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  • September 2016 Reflections

    10/21/2016 11:24:24 AM, by HEALTHYEMAN

    September 2016: -------------------------- Friday, Sept 2 - 161.8 Friday, Sept 9th - 164.1 Thursday, Sept 15th - 163.6 ... Read more

  • My bike hero of the week.

    9/20/2016 12:39:12 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    My bike hero of the week. I wish I could get my do... Read more

  • August 2016 Reflections

    8/30/2016 2:45:04 PM, by HEALTHYEMAN

    August 2016: -------------------------- Friday, Aug 5th - 161.1 Thursday, Aug 11th - 159.7 Thursday, Aug 18th - 159.... Read more

  • POEDAUGHTER7 is sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike.

    8/25/2016 1:07:24 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    POEDAUGHTER7 is sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike. I fixed the flat tires on the broken bike, and took a good ride. I need a new bike ... Read more

  • Hello Stranger!

    8/24/2016 11:51:38 AM, by FRESHSTRT

    It has been too long since I concentrated on healthier me. I switched to the pescatarian diet. Since it had no animal meat and a lot of vegetable... Read more

  • My little milestone

    8/20/2016 12:41:50 AM, by JRZYGRL75

    I've been working on getting healthier since the end of January and it's been slow going but there have been successes. So far I have lost about ... Read more

  • July 2016 Reflections

    8/16/2016 9:45:50 PM, by HEALTHYEMAN

    July 2016: -------------------------- Friday, July 1st - 157.7 Friday, July 8th - 157.5 Friday, July 15th - 158.1 ... Read more

  • Great Apps

    8/9/2016 2:17:43 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    A great app for use with Pokemon Go is Map My Ride. One does not block the other, and the Ride app shows you walk time, miles walked, and calorie... Read more

  • Faith

    7/20/2016 4:47:04 AM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Times are very hard as i don't sleep much and under s... Read more

  • Broke the streak

    7/15/2016 9:47:41 AM, by CHUBBY_KT

    i went 13 days without soda, yesterday i drank coke and had alot of sweet stuff. i am tired and feel that gives me energy. had to fly out to Cali... Read more

  • Scared

    7/13/2016 12:40:22 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Today i woke up to an phone called i didn't want. My mom is in the hospital in ICU. I just hope she gets better. What makes it hard for me is liv... Read more

  • Day 12

    7/12/2016 7:14:26 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    went on a little hike today :) it went great! i had f... Read more

  • July 11

    7/11/2016 5:40:23 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Today has been an good day i worked my butt off at the gym almost burned 1,000 calories. So i am very proud of myself. i hope i do see some di... Read more

  • More on Pokemon Go.

    7/11/2016 2:36:26 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    Pokemon Go, it will make your legs really really sore. I got a new high step count for the week. Fitbit Tracker Steps: 13604 Calories B... Read more

  • Day 10

    7/10/2016 7:27:32 AM, by CHUBBY_KT

    10 Days of no soda! Even though sometimes i wish i co... Read more

  • June 2016 Reflections

    7/7/2016 10:13:59 AM, by HEALTHYEMAN

    June 2016: -------------------------- Friday, June 3rd - 156.5 Friday, June 10th - 152.6 (had the stomach flu all week) ... Read more

  • Gold's Gym

    7/7/2016 12:19:58 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    Now a member of Gold's Gym Richmond. I looked at many gyms, and this is the one I think I can use the most. The one by my house has so many gre... Read more

  • Day 6

    7/6/2016 1:38:32 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Been working out everyday! And the more i go the less tired i feel :) im actually getting use to my routine. Now the only problem i have is eatin... Read more

  • Day 4

    7/4/2016 4:13:02 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Happy 4th Of July!!! Today i went to the gym and did an hour and a half of work out! And im proud of myself. I haven't had any soda for 4 days ... Read more

  • Day 3

    7/3/2016 7:38:30 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Its Sunday. So i didn't go to the gym. Had to do laundry and run errands. Plus, its the only day i will have off, from the gym. I kinda do miss w... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/2/2016 5:06:48 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    OMG i woke up not wanting to do a damn thing lol but i went to the gym and got my work out in! I have been taking my niece which she is obese als... Read more

  • Success!

    7/1/2016 8:14:17 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    First day went by very well. Ate healthy, put in my work out! But the most wonderful thing was i went to McDonalds and didn't eat or drink anythi... Read more

  • Bedtime

    6/30/2016 11:12:46 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    I've decided! Tomorrow i start fresh. New beginning, i have committed to stay active and eating clean. I will lose weight not just to look good b... Read more

  • New gym shopping.

    6/29/2016 1:59:32 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    I'm still looking for a new gym. My family has a YMCA membership yet the hours are really bad. They close by 9 most days.... Read more

  • Looking for a new gym.

    6/28/2016 11:01:00 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    I am looking for a new gym this week. Many people switch gyms at New Years when the holidays have been extra cruel to their bodies. Yet because o... Read more

  • Emotional..

    6/26/2016 10:42:16 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    i don't really like the month of June, its when i mostly feel down and very emotional. i have been eating my emotions away and i have no exercise... Read more

  • Personal Fitness Test - Updated

    6/26/2016 5:19:03 PM, by TIGGER33079

    Run/Walk 1 mile: 12.09 Full push up: 0 Knee push up: 12 Squats: 53 Plank: 30 sec Sit and reach: -6.5 inches I suck at flexibility!... Read more

  • i need help!

    6/22/2016 6:47:41 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Finding motivation, i was doing good then all of the sudden i fail! Have not worked out in 5 days been eating once a day and junk food. all i wan... Read more

  • Food is the enemy?

    6/19/2016 2:34:58 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Last night i ate so much, mangoes, watermelon, cherries, cucumbers, cookies and what not. . . I feel like i can't change like no matter how man... Read more

  • Got out of Hospital Today.

    6/16/2016 2:11:07 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    POEDAUGHTER7 is at last able to work out again after being in a hospital a week.... Read more

  • Can't Stop Eating!

    6/15/2016 11:48:49 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    I'm always hungry! Can't stop eating so much. I try to eat healthy but its so hard!!! What can i do? Just today i had 4 corndogs! 😨😭😖... Read more

  • Second Day Back.

    6/15/2016 1:45:26 PM, by OLA165

    Well. Yesterday was a good day. I stayed within my calorie range, ate healthy, and even did 10 minutes of exercise. The scale said 2 pounds lo... Read more

  • A year later. . .

    6/14/2016 10:10:15 PM, by OLA165

    Next month, July 12th, it will be a year since I lost my husband. I was not able to continue with my health plan. Now I think I can. I have ma... Read more

  • I'm back...

    8/12/2016 8:14:04 PM, by LAINDIA80

    ... on Sparkpeople after more than 10 years and 2 kids. As long as I remain focused I know I can accomplish my goals. Sparkpeople helped me back ... Read more

  • Not a bad day

    8/13/2016 7:40:59 PM, by LAINDIA80

    I've been doing the Spark for 3 days, and today I designated as my weigh in day. Guess what? 3 lbs down thats a very good motivator for me. I kno... Read more

  • Tomorrow

    8/14/2016 8:56:20 PM, by LAINDIA80

    So tomorrow I will give Pilates a try. The hardest thing will be walking through the door into the studio, but I have to do it and I want to do i... Read more

  • Today was a bust!

    8/15/2016 9:27:47 PM, by LAINDIA80

    What a shattering day. I wasn't able to go to the gym because I caught the cold my kids have and it totally knocked me out. Doesn't our immune sy... Read more

  • Happy Saturday

    8/20/2016 2:21:00 PM, by LAINDIA80

    So I'm 6 lbs lighter since I returned to Sparkpeople. Weepee. I'm still fighting this cold which sidelined me for a bit, but yesterday I hit the... Read more

  • Week 3

    8/29/2016 10:52:54 AM, by LAINDIA80

    As I enter week 3 I'm happy with my accomplishments. ... Read more

  • I gained .4 lbs

    9/4/2016 9:36:41 AM, by LAINDIA80

    I think I'm bloated and my numbers are all off. Thats my excuse, but i know what it really was. I haven't exercised as much :(... Read more

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