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  • Day 4 - A Change Is Gonna Come

    1/7/2015 10:52:43 PM, by HAPPIER_GUY

    Today was day 4 in my program, and it was successful. I stayed in my calorie range, and I have not consumed any diet soda. What's interesting a... Read more

  • 11/715

    1/7/2015 8:43:28 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, not much has happened the last two days. I still haven't heard from either of the two interviews I had. The recruiter hasn't heard either... Read more

  • Reaching Goals & Setting New Ones

    1/7/2015 6:09:40 PM, by BILLBILLBILL

    3 Months ago I decided to make some changes in my life. I was barely fitting into a couple of 4xl shirts and 2 pairs of 48" pants and I was miser... Read more

  • Bitter cold day

    1/7/2015 11:59:43 AM, by COOP9002

    The Arctic plunge is here in full force today. It was bitterly cold when i went out to the rec center this morning. I'm very thankful for a safe ... Read more

  • From guy with gut to guy with guns.

    1/7/2015 12:07:08 AM, by SLAPTHEFATCAT

    Day 83 of the 275 Day Challenge. I'm getting tired of myself. I don't use... Read more

  • Here's the plan, Sam!

    1/6/2015 10:20:01 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Yes, I made excuses. However, now I have a feasible plan and a goal to work towards. My plan is thus: For the first two weeks; (January ... Read more

  • The Station has left the Train

    1/6/2015 8:26:37 PM, by WRITEMANN1

    Somewhere in my car or my home, my SP Tracker is hiding from me. My wife and I started the South Beach Supercharged Diet last Sunday. 3 ... Read more

  • Yada Yada

    1/6/2015 6:29:01 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    One thing that worked for me before (in terms staying on track) was streaking and, no, I don't mean scaring the neighborhood kids by flapping my ... Read more

  • The Habit Change Cheat Sheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior

    1/6/2015 2:23:01 PM, by PMBOURQUE

    here is another article I find very helpful and thought it might be helpful to all of you. The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfu... Read more

  • 15 Tips on How Successful People Think

    1/6/2015 12:30:56 PM, by PMBOURQUE

    I just read this and thought of all of my fellow Sparkpeople friends. I thought how this could help you in your thinking. It was read online at B... Read more

  • Tuesday

    1/6/2015 10:30:43 AM, by COOP9002

    i'm not sure what's up with my cell phone. for now it's working, but it has already went into a "no service" mode a couple of times this morning.... Read more

  • 1/5/15

    1/5/2015 9:48:43 PM, by RHOOK20047

    This has been a day of bad news. Three friends had surgery today and two others have surgery tomorrow. Two couples we are friends with are gett... Read more

  • Monday

    1/5/2015 3:47:54 PM, by COOP9002

    I had a morning meeting in Moberly this morning. On my way back home, i discovered that my cell phone has decided to quit sending and receiving c... Read more

  • 1/4/15

    1/4/2015 7:16:36 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Spent a quiet day indoors. Very cold, some light snow, but bitter windy cold temps. I took the dog out for a 30 minute walks and never warmed u... Read more

  • Sunday

    1/4/2015 1:53:50 PM, by COOP9002

    our oldest daughter is feeling better today. thanks for your prayers for her. we will have our evening Bible study tonight, followed by some hoop... Read more

  • 1/3/15

    1/3/2015 10:24:55 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Took it easy today. Went shopping with my wife today and most of my 10000 steps in, going to three grocery stores, and one mall type shopping ce... Read more

  • Saturday morning

    1/3/2015 3:00:28 PM, by COOP9002

    Hope your Saturday is going well. My wife and I were able to sleep in, and then i made it to the rec center for a nice run to avoid the rain. ... Read more

  • Lost the drive

    1/2/2015 11:44:27 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I used to be quite good at working out, then something happened and I skipped the gym once... then again, then so often that I just quite entirel... Read more

  • 1/2/15

    1/2/2015 9:28:17 PM, by RHOOK20047

    What a wonderful day this was. We de-Christmased the house, taking down all the decorations, and returning the house to normal. What a job. My... Read more

  • OK. I'm not in a hopeless situation after all.

    1/2/2015 8:55:32 PM, by HEALTHIERKEN

    A big THANK YOU to SparkPeople's Dean Anderson, who writes in 3 Weight Loss Tips for Men, ". . . you donít need a six pack to greatly reduce you... Read more

  • Friday

    1/2/2015 12:48:17 PM, by COOP9002

    Hope your Friday is going well. I was able to get my first run of the new year in this morning. Due to some sinus issues i chose to run in our re... Read more

  • 1/1/15

    1/1/2015 8:50:30 PM, by RHOOK20047

    January 1, new year, new goals, reviewed old goals yesterday, and set new ones that go into effect today. Realized how I changed my life last ye... Read more

  • Happy New Years!!!

    1/1/2015 8:32:26 PM, by COOP9002

    Hope your new year started off well. I was able to get a bike ride in this morning, and then went to see "Unbroken" with our oldest daughter. Gre... Read more

  • Lost Blog: Great Outdoors Part 3 - Are You Trying to Kill Me?

    1/1/2015 2:58:27 AM, by SPEEDYDOG

    Lost Blog(s) Introduction During the five years that I have been on SparkPeople, I have composed several blogs, that for one reason or anot... Read more

  • 12/31/14

    12/31/2014 9:37:55 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, it's 7:30 p.m. on New Years eve. My wife is not feeling well and has gone to bed. I am doing some reading and reflecting. I remember las... Read more

  • Good-bye 2014

    12/31/2014 4:24:34 PM, by COOP9002

    It looks like we have everything we need for our New Year's celebration (which isn't much by the way). We went out to lunch with my parents and e... Read more

  • Day 77 of the 275 Day Challenge

    12/31/2014 12:45:03 AM, by SLAPTHEFATCAT

    The 2014 year is coming to a close and 2015 is starting, but I am in the middle of my own challenge. My 275 Day Challenge is a journey from Oc... Read more

  • 12/30/14

    12/30/2014 5:47:01 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Day 2 of walking at the Mall. Two folks said hi and asked if I was going to be a regular! Gee I must have had a look or something. I was sayin... Read more

  • New year old goals!

    12/30/2014 2:18:53 PM, by EDVEAL

    So with the new year approaching it is time for the the most common resolution of all, time to get back to focusing on my physical fitness and ea... Read more

  • Tuesday

    12/30/2014 10:25:25 AM, by COOP9002

    Heading out to visit my Mother-in-law in our hometown. Enjoy your Tuesday!... Read more

  • 12/29/14

    12/29/2014 7:49:44 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well no word on the job front, but have found a couple of new leads to check out. It was too cold to walk outside today as we started the day in... Read more

  • Small Victories

    12/29/2014 1:34:03 PM, by LUKEDADDY

    I'm here, and I brought my DW with me this time!! It has been just a few days so far, but I am feeling better than I have in months. It is ama... Read more

  • Monday

    12/29/2014 12:32:23 PM, by COOP9002

    i'm trying to use up my leftover vacation days this week. So i am at home with our youngest daughter while my wife heads off to work for the next... Read more

  • 12/28/14

    12/28/2014 9:34:15 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy this was a day and a half. I started with church and our organist didn't show, so I led the music accapella style. We had a visiting priest... Read more

  • Lost Blog: Great Outdoors Part 2 - Disaster Strikes

    12/28/2014 9:29:01 PM, by SPEEDYDOG

    Lost Blog(s) Introduction During the five years that I have been on SparkPeople, I have composed several blogs, that for one reason or anot... Read more

  • Sunday

    12/28/2014 2:17:48 PM, by COOP9002

    it's still cold here in mid-Mo. but the sun is shining so it looks warmer outside. Enjoy your Sunday... Read more

  • And it started with 10...

    12/28/2014 12:33:05 PM, by PMBOURQUE

    sit ups. Trying to get myself back into exercise. This site says to start with 10 mins. I decided to start with 10 sit-ups. I haven't done that s... Read more

  • Lost Blog: Great Outdoors Part 1 - Moderately Fit

    12/27/2014 4:03:53 PM, by SPEEDYDOG

    Lost Blog(s) Introduction During the five years that I have been on SparkPeople, I have composed several blogs, that for one reason or anoth... Read more

  • Winter Has Returned

    12/27/2014 3:12:18 PM, by COOP9002

    The shift back to normal weather has begun. It's back to cold temps and a nasty mist. Oh well, it's hard to complain considering how temperate th... Read more

  • It's like a freight train...

    12/27/2014 7:09:25 AM, by PMBOURQUE

    As some of you know, I have been going through a pretty tough time as of late. But one thing that I have noticed lately, is my weight gain instea... Read more

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