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  • Never Give Up

    4/26/2015 6:59:17 AM, by LILY8486

    I read this somewhere and felt it was an encouragement!! :-) It's easy to lose focus on your goal when you experience bad emotions and feel... Read more

  • My Little Review

    4/22/2015 4:19:45 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Wow. I haven't felt this much muscle soreness since I've used real gym equipment. Actually, the muscle soreness with that was worse, but this is ... Read more

  • Revamping my plan

    4/17/2015 7:32:14 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Everything seemed to be going okay until I got really extrememly constipated (TMI I know)...at least for me. For someone who has very healthy bow... Read more

  • Workouts/Clean Eating

    4/14/2015 4:41:05 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I've been rocking the workouts big time. During the week of Passover I managed to fit in 3 30 minute workouts, a 10 minute workout, plus a couple... Read more

  • Tried Clipless Shoes in Spin Class

    4/14/2015 1:32:02 PM, by JUDIES

    Brought my clipless shoes to spin class this morning. Took me several minutes to get them to clip in, then the instructor told me to adjust my s... Read more

  • First Long Ride of Season

    4/13/2015 10:16:52 AM, by JUDIES

    We went on our first long ride of the season yesterday. It was a bit cool in the beginning, but warmed up as we went along. Went to the Farming... Read more

  • Finally warm enough to bike!

    4/8/2015 12:30:40 PM, by JUDIES

    The weather is finally warming up enough to get out on our bikes again! Last weekend I purchased bike shoes and clipless pedals. Went on two ri... Read more

  • Asthma/Allergies

    3/25/2015 6:11:38 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    It happens. Even the most fit person gets waylaid by sickness sometimes. I got up this morning with the intention of working out. After the 2nd c... Read more

  • I just can't say enough!

    3/23/2015 8:57:10 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Seriously! I feel as though I have had a breakthrough. Yes, learning a new eating plan can be daunting, but I feel as though my eating has shifte... Read more

  • 21 Day Fix

    3/22/2015 9:17:00 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    So, I've come to realize that the eating plan in the 21 Day Fix is exactly what I need. First of all, I tracked my food for six days and it was c... Read more

  • Upped my Weights

    3/18/2015 11:59:40 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I knew that I was totally ready for heavier weights the last time I did a strength training session. Last time I threw in a fourth round just... Read more

  • Happy St Patty's Day!

    3/17/2015 12:20:58 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    We have a corned beef brisket slow cooking in the crock pot right now. Its so simple but I am very excited about it. A whole bottle of spicy brow... Read more

  • Working on a new habit

    3/16/2015 9:17:41 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Waking up super early is not something that I enjoy. I can say however, that it is getting easier. I having been waking up at the crack of d... Read more

  • Shopping

    3/14/2015 10:32:03 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Yeah, yeah I've heard it a million times..."Don't go shopping on an empty stomach". I threw caution to the wind this morning and headed to the l... Read more

  • Time to Figure This Out

    3/13/2015 10:16:35 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I'm tired of the yoyoing. SO tired of it. Yesterday was a good day though. A really good day. I'm not talking about food or exercise, but a chang... Read more

  • Trying to Make Progress

    3/10/2015 8:21:26 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I did ok today. Not perfect, but ok. Yesterday not so much. Day before that, not so much. I even ended up eating dinner (leftover Chinese) an... Read more

  • Binging

    3/8/2015 9:08:14 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Ugh. I wish I wouldn't have. Need to get past my hunger and all my emotional/physical problems and stop eating a bunch extra. I've dealt with thi... Read more

  • Costume Time!

    3/7/2015 3:49:48 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I didn't always love dressing up. I used to feel silly and uncomfortable. Now, I love it. I think that a big part of my not loving it before was ... Read more

  • Purim

    3/6/2015 2:42:20 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, its official. I'm partied out. I got my 8 hours of sleep last night, but due to all of the alchohol I've consumed I've had quite a head ach... Read more

  • I didn't want to do this

    3/2/2015 10:33:43 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    But I did. Logging that is. I didn't want to weigh myself either, but I did. its not official because I'm still on my period, but I fel... Read more

  • An update

    2/26/2015 12:56:36 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well. the past few days have been hit and miss with the blogging and with the tracking. I've not been able to exercise due to extreme coughing bu... Read more

  • Just some ramblings on my day

    2/23/2015 4:25:04 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, I must admit that I have gotten into the junky food more than I should have today. I'm not feeling well physically and I caved for cookies ... Read more

  • My Get Better Plan

    2/22/2015 11:20:10 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I'm not feeling well. Cold+ Asthma doesn't bode well. I will be baking off on exercise (mostly just walk away the pounnds, light strength trainin... Read more

  • I'll just keep my positivity thank you very much

    2/20/2015 8:51:05 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Today started okay...just fine actually. I got a lot done including a afternoon workout. I cut the workout a little short, but I still got a dece... Read more

  • Making a 180

    2/19/2015 2:52:21 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well I had a huge blog written out and just as I was about to be done I accidently pushed a button and deleted it. I don't have the energy or the... Read more

  • Digging Deep To Find a Solution

    2/18/2015 11:05:43 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I've been having a really hard time mentally. This process is not all roses. Honestly, today I have just felt like crying. Yesterday, after I blo... Read more

  • Measuring My Progress

    2/17/2015 9:50:27 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I'm debating whether or not to weigh myself on Friday. My reasoning for this is because I have not done very well the past few days. I feel like ... Read more

  • Looking Forward and Not Behind

    2/16/2015 2:47:15 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I was pretty bumbed today. Between gaining weight on Friday and eating way too much over the weekend I felt like this whole thing was impossible.... Read more

  • A Crazy Weekend

    2/15/2015 8:59:31 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Its a good crazy, but still crazy just the same. We almost never go out to eat. We don't even do fast food anymore. We have always treated oursel... Read more

  • Feeling Better

    2/13/2015 11:17:28 AM, by JUDIES

    Feeling much better. Now I need to get a routine going again, including tracking in here. I've been researching things that I can do to h... Read more

  • Just a Little Encouragement

    2/13/2015 10:50:07 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I don't normally post two blogs in one day. Today I have felt a little down because of my weight gain. While I've been doing dishes I put on some... Read more

  • I Made It Through The Night

    2/13/2015 9:38:59 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Yup, I didn't have any midnight binges. However, that nasty scale says that I have gained 3 pounds! Huh? How is this even possible. I think I've... Read more

  • I Still Make Mistakes

    2/12/2015 12:52:31 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Yes, I am focusing on my health. Yes, I am eating healthy foods. Yes, I am exercising. But, you know what? I still slip up. I still have binge ep... Read more

  • Extra Little Boosts for My Health.

    2/11/2015 11:05:03 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Today has gone fairly well. I did have a couple of hours where I felt a bit nauseated, but that passed once I ate my soup. I put some sauer kraut... Read more

  • Small Changes , Big Results

    2/11/2015 6:50:02 AM, by LILY8486

    I found this challenge page and wanted to save it for me.. LOL Then I thought perhaps some of my Spark friends would enjoy reading! I thought ... Read more

  • Baby Steps

    2/10/2015 7:07:25 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Not every day is going to be perfect. In fact, I've quit chasing perfection. Its unattainable and pointless. Today was just one of those days whe... Read more

  • Healthy Eating, Healthy Friendships

    2/9/2015 12:35:02 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Healthy eating is important and so is healthy friendships. What kind of friends do you have? I have a friend that I've been really good frie... Read more

  • Eating healthy on the fly

    2/8/2015 3:38:27 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I am used to a pretty stable routine. I know what I have in the house and I can plan a day fairly easily. Not that there aren't days... Tod... Read more

  • Take Time For Yourself

    2/7/2015 11:19:30 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Today I learned an important lesson. I am important. I had an obligation that I had made a commitment to. Normally, I will do whatever i... Read more

  • 2 Pounds down!

    2/6/2015 12:13:05 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Wow! Just wow! Last year when I attempted this on My Fitness Pal, my success wasn't nearly as good. I've lost 11 lbs so far this year. Last year... Read more

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