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  • sunday

    2/18/2018 10:13:18 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    rushing around getting the garbages ready (tomorrow is pickup i have the cans to the end of driveway tonite for 5 am pickup) vacuuming, laundry, ... Read more

  • WOW! What a week!

    2/17/2018 4:23:04 PM, by ILOVEME2016

    Made it to the gym 4 days this week (plus one to pick up something I lost). Am getting better at consistently drinking 8 glasses of wate... Read more

  • saturday

    2/17/2018 12:25:21 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    have to prep the bakery for the sunday baking lesson for 5 five year old girls. we are making funfetti cupcakes, buttercream, and i will have a h... Read more

  • Fridat

    2/16/2018 8:53:55 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Upping the weights and it’s HARD!!! Getting there, though. More cleaning grooming and quilting today!!!... Read more

  • Thursday

    2/15/2018 12:43:06 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    I have orders to put in. I have to prep for 5 5-year olds coming to bake frost and decorate cupcakes this weekend. (Yes I do that kind of party a... Read more

  • Thursday

    2/15/2018 12:42:50 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    I have orders to put in. I have to prep for 5 5-year olds coming to bake frost and decorate cupcakes this weekend. (Yes I do that kind of party a... Read more

  • Happy Valentines Day!

    2/14/2018 12:13:24 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Not that I celebrate.. but for those that do!! All orders are done and picked up. Going to take a day to relax after workout is done.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/13/2018 1:26:03 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Busy day. Have to be up extra early, workout done, bake, frost and decorate a bazillion cupcakes, bake whoopie pies and cakes, get everything fil... Read more

  • monday

    2/12/2018 8:49:26 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    workout done. off to get groceries then start Valentines rush baking. wont have time for much else for the next 3 days!!... Read more

  • sunday

    2/11/2018 11:13:01 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    workout done. lego hearts giving me fits. my mold wont hold up..i get 5 done and have to make a new mold. ARGH!!! but i have 17 of 22 done...s... Read more

  • saturday

    2/10/2018 10:00:44 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    sorry if i've been missing from teams. seems all my spark settings were turned off somehow..it sure wasnt by me!! all is reset to normal now an... Read more

  • friday

    2/9/2018 9:14:28 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    another busy one. workout done. laundry done. have to make fondant hearts for a big order, and a mold for a second kind (lego hearts) good ... Read more

  • thursday

    2/8/2018 10:09:39 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    going to be a long day. My favorite guy is on his way to Maui and HATES flying. He hasnt seen his family in 3 years, so its time. Hoping he has a... Read more

  • weds

    2/7/2018 10:39:40 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Long night. couldnt sleep. family member had a rough time and i'm a worrier. short one today..sorry... Read more

  • Is it just me?

    2/7/2018 10:00:59 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    This morning roomie called me too noisy because the headphone plug on my TV came loose. She said it was "blasting" her. This is the same person w... Read more

  • tuesday

    2/6/2018 9:47:20 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    workout done pantry purge done headed to bakery to shovel and do todays tasks..then home to work on quilt do sparkpoints. then all day... Read more

  • Bleaahh...

    2/5/2018 7:20:28 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Yesterday was my Margaret's 36th birthday. I miss my feisty little redhead, even after all these years. I have had about eight hours of slee... Read more

  • monday

    2/5/2018 9:16:56 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    headed to the store..i would put it off but i'm out of spinach and i really like a small salad with supper. its my only veg of the day so i need ... Read more

  • sunday

    2/4/2018 9:43:05 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    decided to take today OFF from bakery purge and disinfect. I'm SO close to being done it will be finished, every bit, by thursday whether i do or... Read more

  • Beam me up, Scotty

    2/3/2018 3:35:51 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I got a new roommate yesterday. She says she's allergic to tap water, that the air here is toxic, she demanded "organic, cold-pressed coconut oil... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/3/2018 9:43:26 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    cake pickup anytime now. then i'll do the really easy chore at the bakery...just scrubbing sinks and organizing upper cupboards today..shouldnt t... Read more

  • friday

    2/2/2018 12:04:52 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    lol thats two weeks in a row i made thursday into friday. must be trying to get to the weekend faster!! up early early did workout grabbed a... Read more

  • Blessed Imbolc

    2/2/2018 10:39:54 AM, by ACTIVEGODDESS

    I can't believe it's February. I still haven't shaken off the December vibes completely. But I can feel Spring stirring with the wet rains yester... Read more

  • Friday

    2/1/2018 8:22:12 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Another busy one. Workout done..keto cupcakes about to go in oven for noon shipment. Cake to bake and another BIG clean at bakery..then home and ... Read more

  • weds

    1/31/2018 8:51:30 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    impossibly busy day. I have bacon and eggs cooking for breakfast. then run to bakery. frost and decorate 2 cakes. do the days cleaning chores ove... Read more

  • tuesday

    1/30/2018 12:01:57 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    cakes in the oven. about to make bread. task in bakery done took longer than expected (and this is why i move EVERYTHING.) fixer guy is supposed ... Read more

  • Monday

    1/29/2018 8:15:16 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Busy day. Groceries cleaning bakery room for guy fixing pipe in pantry prep for weeks cakes. Day 1 of food experiment done!... Read more

  • sunday

    1/28/2018 9:52:56 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    ok so. my weight is only going down my increments of a pound (as in 2 tenths) so I am going back to basics today. Last night i was discouraged..a... Read more

  • Sleepy Saturday

    1/27/2018 4:01:04 PM, by ILOVEME2016

    First off, I have to say that I'm thrilled that my husband and my son are no longer sick. It was sheer torture not being able to go to water... Read more

  • Stop me if you've heard this one...

    1/27/2018 9:57:29 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ...but my roommate decided she wanted a window bed so she moved to another room. A few minutes later the woman who occupied the other bed in that... Read more

  • saturday

    1/27/2018 9:14:16 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    its 40 degrees out...wow. yesterday i got up it was 9 below. lol mother nature needs another of those estrogen shots!! going to go finish th... Read more

  • Friday funk

    1/26/2018 12:23:31 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I am feeling terrible. I have a bad headache and the sinus infection just isn't going away. But it's more than that. I went to Facebook this... Read more

  • the real friday

    1/26/2018 10:20:11 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    no clue why i wrote friday on yesterdays blog. but today really is. I have cakes in the oven. the butterflies are made and dried nicely, so i'll ... Read more

  • friday

    1/25/2018 9:30:42 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    workout done. why its getting harder every day i dont know. it was easy at first. i looked forward to it as i could feel it was doing something. ... Read more

  • Cheese and whine

    1/24/2018 9:20:51 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I got a new roommate today. So far she's willing to use headphones to watch TV and she's okay with closing the door at night, so we might be all ... Read more

  • weds

    1/24/2018 11:14:20 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    someone called to order a cake at 7:30, waking me up. Steve didnt get home till late and called at midnight...i talked to him a little then tried... Read more

  • tuesday

    1/23/2018 10:35:37 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    just couldnt drag myself out of bed this morning. its RAINING of all things, i was going to go get my scripts and the last of the groceries, but ... Read more

  • it's monday

    1/22/2018 11:19:07 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am taking off one more day from work. my leg is not as sore today. i will head back to the doctor to get the results of the tests i had done to... Read more

  • Another manic Monday

    1/22/2018 10:32:25 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    The man across the hall has his TV way too loud (again). The woman next door to me shouted at the CNA for going in to check on her earlier this m... Read more

  • monday

    1/22/2018 8:39:25 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    busy day. workouts already done. dog is out doing her business. cat pans cleaned. have to drag the garbage cans in. My neighbor who only has a ho... Read more

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