. I knew that alrea... Read more

  • New Year and New Goals

    1/12/2015 10:50:39 AM, by LEMONMOUSE

    I have three goals going forward. 1. Track and monitor what I eat every day - be aware of what I'm doing and no more mindless eating and sna... Read more

  • Non-Scale Victories

    1/12/2015 9:28:28 AM, by ESASSE

    Does anyone else want to take their scale and throw it out the window? Ever had the thought "This thing must be broken. Maybe I need to buy a ne... Read more

  • A few of my favorite things

    1/11/2015 11:39:33 AM, by ESASSE

    So it's easy to say what we hate about working out or the food/nutrition/diets/meals with getting healthy. For example, I HATE PUSH UPS!! I thi... Read more

  • The Positive

    1/10/2015 7:39:53 PM, by ESASSE

    So it's easy while going through this change to find things that are wrong with you. It's like that scene from Mean Girls where all the girls lo... Read more

  • The good, the bad, the ugly

    1/9/2015 9:28:59 AM, by ESASSE

    So I actually started on Dec. 29. I have lost 6 lbs in 12 days. I am pretty excited about this and plan to keep going. Yesterday was not my be... Read more

  • Let It Go.

    1/7/2015 2:11:55 PM, by ESASSE

    Ok so it could easily be said that I have a lot in common with Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen. I was afraid of what others thought of me. I w... Read more

  • Hello 2015!

    1/2/2015 10:03:59 AM, by JACQUE8119

    I'm not very good at this sparkpeople thing! I started back up in Sept 2014 and didn't spend much time on here after a few times. No specific rea... Read more

  • The power of the drop

    1/1/2015 3:18:38 PM, by LADYRINO

    I had planned to do 5K a day in 2015 and then realized that the change in my work schedule was not going to happen. My first thought was "well, ... Read more

  • 2015: finding my passion

    12/31/2014 2:31:13 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    the holidays are almost over. woo hoo! as much as i love this time of year, i just want to get started on the next chapter once christmas is over... Read more

  • No more magic wands and no more wishes.

    12/30/2014 1:57:18 AM, by LADYRINO

    I work from home and often have the TV on in the background to be a voice so I am not alone all day (it feels that way some days). The TV ads ha... Read more

  • In search of The Moderate

    12/28/2014 4:27:53 PM, by LADYRINO

    They say all things in moderation - I wish I could live that way. If food were in moderation I would not be this size. If I could exercise in m... Read more

  • Confessions and 5K

    12/25/2014 3:05:32 PM, by LADYRINO

    Confession - I suck at dieting and sticking with it. Duh - if I were good at it I would not be this size. I go through spurts where I a... Read more

  • Puppy update and etc

    12/22/2014 2:18:15 PM, by SPLASHDOG1

    So I don't really have any new pics of the puppy. ( I know, boooo hissss!) but that's only becuase she's kind of kickin' my butt! My aussies I ... Read more

  • where is my passion?

    12/11/2014 3:22:12 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    i was on instagram yesterday and came across a post about someone (@graciesjourney) being passionate about working out and losing weight. that hi... Read more

  • I need to be committed

    12/7/2014 9:12:23 AM, by EVRLNGFOO

    I feel like I'm climbing a hill and I just keep sliding backwards. I know what I need to do to lose weight but I just keep sabotaging myself. I f... Read more

  • december goals

    12/1/2014 5:02:10 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    november went ok, but i'm never going to survive the holiday's if i don't become more focused and stay on track. in december i'm going to f... Read more

  • The New Puppy is Here!!!!!

    12/1/2014 2:23:23 PM, by SPLASHDOG1

    She’s Finally Here!!!!! There’s a new puppy in the Splashdog house and her name is Violet Rose. And here she is….. Read more

  • Winter

    11/18/2014 5:24:54 PM, by JEANNE229

    It is cold. That is all.... Read more

  • i effing want this!

    11/11/2014 3:49:11 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    i can do this i have the ability to do this i have the willpower to make good choices i don't need soda i don't need junk foo... Read more

  • a couple a-ha moments

    11/10/2014 1:45:41 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    realized a couple things last week: 1. i use the coaching thing on the spark ap and read the tip every morning. last week there was one abou... Read more

  • TGIF

    11/7/2014 12:44:47 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Well I signed up the whole family for my first Fleet Feet Winter Warrior run. It's the day after Thanksgiving and since all the kids will be her... Read more

  • november quest: onederland

    11/3/2014 1:21:50 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    i'm so sick of weighing 210. i've been here for months, give or take a pound or two, but i can't get below 210. i'm stressing myself out over it,... Read more

  • November Goals

    11/2/2014 2:51:30 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Goals to Meet: Lift weights 3 times a week Get in 1440+ minutes of fitness in for the month Lose 10 lbs (this means strict management of... Read more

  • Monday Night Football and Start of New Week

    10/27/2014 10:07:04 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Watching the game but it's half-time now so taking a SP break. I am over my calories today by 162. I went a little overboard on my cookie s... Read more

  • Bored and wanting to eat.

    10/26/2014 11:41:48 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    So dinner was a total disappointment. Went to Costco this afternoon and bought a 2 pack calzone in the deli area. I ate half of what was the du... Read more

  • Fall Is Here!

    10/26/2014 5:23:19 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    It was pretty nice out today but boy was the wind blowing! It is nippy out now and I can truly tell fall is in the air. Went for an 88 min ... Read more

  • Saturday Fun Workout Day

    10/25/2014 4:33:07 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Started the day by going to the gym and doing 30 min on the elliptical and then did lower body weight workout along with curls. Came home and my... Read more

  • Blah

    10/25/2014 2:10:37 AM, by HELLOXSUNSHINE

    I have no idea what I am about anymore, who am I? I hate when someone asks, so tell me about yourself? Umm.. Im a singular person who d... Read more

  • TGIF I'm a Fleet Feet Winter Warrior

    10/25/2014 12:39:07 AM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Had a good day today - did't rain so got to go outside and workout. A few days ago I signed up for the Fleet Feet Winter Warriors Group. ... Read more

  • Over today in calories

    10/23/2014 9:34:05 PM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Had a great visit with my son and did pretty well at the hotel breakfast. It all went out the door with dinner though. Tonight was "famil... Read more

  • 20 lbs Gone

    10/22/2014 11:12:47 AM, by LEMONMOUSE

    Yes indeedy and I am so happy. Keeps me motivated knowing I'm doing it right and being successful. My goal of 900 exercise minutes has been... Read more

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