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  • Sunday - Keyword Sun. Please!

    8/10/2014 1:00:43 AM, by KRYSSCOTT

    Yesterday the family went to Shoe Carnival, Best Buy, Petco, Sports Authority and Big Lots. We needed to grab some last minute things for the twi... Read more

  • Gods day

    8/10/2014 12:40:01 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Boy do I need this one am very confused about life sending many prayers and blessings to all Hugz Shara... Read more

  • A Mish Mashed Saturday.

    8/9/2014 11:53:42 AM, by KRYSSCOTT

    Going out with the family today. Don't know where we are going so I don't know how to prepare. But i'm going to hurry and eat before we go. Looks... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/9/2014 12:10:28 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and sending many prayers for all in need light love joy and happiness hugz... Read more

  • The honeymoon is over.

    8/8/2014 4:24:09 PM, by KRYSSCOTT

    I started the journey on Spark People on 7/30 and weighed in at 206. I got moving right away, changed my diet and somehow managed to survive the... Read more

  • August Gym Visits record for October 2014 Dues Discount & Summer Fitness Challenge

    8/8/2014 8:48:51 AM, by NUCLEARMUM

    My goal: 12 times at the gym for 20$ discount on my membership. Also Visit the gym 3 times a week from June 1- August 31st (or 39 times before Au... Read more

  • Wow, Nutrition can taste so good!

    8/8/2014 5:09:21 AM, by AHEF1963

    Last night I was too tired to cook dinner. I wanted to go to bed, unfed, unwashed, in my clothes, right away. I didn't. What I learned yeste... Read more

  • TGIF

    8/8/2014 12:12:43 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    So glad is this week over Sending love light laughter and joy sending love prayers and many blessings hugz... Read more

  • My Preparation Paid Off

    8/7/2014 10:34:13 PM, by CLEDRA

    Today was exercise day 17 of 100. It was a great work out! I wasn't able to do my 20 minutes on the stationary bike because my hip and thigh musc... Read more

  • A Good Day

    8/7/2014 10:30:55 PM, by AHEF1963

    Today.....I didn't eat chocolate. I didn't eat cookies. I didn't eat ice cream, or Swedish berries, or M&Ms, or red licorice, or doughnuts, or pu... Read more

  • Inspiration

    8/7/2014 9:13:34 PM, by JONESY7211

    Sparkcoach prompt: What inspires you to work out? I was active when I was younger but still felt like I was overweight. Now I have an 18... Read more

  • It's my funday, but it ain't Sunday.

    8/7/2014 5:07:26 PM, by KRYSSCOTT

    Today H.H.Ugh (my scale) made a new friend, Murphy S. Law (my wii fit board). I have not attempted to use the Wii Fit for ... Read more

  • blog 2

    8/7/2014 4:49:23 PM, by SNOOKUMS19

    I'm feeling yuck. The weather is very ominous and dreary over here. I'm trying to be very good here with the food. I'll make a cup of tea. T... Read more

  • Trying something new

    8/7/2014 1:34:50 PM, by SNOOKUMS19

    I'm moving from counting points to Simply Filling on Weight Watchers. I need the feeling of volume and fullness lately. I will give this a go a... Read more

  • Countdown to Triathlon

    8/7/2014 10:05:59 AM, by OPTIMIST1948

    August 17th - West Point Triathlon I let myself go completely over this winter. New job ate all my exercise time and I didnt anticipate the... Read more

  • The small things

    8/7/2014 5:56:22 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water..... Just when you think the good week you are rocking is going to continue as such...... Read more

  • I Prepared For This

    8/7/2014 3:00:33 AM, by CLEDRA

    Yesterday was exercise day 16 of 100. I completed my twenty minutes on the bike. But, I aggravated my left hamstrings and the bursar sac in the h... Read more

  • Thursdary

    8/7/2014 12:53:52 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and sending prayers light love and joy hugz... Read more

  • Looking Back Three Years

    8/6/2014 7:01:50 PM, by AHEF1963

    I've just come back from after a three-year absence from Sparkpeople. It was so hard to look at my July 2011 blog entries. At that time I had no ... Read more

  • Zzzz, Just call me Sleepy

    8/6/2014 2:11:46 PM, by KRYSSCOTT

    Let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has been commenting on my Spark page, in my blogs, to my message board posts and in Spark mail. ... Read more

  • 2014 Monthly Weight Loss August Update

    8/6/2014 10:04:54 AM, by JSTCHLIN

    Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer. I for one haven't been having the greatest of summers. It hasn't been as hot as I like it, not hi... Read more

  • Not lost, just not tracking

    8/5/2014 11:33:22 PM, by JONESY7211

    I am here, I am bad at getting on all the time. I haven't given up though! I have been running pretty consistently for two months. My cloth... Read more

  • I Still Have A Long Way To Go...

    8/5/2014 10:59:29 PM, by CLEDRA

    Today was exercise day 15 of 100. That means I have 85 more days of exercise to go. My impatience is rearing its ugly head again. During my worko... Read more

  • doing better

    8/5/2014 4:33:52 PM, by SNOOKUMS19

    I was supposed to go to training tonight but the computers are down...So at least I can rest up for the night. Food choices not great but still... Read more

  • Rewards

    8/5/2014 11:50:11 AM, by KRYSSCOTT

    I have been reading quite a bit of Spark stuff over the last week. Yesterday I read a blog about rewarding yourself for reaching your goals and w... Read more

  • feeling yuck

    8/5/2014 9:29:23 AM, by SNOOKUMS19

    exhausted this morning. Not the way to start the day. I have things to get accomplished today. Just feeling so tired. Food was not good last ... Read more

  • Feeling Optimistic

    8/5/2014 4:48:15 AM, by CLEDRA

    Yesterday was exercise day 14 of 100. My day was off to a slow start because my energy levels were really whacky. I really didn't want to exercis... Read more

  • Feeling good

    8/4/2014 3:41:53 PM, by SNOOKUMS19

    I went to a family friend get together and I was thrilled! They have 4 daughters all around my age and all tall in shape and pretty. We all gre... Read more

  • Dazed and Confused

    8/4/2014 2:03:15 PM, by KRYSSCOTT

    As I told you yesterday I am realizing that I don't know anything about weight loss. The more I read, the more confused I get. After my hip ... Read more

  • Yay!

    8/4/2014 11:45:13 AM, by SNOOKUMS19

    Down 1.4 pounds! What a score! Especially after being away for 3 days! So today is a good day! We went to the movies yesterday to see Guardian... Read more

  • Have fun

    8/3/2014 2:13:10 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day hugs... Read more

  • home

    8/2/2014 12:42:28 PM, by SNOOKUMS19

    I'm so happy to be home! Josh and I went to 2 drum corp cometitions with my parents. Rutegers and the next day Allentown Pennsylvania. So a lo... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/2/2014 12:04:20 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Take the time to enjoy your day sending prayers and blessings light love joy and happiness hugz... Read more

  • Is Exercise Becoming a Habit For Me?!

    8/1/2014 10:00:24 AM, by CLEDRA

    Yesterday was exercise day 13 of 100. I think that I just might be forming a habit of exercising! I know it's probably too soon but it's a step i... Read more

  • Not weighing

    8/1/2014 9:19:00 AM, by OHSOSVELTE

    Some may have noticed that my weight tracker has not moved. That is on purpose. I get too obsessed with that scale, even though we know ther... Read more

  • TGIF

    8/1/2014 12:37:45 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed sending prayers light joy laughter and love hugz... Read more

  • You just have to adapt

    7/31/2014 5:04:35 PM, by CANNIE50

    I was talking with my sweet 10 year old son, P. He was telling me about football practice. He described a drill where they run and various coache... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plus

    7/31/2014 12:58:28 PM, by MIKKIMIKP

    Challenging yourself is incredibly rewarding and new running shoes arriving in the mail are worth an impromptu dance party in your kitchen... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plus

    7/31/2014 12:57:39 PM, by MIKKIMIKP

    Realizing that every excuse you made to put off working out was not enough to actually keep you from working out... Read more

  • Thursdary

    7/31/2014 9:40:08 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    had bum wednesday si tifay has ti be good sending prayers blessings and ugz... Read more

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