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  • Warning: Whine ahead.

    9/2/2015 7:58:49 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    I have a toothache. A bad one. And worse, it's gotten infected. I've been talking to my dentist, who prescribed an antibiotic, which I started... Read more

  • A week back with Spark

    9/2/2015 9:29:30 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    I have been back on Spark for a week or so and am loving it. I did show a gain on the scale this week, but it isn't because of what I have been ... Read more

  • 10k training

    9/1/2015 12:04:16 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    I am really busy, all the time, but have found a prett... Read more

  • Fitting it all in

    9/1/2015 10:23:45 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    Today has thrown a wrench in my carefully planned week. My husband has a doctor's appointment that I need to take him to because he won't be abl... Read more

  • Aug. 31-Sept. 6 Workout Schedule

    8/31/2015 8:54:49 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - Kickin It With Keaira Tuesday - 4 Miles, Lean Abs, Metabolic 1 Wednesday - 6 Miles, BHT, Shoulder Stablization Thursday -... Read more

  • A glimpse of the future

    8/29/2015 11:18:27 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    Today was my belly dancing class. There are, of course... Read more

  • NSV

    8/28/2015 10:32:21 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    My company brings in donuts and muffins on Fridays. I am pretty good at avoiding them unless I have to go downstairs for something. This mornin... Read more

  • Back to Spark

    8/26/2015 9:16:06 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    I left Spark to go to Weight Watchers thinking accountability to someone else would help me. After spending way too much money for a program I w... Read more

  • NSV and a goof up

    8/25/2015 9:37:11 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    So my favorite pants are too big! Yea! So I spent this morning looking for pants I could wear. Apparently, the last time I los... Read more

  • 2 workouts today

    8/25/2015 1:19:01 AM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    Just an overall great day.. a run, taught 2 classes, ... Read more

  • Aug. 24-30 Workout Schedule

    8/24/2015 8:42:16 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - Cardio Sculpt, Spine & Pelvis Stabilization Tuesday - 4 Miles, Kickin It With Keaira, Metabolic 1 Wednesday - 6 Miles, Lean Ab... Read more

  • Tonight's tired review

    8/22/2015 10:24:38 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    I'm tired. It's 9:15, but both my boys are still awake. Fitness was good, food was alright. My lunch was atrocious. 800 calories. Ick. So I... Read more

  • Another health update for you

    8/22/2015 6:07:15 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I seen Rita on Tuesday and she told me that my neck had some abnormalities with some bulging between the vertebrae. I guess my primary didn't tel... Read more

  • About bedtime

    8/19/2015 12:48:52 AM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    Today was a good day. My oldest son is a bundle of energy. It's getting a little easier to keep up with him. My seizures have been hard to de... Read more

  • Day 8 of 84

    8/18/2015 11:33:34 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Day 8 was a great day, got in a lot of work even though I didn't want to, I had such a hard time getting up eating and leaving the house. I arriv... Read more

  • Fab fitness, sucky food

    8/17/2015 11:36:30 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    Well, my exercise is going great. At least the cardio is. I'm rocking it. I just got a 1,000 minute award today! :D Strength training...not ... Read more

  • 10k training

    8/17/2015 8:17:21 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    I can't believe that I just wrote that blog title. But yes, it's true... I am training to run a 10k!!! I've been doing 10 minutes of exercise a ... Read more

  • Day 7 of 84

    8/17/2015 1:42:18 PM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Soooo today was HILARIOUS.... it was supposed to be a total rest day, but I decided to go for a short walk and maybe some yoga.. Well...being b... Read more

  • Day 6 of 84

    8/17/2015 1:34:42 PM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Great Rest day today...although I had to do some yoga and a short WOD just to keep things moving! It was super nice to do a bit of crossfit style... Read more

  • Day 5 of 84

    8/17/2015 1:19:21 PM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    This was an awesome day! I got in the weights I needed too and even a bit of Yoga...I was on track for the weekend and feeling awesome possum! I ... Read more

  • Aug. 17-23 Workout Schedule

    8/17/2015 8:54:26 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - Kickin It With Keaira, Spine & Pelvis Stabilization Tuesday - 5 Miles, BHT, Metabolic 1 Wednesday - 6 Miles, Cardio Sculpt, Sh... Read more

  • tracking is key

    8/16/2015 10:40:32 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    Have been thinking for a while that it was time to track our spending... ffriends of ours just bought a house and I'm jealous. So the last few d... Read more

  • tracking is key

    8/16/2015 10:40:13 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    Have been thinking for a while that it was time to track our spending... ffriends of ours just bought a house and I'm jealous. So the last few d... Read more

  • The scale is stuck

    8/13/2015 11:42:51 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    I'm frustrated. The scale hasn't been moving in a while, despite lots of activity. I just want the number to go DOWN. I need to start do... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    another health update

    8/13/2015 8:39:13 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    my health and other things... Read more

  • Day 4 of 84

    8/13/2015 8:58:00 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Eek have to do some rearranging today... I went for a run this morning instead of weights as I had a longer commute this morning than usual.... Read more

  • Day 3 of 84

    8/13/2015 8:51:46 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Great day! I actually got in my run after work...for those of you who don't know me...this is an epic feat! I never seem to be able to peel my... Read more

  • Day 2 of 84

    8/11/2015 12:57:46 PM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Good Afternoon Sparklers! So yesterday was good...I didn't stay on plan for food ... i snuck a few extras in there in the evening...instead of... Read more

  • Day 1 of 84

    8/10/2015 11:13:57 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    So here we go...let's see how long I can keep this going ;) Today I start my next 12 week program, I received my meal plan and workouts for the... Read more

  • Aug. 10-16 Workout Schedule

    8/10/2015 8:59:35 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - BHT, Spine & Pelvis Stabilization Tuesday - 5 Miles, Cardio Sculpt, Metabolic 1 Wednesday - 6 Miles, Kickin It With Keaira, Sh... Read more

  • My poor baby

    8/7/2015 7:17:50 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    We took my 2 mo old for his doctor appointment today. He had 3 vaccines today. He took a good nap afterwords, and now he won't stop screaming. ... Read more

  • Aug. 3-9 Workout Schedule

    8/3/2015 9:09:12 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - Core Challenge, Kickin It With Keaira, Spine & Pelvis Stabilization Tuesday - Core Challenge, 5 Miles, BHT, Metabolic 1 Wednes... Read more

  • New normal

    7/30/2015 4:14:55 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    So my hubby has been out of work for some time, and I've been working on my own without much luck for a while. So last Monday, we decided that w... Read more

  • love lost

    7/30/2015 7:01:14 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    remembering loss. Me and both Joe's got married on feb 14.1977 and 1996,and also again on june 3 2013. Today, as opposed to the past when I p... Read more

  • domestic viloence

    7/28/2015 5:30:35 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    domestic violence After I left DV I was so relieved and so happy I wasn't killed. Now I almost wish he did kill me because the agony keeps gett... Read more

  • July 27-Aug. 2 Workout Schedule

    7/27/2015 11:23:29 AM, by MOMIN09

    I am starting up my workouts again now that my back seems to be back to normal. I may have to adjust as I go depending on how things feel as I go... Read more

  • oh my...

    7/25/2015 12:32:04 AM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    Ok, I blew it today. I haven't had this poor of a calorie day in a while. It was mostly just a few poor choices. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new da... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    update on mom and my shoulders

    7/21/2015 1:50:18 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    update on my mom and my shoulders also want to let you know that Mom did not get her aductor splint off today she must wear it the whole time... Read more

  • What a scary night

    7/17/2015 10:58:41 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    I am a freelance web and graphic designer. Many of my clients, and potential clients, are on my facebook page. I may not know them well, but we... Read more

  • Day 15 of daily exercise

    7/16/2015 1:21:06 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    I work multiple jobs and have a 1 year old, and feel like I spend most of my time driving. Thursdays are my BIG DAY OFF, with only my son and I h... Read more

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