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  • cardio

    5/29/2017 3:04:57 PM, by 4LMHJCR

    Going to try and do at least 10 minutes of some sort of low impact cardio every day from now on.... Read more

  • A day to think and honor

    5/29/2017 12:46:14 AM, by MNABOY

    my brother joined the Air Force ROTC in college which embarrassed me, having received my commission in the Army at the same university in 1970. I... Read more


    5/29/2017 12:29:12 AM, by JOANN25

    Was at church at 8:30 yesterday morning. Lots of exciting things happening in the service. After church, we did our second "Kid Zone" eve... Read more

  • Feeling Happy!

    5/28/2017 9:51:22 AM, by LSIG14

    I am feeling so good about me! Even though it's grey and overcast outside, I feel like I'm bathed in sunshine this morning. The scales is still... Read more


    5/27/2017 11:57:24 PM, by JOANN25

    After my fit bit went bonkers and fell apart on me, I couldn't afford a new one. However, I looked in the sporting goods department at Walmart a... Read more

  • Recycling is for the young!

    5/27/2017 10:55:39 PM, by MNABOY

    My wife has developed a phobia about end times and is working it out with a drive to recycle everything. Plastic is the number one criminal with ... Read more

  • Will it ever end?

    5/26/2017 11:27:20 PM, by MNABOY

    My brother and I are gathering the scrap metal from the various store locations to recycle them. It is hot, dirty,hard work. But there is fellows... Read more


    5/26/2017 11:25:57 PM, by JOANN25

    i had a great day at home today. Managed to rearrange my living room, vacuum and dust. I was really proud when I got through ... and lots of ex... Read more


    5/26/2017 11:53:26 AM, by JOANN25

    It is cool outside with some sunshine making it a perfect day for the outdoors. This is a great motivator that makes me want to get moving and a... Read more

  • Let's go hiking

    5/25/2017 11:41:59 PM, by MNABOY

    Our dog, Scout, loves to walk on hiking trails and when I ask her if she wants to go hiking she jumps up wagging her tail vigerously and rushes t... Read more


    5/23/2017 10:14:26 PM, by JOANN25

    I have just been named Christian Education Director at our church. I am working hard to get everything ready for ... Read more

  • Great day for a walk

    5/23/2017 12:36:10 AM, by MNABOY

    The sky threatened to bust loose with rain all day but it didn't at our house and at the trail we hiked with our dog. The 71 degree temp was very... Read more


    5/23/2017 12:00:51 AM, by JOANN25

    Rained until late this afternoon so didn't get outside too much. I did some housework and walked in the house. Did errands this ... Read more

  • Sunday some rest

    5/21/2017 11:13:29 PM, by MNABOY

    Today I didn't go to Sunday School but did go to worship service and the meeting after. Wife had a headache so I called to see what to bring her ... Read more


    5/21/2017 10:50:23 PM, by JOANN25

    Not a whole lot going on today but tomorrow is going to be much busier and more exercise in. Church services this a.m. were wonderful. Spen... Read more

  • Progress!

    5/21/2017 10:19:07 AM, by LSIG14

    For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm really back on the track to getting to where I need to be. I don't feel any different as to t... Read more

  • Home sweet home

    5/21/2017 12:00:16 AM, by MNABOY

    We made it home last night and I started at 6:30 this morning to get last minute arrangements for estate sale windup. There was an SUV full of pe... Read more


    5/20/2017 11:16:51 PM, by JOANN25

    I kept my two great grandchildren today 1 8 weeks and 1 4 years. I will say they kept me busy but we had a good time. Ate okay .... some e... Read more


    5/19/2017 10:54:48 PM, by JOANN25

    Sounds boring but actually it is not. It also sounds like little exercise. BUT, I found after I got started that I was getting a lot of exe... Read more

  • Home again Home again giggity jog

    5/19/2017 5:12:16 PM, by MNABOY

    Getting ready to load car and drive home, thunder is getting closer. We walked to downtown with grandchildren and a friend for lunch. It was a mi... Read more

  • Return to reality

    5/19/2017 12:04:03 AM, by MNABOY

    Tomorrow we will leave my daughters 's family and return home so I can help finish the estate sale Saturday, I hope!.The weather is predicted as ... Read more


    5/18/2017 10:45:12 PM, by JOANN25

    Good thing, too. I had a multitude of errands (tasks) to do for my son and myself. Everything went well. In and out of the car ... did walking... Read more

  • Fun day

    5/17/2017 11:36:41 PM, by MNABOY

    Daughters in-laws came yesterday to watch children play ball and visit with us. Great fun tracking three games in 3 different fields, got a lot o... Read more


    5/17/2017 11:02:52 PM, by JOANN25

    Last night, I wrote a list of what I wanted to accomplish today. First thing that went wrong this morning was that I shut off my alarm and fell ... Read more

  • $100 A Month Challenge

    5/16/2017 8:44:28 PM, by IAMSUNNYHOWARD

    You can be both a masterpiece and a work in process... Read more


    5/16/2017 4:00:18 PM, by JOANN25

    i have not been on the Elyptical for a while as I was consistently skipping going to the gym. Went back to Sweatshop today and could only do 8.0... Read more

  • Someone Needs To Get Their "Poo" Together....

    5/16/2017 10:40:31 AM, by MATTD63

    ....And that someone is me, of course. I am struggling. Plain and simple. My primary issue is lack of focus, I think, I haven't spen... Read more


    5/15/2017 10:30:04 PM, by JOANN25

    i just realized how long it had been since I had written a blog ... May 8 . much too long. No good reason that would stand up. My fit bit ... Read more

  • Great evening

    5/15/2017 12:58:19 AM, by MNABOY

    Bobby Hatfield died years ago but Bucky Head filled in seamlessly and Bill Medley can still sing in his 70's! The great music of the Righteous Br... Read more

  • Hope they haven't lost that loving feeling!

    5/13/2017 4:34:12 PM, by MNABOY

    We are going to a Righteous Brothers concert tonight. One original and a relative of the deceased will bring back great memories, We will eat at ... Read more

  • Thanks for the advise

    5/12/2017 11:26:24 PM, by MNABOY

    Thank all of you friends who suggested I get the tetanus shot. Made it to dr.'s office and he gave a script to go to Health Department for tetanu... Read more

  • Tetanus shot

    5/11/2017 10:32:39 PM, by MNABOY

    Tearing down an old tv display to save several 18' 2x4's I ended up with a couple pucture wounds today. I also have some other recent cuts from w... Read more

  • Back sliding?

    5/10/2017 11:15:56 PM, by MNABOY

    Dr. said that my weight loss does not need to be in a hurry which was a great relief based on his comments the last two visits. He said "not a di... Read more

  • Celebrate the sale day

    5/9/2017 11:07:37 PM, by MNABOY

    We settled up with the sales director for the estate sale and were very pleased with the outcome even though there were many of the items I repai... Read more

  • Monday happy

    5/9/2017 12:29:57 AM, by MNABOY

    Had my visit with the cardiologist today, he was kind and encouraging and said comeback in 6 months for a stress test.... Read more

  • Sunday success

    5/7/2017 11:37:55 PM, by MNABOY

    Yesterday my oldest daughter and her middle child came to visit over night. After I left the sale we carried limbs to the street from our fallen ... Read more

  • Going Wheat-Free!

    5/7/2017 11:37:04 AM, by LSIG14

    So far, the wheat-free diet is Okay - not thrilling but okay. It really is difficult for me because I have used processed foods all my life and ... Read more

  • Three Steps I have made.

    5/6/2017 6:46:43 PM, by GAL2202

    1. Keeping Jesus Christ in my life. 2. Doing Bible Study. 3. Keeping my weight off.... Read more

  • Friday It started

    5/5/2017 6:17:48 PM, by MNABOY

    Estate sale kicked off with a great crowd all day. Tomorrow is 20% off and Sunday afternoon is 50% off. The seller says the next two days will be... Read more

  • May Updates.

    5/5/2017 9:18:24 AM, by IAMSUNNYHOWARD

    I am committed ( or maybe I should be - LOL) to blogging at least once a month. So here it is folks. Weight- I am finally in the 250's- Yea ... Read more

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