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  • *Sniffle*

    1/20/2015 12:47:28 PM, by SASSISPRING

    I figured out at 4 AM that I wasn't going to far today. Last night when I looked in the mirror my eyes were rimmed black, like I put on mascara.... Read more

  • Winter Cold

    1/20/2015 12:56:12 AM, by SASSISPRING

    Crazy winter colds, I had a 2 week cold over Christmas and it went away - kinda. Woke up today with a crazy throat, dizzy spells and feeling lik... Read more

  • Yes! I Did It!

    1/19/2015 9:43:55 AM, by TIAONYX1

    Today I was up at 4am tinkering like I usually do when I can't sleep. I went to bed at 9pm so got 7 hours sleep which is great from me as I usua... Read more

  • So You Love Snow?

    1/18/2015 9:27:50 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Yeah it's snowing .... and snowing ..... and snowing which is fine, it's winter but the sun isn't out. Okay the sun hasn't been out for some time... Read more


    1/17/2015 10:39:12 PM, by CRAMPERELLA

    Everyone who achieves balance and wellness in their lives does so through a personal journey. My journey is far from... Read more

  • Day 16 of 10,000 Step Streak

    1/16/2015 8:21:06 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We are in Palm Springs for January and February. Having this getaway makes it easier to get back on track with the daily steps. I am tired today ... Read more

  • Bummed Out

    1/16/2015 3:34:32 PM, by TIAONYX1

    So I've been feeling down all day. My dog was asked to leave the office because she was sick and crapped on the tile in the lunchroom. The offi... Read more

  • Gym Bits

    1/14/2015 2:33:29 AM, by SASSISPRING

    I started back at the gym today. It wasn't as terrible environment as I had remembered and I went down into the basement to the women's gym. I ... Read more

  • Belly Dancing

    1/14/2015 1:39:37 AM, by DASARMEHASEN

    Who's tried it? Me and a girlfriend signed up for a laugh. We want to work on our body shape, because neither of us are happy the way we are... Read more

  • Monthly Female Weight Gain

    1/13/2015 12:20:28 PM, by TIAONYX1

    Aunt Flo's visit drives me crazy. Just when I think I'm getting somewhere, on my weigh-in day, I gain water weight. Sigh. Up 3 lbs this ... Read more

  • No No No More Cookies!

    1/12/2015 6:54:11 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Why do people take it personal when I refuse a treat? When I say “no thank-you, looks delicious but I’m full” do they take it personally, as if ... Read more

  • Sunday without the sun

    1/11/2015 11:43:40 PM, by SASSISPRING

    It was a dreary day and I stayed indoors. I will be venturing out shortly to plug in the car, so I'll find out how cold it is. Ah heck, I just ... Read more


    1/11/2015 2:41:04 PM, by CRAMPERELLA

    LETTING GO Recovery from my BED (Binge Eating Disorder) has been a PROCESS of ‘letting go’. This has been difficult at times as my perfectio... Read more

  • Day 6&7 - every thing counts

    1/11/2015 12:03:03 PM, by LIFEASMRSA

    My Friday and Saturday were pretty chill. Especially friday! I didn't get a lot of sleep so I was tired and only took about 8000 steps, but it ... Read more

  • The Friday Night Binge

    1/10/2015 12:46:01 PM, by TIAONYX1

    9 days in a row of good eating and it happens. The Binge. Friday evening my son and I sit down together and eat pizza and watch a movie. ... Read more

  • Overeaters Anonymous - YES!

    1/9/2015 11:34:04 PM, by KALISWALKER

    There are 15 questions, but these are the 5 applicable to me, from the OE website. Do I have feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment about... Read more

  • Trust and Sleep

    1/9/2015 9:50:29 AM, by TIAONYX1

    Today's entry is not about diet or exercise but sleep. Since I have been unable to sleep because I have been thinking about stuff, I am venting ... Read more

  • Day 5 - my own vanity

    1/9/2015 2:27:32 AM, by LIFEASMRSA

    I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and saw the bulging belly I currently have and disgusted. I remind myself to suck it in and walk ... Read more

  • Wanna Pretend to Be Married?

    1/8/2015 8:42:51 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Weight is a crazy thing. On Monday I was 307 lbs. Tuesday I didn't weigh myself. Wednesday I was 310 lbs. This morning I was 305 lbs. That's... Read more

  • The importance of routines

    1/8/2015 9:44:02 AM, by TIAONYX1

    My mind is scattered when my home is a mess. Having a 6 year old son means that is ALL the time. This leads to stress. It have taken me 6 year... Read more

  • Flatulence

    1/8/2015 2:13:05 AM, by SASSISPRING

    Did I get your attention? Hah! Yup I bet I did, well this blog is all about that wonderful word - flatulence, farting, bloating, gas. I have b... Read more

  • Day 4 - oh the temptations

    1/8/2015 12:41:57 AM, by LIFEASMRSA

    so of course when I'm trying to cut back on sugar that's all I crave...when I'm trying to eat healthier all I want is junk food... I just need to... Read more

  • Don't eat the free lunch room goodies

    1/7/2015 9:27:01 AM, by TIAONYX1

    Yesterday, one of my coworkers brought in Christmas chocolates. I thought, I'll have a sweet georgia brown. 20 minutes after having it, I was ... Read more

  • Day 3 - lots of steps

    1/7/2015 12:10:27 AM, by LIFEASMRSA

    it was a good day for steps since I took 19,000 of them! I walked the dog for 1.5 hrs after dinner and it actually went by pretty quick cause I ... Read more

  • Day 2, Snow Day

    1/6/2015 8:31:35 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Woke up this morning to snow that went half-way up the calves of my legs (and I'm 5'8"), so it was a good drop of snow overnight. I love fluffy ... Read more

  • snowed in but not snowed under!

    1/6/2015 3:01:49 PM, by CARIBOOBLUE

    trying to keep the faith! Too much snow for my quad to push, waiting for a buddy with a front end loader to plow out the yard. The roads are bad... Read more

  • Week 1 - Down 2.8 lbs. Things I changed.

    1/6/2015 8:41:42 AM, by TIAONYX1

    Weigh-in Day for me. Down 2.8lbs!! Let me just say Holy Cow!! I have NEVER dropped that much in 7 days. Looking back and my 1st week, these ... Read more

  • Day 2 not so bad

    1/6/2015 12:57:25 AM, by LIFEASMRSA

    I didn't exactly exercise today, but I took 10,000 steps according to my fitbit. I did try to eat healthier and be more portion conscious of my ... Read more

  • Day One in the Zoo

    1/5/2015 8:09:45 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Good evening. I have decided not to track my food intake on the calorie counter as it's difficult, when you mix foods together, as to what it al... Read more

  • The Freezer at Work

    1/5/2015 12:52:55 PM, by TIAONYX1

    I open the freezer door at work and grab my mixed berries out of the bottom draw. The rest of the freezer is stuffed full of bread, cakes, muffi... Read more

  • Worry wort

    1/5/2015 2:30:51 AM, by TIAONYX1

    It's 11:20pm and I can't sleep. I had a nap at noon and it has just wrecked my sleep schedule. I'm also worried and stressed about everything a... Read more

  • Ignore Me if You Wish

    1/4/2015 7:31:48 PM, by SASSISPRING

    I am a cynic. I question everything, always have and would drive teachers mad with my questions. I am not alone, there are many of us out there... Read more

  • WEEK 25: GOALS

    1/4/2015 1:19:26 PM, by CRAMPERELLA

    The funny thing about having a numeric or specific goal is that it can trigger a binge when I near i... Read more

  • Day 1 let's start this year off right

    1/4/2015 12:12:31 PM, by LIFEASMRSA

    Its a new year and I'm back at work tomorrow. I really do need to get this my life back on track and be healthy again. We got a dog back in J... Read more

  • Quinoa

    1/4/2015 1:10:59 AM, by TIAONYX1

    I'm really liking quinoa. I like the flavour. I like the protein in it. I especially like how much a portion is (1/4 cup dry) and how it keeps... Read more

  • 2015

    1/3/2015 3:21:37 AM, by RACING4ME

    Hey all, Again, I have been absent, but for the past 2 days I have managed to purge 2 rooms, and have strung together 2 workouts. Definitel... Read more

  • Happy Healthy New Year in Progress

    1/2/2015 2:53:13 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We left home Dec. 28th with our friends (they have their own car) and arrived in Palm Springs on New Years Eve. I was super excited to go out for... Read more

  • Mind emptying babble

    1/2/2015 8:34:51 AM, by TIAONYX1

    I went to bed at 10am and woke up at 3:30am. 5.5 hours sleep. Ug. You'd think I could sleep in for once. I even read the Harry Potter book D... Read more

  • New Years Day 2015

    1/1/2015 1:39:11 PM, by TIAONYX1

    The blood test results 1) early signs of gout 2) early signs of osteroarthritis 3) ultrasound showed a fatty kidney 4)belly fat is risk o... Read more

  • Happy New Years Eve

    1/1/2015 2:45:46 AM, by TIAONYX1

    Happy New Years Sparkers. Well, it has been 3 weeks since I changed my food menu to more home cooking. I am doing well and very proud of my... Read more

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