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overwhelmed (an a-ha moment)
7/23/2014 4:18:13 PM,  10 COMMENTS

last weekend was supposed to be wonderful. it was the first weekend in i don't even know how long i didn't have anything planned. so i planned on gett...  Read more


where did my willpower and motivation go?
7/18/2014 2:02:33 PM,  9 COMMENTS

i'm struggling, floundering, being lazy...whatever you want to call it, it's my current life. in 16 weeks i lost 25 pounds. 31 days ago (accordi...  Read more


Half way
7/13/2014 4:15:37 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm Celebrating I've made it halfway through my Virtual Trip to Lincoln City OR from Spokane WA. I'm so excited. Distance between from Lincoln...  Read more


What did I do wrong?
7/7/2014 2:30:17 PM,  1 COMMENTS

OK, so I gained 2 lbs last week. How did I manage to do that?!?!? I set myself some mini goals for last week that I thought would help jump star...  Read more


time to get it done! summer challenge day 13
7/2/2014 3:54:02 PM,  2 COMMENTS

one of my goals for my summer challenge is to get into a workout routine and exercise on a regular basis. saturday i got up and put jillian in the dvd...  Read more


After a rough month...
6/30/2014 12:10:11 PM,  2 COMMENTS

June has been a rough month for me. Lots of personal stuff going on and I clearly have not handled it well at all.... I have gained about 5-8 lbs thi...  Read more


Reflecting on a saying....
6/26/2014 2:35:10 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I saw this post on a friend’s Facebook wall stating they “Want this sweatshirt”. This sweatshirt has hit a nerve with me so much I can’t stop thinkin...  Read more


taking my life back. summer challenge day 6
6/25/2014 2:56:18 PM,  6 COMMENTS

i went golfing this weekend. i haven't been golfing in over 2 years, since before dd was born. i have avoided it because, you know, it's expensive and...  Read more


summer challege day 4
6/23/2014 2:31:02 PM,  4 COMMENTS

so far so good, though it could be better. this was a tough weekend. golf tournament saturday morning, graduation party that night. lots of family, fo...  Read more


summer challenge day 1
6/20/2014 2:55:08 PM,  3 COMMENTS

i love reading member's blogs that are numbered. it's so movtivating to see a streak and how long it's been going, whatever it may be for. i decided t...  Read more


it's too hard
6/19/2014 1:23:55 PM,  4 COMMENTS

yup, i said those exact words to myself saturday night. luckily, i quickly realized what i said and told myself, no you're not trying hard enough. ...  Read more


June 2014
6/17/2014 8:53:57 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm at an all time high - over 260 lbs. I now have over 100 lbs to lose. I feel terrible. It didn't really hit me until I saw the pictures from thi...  Read more


NSV: my underwear keeps falling down
6/16/2014 2:09:23 PM,  7 COMMENTS

i suppose it's time to go clothes shopping. for bottoms anyway, my top clothes just don't want to get any bigger. i was at a community garage sal...  Read more


Spark meter Lost
6/16/2014 7:34:28 AM,  2 COMMENTS

My Spark meter fell off my shoe at some point and now it is like I've lost my constant silent companion and not only do I feel naked without it, but I...  Read more


flat belly june challenge
6/2/2014 3:24:49 PM,  9 COMMENTS

i realize it's june 2nd and i'm deciding to do this, but what the hey! it'll be fun! it'll keep my focused. i looked at my calendar this morning, i ne...  Read more


june goals
5/30/2014 2:44:14 PM,  8 COMMENTS

1. no soda 2. stay on plan looks so easy when it's spelled out like that. here goes!...  Read more


Day 1
5/25/2014 8:32:52 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Here's the idea. For the next 10 days, I will give myself a health "spa:" 1) Walk a total of 4 miles, or equivalent exercise (gardening and hou...  Read more


an eye-opening week
5/23/2014 2:00:33 PM,  8 COMMENTS

i weigh in tomorrow morning. i know there will be a gain. but i'm ok with that. well, as ok as a person can be. i'm ok with it because it is a learnin...  Read more


5/23/2014 10:30:34 AM,  2 COMMENTS

You know it's summertime when you glance at your exercise tracker and realize a huge chunk of your exercise minutes are coming from! ...  Read more


Remain calm and carry on
5/21/2014 6:26:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am really tired of the couch time depression. I spend a lot of time watching tv and playing on facebook. Well it is time for a change. Get off my...  Read more


Every Day's a New Day
5/19/2014 5:12:01 PM,  1 COMMENTS

When I don't restrain my eating, I gain. I used to enjoy being active but now I'm mostly sedentary and easily winded. I'm 53, usually feel sleepy a...  Read more


5 years of sparking
5/19/2014 3:58:17 PM,  5 COMMENTS

i passed my 5 year sparkversary last monday. i meant to do this blog earlier, but things got busy and i was out of town and the whole family is sick....  Read more


Goal Board Check-In
5/19/2014 2:31:50 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I realized today that I haven't been doing any of the things I said I would per my 'Goal Board'. I sat and watched all the positive, uplifting things...  Read more


six miles
5/16/2014 10:52:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

i am working on try to get up to six miles a day . so far I am at 2.50 I know I can. ...  Read more


Food Frustrations
5/15/2014 12:30:03 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm getting so frustrated with my diseases and food restrictions 46 It's a big constant circle.... Lots of the things I need to eat for my K...  Read more


5/14/2014 11:14:20 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I was able to spend time with two of my granddaughter.this week.I never thoughtI would do that . my car had the cheak engine light on and it went had...  Read more


Pushing past the pain
5/9/2014 12:25:10 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday, while mowing the lawn, I had a realization: My body can do what my brain tells it to do. Now granted, I have always known this... but some...  Read more


whole foods saved my life
5/8/2014 2:24:23 PM,  4 COMMENTS

yesterday i wrote a blog about whole foods ruining my life. obviously (i hope) in jest. since i wrote it i have been thinking about how different my l...  Read more


whole foods ruined my life! (and an NSV)
5/7/2014 1:50:00 PM,  5 COMMENTS

ugh, someone put me out of my misery! there was a time not so long ago when i would eat processed foods without even thinking about it. hot pocke...  Read more


no way, may day 1
5/2/2014 12:22:17 PM,  5 COMMENTS

had a great day yesterday. i focused on my goals. i did not get up at 4 to work up. i had a bit too much fun the night before. date night with the hub...  Read more


Moving on
5/1/2014 12:50:35 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I made a renewed effort to take care of my health a few weeks ago. First, I needed to face an emotional hurdle in my marriage. An unmet emotional ne...  Read more


april was not good, lesson learned.
4/30/2014 12:45:26 PM,  3 COMMENTS

march. march was amazing! i ate well. i exercised regularly. i didn't drink. ah, to be in march again. april was not great. i ate well, but not...  Read more


may goals
4/28/2014 2:22:30 PM,  4 COMMENTS

well, april didn't go as well as i'd hoped. i lost quite a bit of weight in march, but april averaged about 1 lb a week. lots of reasons for this: rai...  Read more


goodbye, alcohol: a farewell letter to a friend
4/23/2014 1:10:06 PM,  11 COMMENTS

i recently read a blog here about writing a goodbye letter to alcohol. i researched this further and found it's something alcoholics, or people with a...  Read more


1 pound away from my first milestone
4/21/2014 3:36:25 PM,  12 COMMENTS

i have some key weights i'm aiming for. kind of like milestones on the way to my final goal weight. one of them is 224. random yes, yet not so random...  Read more


What if?
4/18/2014 2:53:42 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I've had many false starts at getting healthier in the past year. There are many good things happening in my life, but I'm discouraged and depressed...  Read more


downward spiral
4/17/2014 11:59:05 AM,  6 COMMENTS

i'm out of control! i have to stop this now! whiskey showed up last night. i was going to have 2 drinks. turned into many more than that. now i'...  Read more


One of THOSE days!
4/16/2014 7:58:15 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I need to have a little venting session because this day has just been the most craptastic day I’ve had in quite some time!! So here’s the sitch…. ...  Read more


Gained not lost
4/16/2014 12:12:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Well, after the first full week of trying to make an actual effort.... I gained 4 lbs. I don't really know how I feel about that. ~I know I did...  Read more


self-sabotage, please go jump off a cliff
4/16/2014 12:01:18 PM,  7 COMMENTS

gah! where did it come from? i was doing so well, i was going along, feeling great, minding my own business. then bam! self sabotage reared it's ugly...  Read more


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