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  • That time of the month.

    2/15/2017 8:30:04 PM, by VKAHN7

    So for me it is that time of the month. So I haven't been feeling 100% since before noon. I was cold, and now I'm hot. Also the cramps have start... Read more

  • Another meal plan done

    2/10/2017 10:01:02 PM, by VKAHN7

    So I have finished another meal plan. I am hoping that I can get the hang of this so it doesn't take me half the day. I am having better luck ma... Read more

  • Pizza anyone??

    2/9/2017 3:49:42 PM, by VKAHN7

    So today is national pizza day! YEAH!! I LOVE Pizza. Since I am trying to reduce the amount of carbs and sugar in my diet, eating pizza is not th... Read more

  • I think someone is trying to make me fail!

    2/7/2017 8:01:50 PM, by VKAHN7

    So the other day my mom cooked some bread sticks. I was in my room so I lite a candle so I wouldn't smell them. Today she decided to cook some bi... Read more


    2/5/2017 11:46:17 PM, by VKAHN7

    So today my mom decided to bake some bread sticks. Now I had found a recipe a while ago for Little Ceaser's Bread sticks. Now if there is one typ... Read more

  • Sunday Breakfast

    2/5/2017 3:37:59 PM, by MISS_STELLA1

    I did something this morning that I almost NEVER do! I went out to a fast food place for Sunday breakfast. My friend invited me to join her fo... Read more

  • I think I need to ...

    2/3/2017 6:19:39 PM, by VKAHN7

    So my dad ordered a small pizza last night. I had no issues with it, I had no issues with it since I had made my chicken "noodle" soup that is so... Read more

  • Newest 21 Day Challenge - Take Back Your Temple 2017

    1/24/2017 2:32:44 PM, by KCOXHGP

    Belen, my daughter-in-love and I are doing the 21 day challenge together, TakeBackYourTemple.com You chose one of three goals for the 21 days. W... Read more

  • How do I do this?

    12/30/2016 3:44:58 PM, by MEMIGEN85

    Why is it so much easier to be complacent and gain weight, than to commit to myself and lose weight? Why do I dislike myself to such an extent? W... Read more

  • End of 2016 Review

    12/27/2016 12:46:09 PM, by MARRKR

    Looking over the past year, I have accomplished a few things. I have been much better at reading and studying my scriptures. I have been managing... Read more

  • Me to Past & Present me

    12/17/2016 12:41:58 PM, by LLCARTY

    I am so very proud of you for the way you took charge and changed your life. It has been almost a year now and you have barely and rarely deviat... Read more

  • Season's Warmth

    12/11/2016 10:30:53 PM, by JEANNE229

    May each evening be full of light, happiness and love during this Christmas season.... Read more

  • 5 Positive Choices per day

    11/21/2016 2:32:40 PM, by MEMIGEN85

    I would love to do a 100 days series thing. Record a video per day, track my progress, etc. I think I may finally try it. For now I am going to t... Read more

  • workout fuel

    11/17/2016 12:09:43 PM, by LLCARTY

    As a morning exerciser, I frequently workout before breakfast. When that is my plan for the next day, I have a 100-200 calorie snack a couple of... Read more

  • What i can do now

    11/7/2016 11:13:49 AM, by LLCARTY

    As I was working out I was thinking about how much more fit I am now. Friday I did 30 min of interval training and a total of 50 min on the stai... Read more

  • Intuitive eating challenge

    10/7/2016 2:23:10 PM, by LLCARTY

    I've been tracking my food and exercise daily since January. It has just become part of my day. I usually select what I want to eat and then meas... Read more

  • Week 3

    9/4/2016 2:12:50 PM, by NALLEAH

    Lost 2 pounds this past week. Happy that i lost any weight at all this week. My whole schedule has changed due to my work so my eating routine re... Read more

  • My second week.

    8/29/2016 1:44:36 PM, by NALLEAH

    Week 2: run harder, drink more water, eat more vegetables, these are my goals. But more importantly I will try to love me for who I am right now.... Read more

  • Asian Salad

    8/22/2016 11:01:32 PM, by HOTRUM

    What you'll need: Asian Salad Mix 3/4 Small Box of Ba... Read more

  • Final weight loss goal

    8/20/2016 5:07:36 AM, by NALLEAH

    My goal is 170, 50 pounds away. I can do this, i need to do this for my husband, for my baby girl, for my children that are yet to come, but most... Read more

  • Today

    8/18/2016 9:47:39 PM, by SUSIEMAE

    Today was a pretty good day. The wisdom teeth extraction only took one and a half hours. Dr. Had to take bottom one out in four sections. Took fo... Read more

  • What to do

    8/17/2016 8:03:39 PM, by SUSIEMAE

    I am so frustrated with my body and the way it acts. I wish my legs would just work. Trying to get off my lift chair is so difficult. My legs don... Read more

  • im very bored

    8/16/2016 7:53:37 PM, by HOTRUM

    Im trying to get points because its motivation... Read more

  • Spinach Fruit Salad

    8/16/2016 7:53:07 PM, by HOTRUM

    Spinach. Raspberries, Blue Berries, Strawberries, and... Read more

  • Fitbit

    8/16/2016 7:50:26 PM, by HOTRUM

    I've tried fitbit and low cal and low carb diets and they have only worked for a while!! im going to so it this time!!... Read more

  • Only 8 weeks until Hawaii

    8/15/2016 1:37:46 PM, by DETRMND2LOSE

    I just realized there is only roughly 8 weeks until we are in Hawaii!! Where did the time go?!?! I really need to get going on my efforts of be... Read more

  • I am looking for a app or activity tracker

    8/15/2016 12:33:36 PM, by RLTEATER

    I am looking for a app or activity tracker that will help me distinguish run or jog or walk or riding the bike kind of like moves moves does not ... Read more

  • My recovery sucks

    8/14/2016 11:03:46 AM, by RLTEATER

    I have been doing 5 Mile jog walk for every while I have been trying to jog at least one lap around and my recovery time is really messing up my ... Read more

  • Yes!

    8/12/2016 11:51:18 AM, by DETRMND2LOSE

    ... Read more

  • So sad in heart

    8/8/2016 6:44:52 PM, by SUSIEMAE

    Today is such a rough day. Started my morning out by having to put my 15 year old pit bull down. Kita was such a sweet dog. My heart is crushed. ... Read more

  • I fit activity tracker

    8/8/2016 12:18:40 PM, by RLTEATER

    I have been thinking about getting one but I am not sure for the price if it will be what I want can you tell me if you are satisfied or dissatis... Read more

  • What's wrong with me

    7/26/2016 10:36:39 AM, by SNOWANGEL99217

    I been looking at myself and asking my self why eat and just to feel guilty. I want to be smaller. I have this huge andomin. I am on oxygen 24/7.... Read more

  • What is better

    7/23/2016 7:23:10 PM, by RLTEATER

    What is better is walking hiking jogging or running yes I know everyone has their own preference I like to hike climb Hills go down Hills it is f... Read more

  • What a great afternoon! :)

    7/17/2016 11:43:52 PM, by MEMIGEN85

    The kids and I spent over two hours at the local park... Read more

  • Pokemon Go!

    7/13/2016 6:30:06 PM, by MEMIGEN85

    Oh yes. I have joined the millions of users who play Pokémon Go! :) I love it. I grew up with Pokémon. I played it on the GameBoy, with cards, et... Read more

  • It finally moved

    7/12/2016 10:43:17 AM, by DETRMND2LOSE

    The scale finally moved this morning!! Whooohoooo!!! It went from the bathroom to the closest ..... hehehehe.... just kidding ... Read more

  • Stress is a four letter word

    7/11/2016 11:01:54 AM, by DETRMND2LOSE

    Stress, stress, stress, stress.... it's putting a huge damper on my weight loss and overall well being. It is sucking all of my energy and makin... Read more

  • Spare tire, belly fat

    7/11/2016 9:34:49 AM, by RLTEATER

    What is the best way to get rid of a spare tire and belly fat any ideas... Read more

  • First one

    7/10/2016 11:05:36 AM, by LILLIE_ANNA

    I started this app yesterday, I'm still trying to figure out what all it does. I feel like this will be a great jump into the school year and I c... Read more

  • Breathing

    7/8/2016 5:15:12 PM, by RLTEATER

    Does anyone have ideas on how to breathe during jogging, I have always had problems breathing and causes me to not be able to jog very much... Read more

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