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  • happy??? mothers day

    5/11/2014 1:19:59 PM, by ANEENZZ

    so, as i was getting ready to do dishes today, thinking to myself how i'm supposed to be eating (physical therapy diet program), how my family (m... Read more

  • Aspiring to be overweight

    5/7/2014 12:37:19 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    I'm one of those Americans who have become obese. There I admitted it! But I'm working my way down. (Get the pun? weigh and way) So I'm aspiri... Read more

  • Food bingeing

    5/4/2014 5:39:28 PM, by COLALUSI

    It happens, starts usually as a reward or by telling myself this is the last time I'll have this so why not go ahead and eat this. some ways th... Read more

  • Motivation

    5/2/2014 8:03:36 PM, by COLALUSI

    Is a state of mind!... Read more

  • The power of water

    4/29/2014 11:07:03 PM, by KTLASERS

    I've been drinking at least one full glass of water before every meal, whenever I feel hungry, and whenever I have a craving. Then I only indulge... Read more

  • Epic fail - I washed my iPod!

    4/29/2014 12:23:47 AM, by MEMKEEPR

    I am so mad at myself for leaving my iPod nano in my pocket after I finished my cardio workout. And then it went into the washing machine and is ... Read more

  • Walked away from a cupcake

    4/26/2014 5:11:42 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    I attended a lovely wedding this morning and they had a cupcake reception afterward. It was a casual gathering with a center table filled with b... Read more

  • rowing machine - treadmill for my arms?

    4/25/2014 3:42:11 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    My home treadmill died so I have been going to the gym on my cardio days. I decided to do several minutes on the rowing machine before I jump on... Read more

  • day 18 little progress

    4/25/2014 4:32:42 AM, by ANEENZZ

    sooo... i did binge the other day, but you know what? i am back down another 2 pounds! what what! i know, it might be a fluke, but woot. i'll tak... Read more

  • Restarting my crunch challenge

    4/24/2014 2:18:02 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    I had started a 100 day challenge inspired by sparkpeople member PLIDC1 and was on day 25 when I got a terrible upper respiratory infection and c... Read more

  • day 16&17 lightbulb

    4/24/2014 1:05:42 AM, by ANEENZZ

    ok, so i've been struggling. alot. with school, weight loss, health, family, and everything in between. well, as i was coloring on my kids new be... Read more

  • Sugar sabotages me

    4/23/2014 3:16:20 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    This week, I realized the impact eating added sugar has on me. Sugar sabotages me. It makes me feel tired and starts my cravings for junk foods... Read more

  • day 13, 14, 15.... same 5

    4/21/2014 9:19:07 PM, by ANEENZZ

    ok, i know, its been a few days, i'm sorry... its been hectic. my youngest, whom you may remember hit her head last week, yep, she has had a horr... Read more

  • My old treadmill died :( BUT I headed to the gym.

    4/19/2014 4:23:45 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    This time of year I had been enjoying doing my cardio by walking outside. But this morning I was stuffed up and worried about my upper respirato... Read more

  • Shopping in the rest of the store...

    4/19/2014 4:13:25 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    I needed some new shirts as my old ones are either getting too big :) or worn out. Summer temps are here in Arizona, so it was time for some cas... Read more

  • days 11 & 12 dogs and cars

    4/19/2014 1:52:21 AM, by ANEENZZ

    ok, so i didn't post yesterday, simply b/c i fell asleep on the couch at like 9pm lol sad part is? i'm still exhausted! but, (tmi?) i have been h... Read more

  • day 10 sabotage

    4/17/2014 2:07:34 AM, by ANEENZZ

    today was... fun. i'm hoping that things start to improve. i think they will. we got a water cooler today, not 100% on that, but alot less water ... Read more

  • day 9 crying babies

    4/16/2014 2:16:47 AM, by ANEENZZ

    my kids are on my very last nerve today... another long day, very stressful. working on decluttering, and getting the family on board, particular... Read more

  • day 8 def a monday

    4/15/2014 12:08:05 AM, by ANEENZZ

    well, after a fantastic (cough) day yesterday, with lots of pre-easter face stuffing, a weight gain, and bus drama... monday hit like a semi... Read more

  • day 6&7 gains and it monday??

    4/14/2014 12:56:48 AM, by ANEENZZ

    day 6 was uneventful, hubs played his game all day, decided to to easter a week early, then made a shopping list. day 7 sunday, the 13th,... Read more

  • Unexpected Help

    4/12/2014 2:11:40 AM, by FUZZYPENGU

    Well, first I have to say, I was hoping that no one had read my first blog. I have always gotten criticized for being "mopey", so when I saw that... Read more

  • day 5 anniversary

    4/12/2014 12:12:30 AM, by ANEENZZ

    so today was day 5, as well as my 5yr wedding anniversary. needless to say, i need to get back on the wagon tomorrow.... organ stop pizza... food... Read more

  • day 4 uugggg

    4/11/2014 3:17:48 AM, by ANEENZZ

    so, i know, its only day 4 since i got back on track... and it took only 4 days to get off track again. the biggest starting down point to today... Read more

  • day 3 hot and cold *4/9*

    4/10/2014 4:07:20 AM, by ANEENZZ

    Little known fact, i have fibromialga...well known fact, i can't spell. seriously, i spelled that so wrong, my computer has no idea what i'm sayi... Read more

  • day 2 ups and downs

    4/9/2014 3:37:07 PM, by ANEENZZ

    this wouldn't post last night... think it was the internet issue... but i saved it so you get my lovely blog! today kindda sucked. just al... Read more

  • A New Obsession With Losing Weight

    4/9/2014 9:09:56 AM, by FUZZYPENGU

    I'm not sure exactly how to write this, but I do feel like if I let this out in the open, then it will cement my goals, and make my efforts a per... Read more

  • Hospital Follow UP

    4/8/2014 2:16:15 PM, by SHKIRK

    Good morning Everyone !! Just checking in since I had my follow-up from my low BP ordeal. My nurse practioner tried to blame it all on the dehydr... Read more

  • day 1 little things

    4/7/2014 1:36:18 PM, by ANEENZZ

    ok, so i'm sitting here in class, i'm not sure when my break is over or i'd do it now... i don't want to be the reason we are late from break, bu... Read more

  • NSV

    4/7/2014 12:14:15 AM, by JOGSWITHDOGS

    Yesterday I ran a 10K race, at a personal record pace. Woo hoo! And, I finished in third place, which was enough for a bronze medal. I am prou... Read more

  • *sigh* what am i doing here?

    4/6/2014 5:20:13 PM, by ANEENZZ

    so, i'm stuck. i hate where i'm living. i hate my doctor, i hate school, i hate numbers, i hate food... honestly, i'm like stuck on losing ... Read more

  • sore throat and cough - yuck

    4/2/2014 10:10:36 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    Day 4 of a sore throat and hacking cough. Hopefully the meds from the doctor will alleviate some of this soon. I'm so sick of being sick and ti... Read more

  • beautiful day

    4/2/2014 12:52:02 PM, by LOVELIFE39

    So I am feeling good today and I hope I can make it last. I let too many little things bug me that shouldn't. I kept the kids home from school ... Read more

  • My 1st Ambulance Ride !

    3/31/2014 5:25:05 PM, by SHKIRK

    Well Good Day Everyone !! I had a first time experience Wednesday 1st ambulance ride. It was a very weird experience. It all started 6 ... Read more

  • Wahoo! Down 40 lbs.

    3/28/2014 2:20:59 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    It's been slow and mostly steady but I am happy to be 40 lbs lighter than when I started Sparkpeople last year. The other benefits are numerous:... Read more

  • Didn't make goal : (

    3/25/2014 11:23:14 PM, by JOGSWITHDOGS

    Well, I'd really expected to be at goal weight by my birthday earlier this month, and I'm still 15lbs away. This plateau seems endless. It's ha... Read more

  • week 5 BLC #21

    3/23/2014 2:58:12 PM, by ANEENZZ

    wow... i have been crazy busy. our apartment is a nightmare. the people here hate us. no joke. we get reported for other peoples music, if our do... Read more

  • Tapping works

    3/21/2014 11:42:59 PM, by KTLASERS

    Every time I stepped onto the ice, my body ached with terror. After tapping for just two days, I noticed a substantial decrease in my anxiety whe... Read more

  • desire increases willpower

    3/20/2014 4:59:06 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    Willpower. That trait that sometimes eludes us when we need it most. All the "should of", "could of", "ought to", and "need to" self talk in th... Read more

  • Best year yet

    3/19/2014 10:55:55 PM, by KTLASERS

    So far in 2014, I've taken up belly dancing, ice skating and indoor rock climbing (well, I plan to go back, anyway). I'm also building on last ye... Read more

  • crazy weekend - but back on track

    3/17/2014 5:28:45 PM, by MEMKEEPR

    I can tell that my workouts are starting to be a routine. After a crazy weekend where I ate too much and exercised less than normal, I was back ... Read more

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