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  • better than yesterday!

    2/10/2016 4:05:34 AM, by GAMINGGRANDMA

    Next time, I hope to be a little more interesing. My sons son is going to be here for a few days so I figured that I could not get to the class.... Read more

  • Daddy's Eve

    2/10/2016 12:57:56 AM, by KAMCCLARY

    My Dad turns 86 years young in heaven tomorrow. I have the day off for dental work. I have been thinking how to honor him because all my life h... Read more

  • Carbs

    2/10/2016 12:54:02 AM, by MAY_FIT

    I love carbs, I really do. That's what I have come to discover! Carbs, Sugars, etc I love them. This is not helping my plan to loss weight and ge... Read more

  • Day 40 - The Wind!

    2/10/2016 12:19:51 AM, by KALEWINE

    3 Things I'm Thankful For: 1. The wind didn't carry me away today. 2. Good lunch with a good friend. 3. A good job.... Read more

  • New to Sparks

    2/9/2016 10:18:02 PM, by MGBLUE

    I've only been using this app for a couple of weeks. I am very happy at how well this app is working for me - it's so much easier to track my foo... Read more

  • Breakfast

    2/9/2016 9:37:04 PM, by TINA103

    I don't know about breakfasts. I need good ideas with recipes. Quick ones. I never seem to have time.... Read more

  • Exhausted.

    2/9/2016 9:21:07 PM, by TLSMITH2012

    I am chronically fatigued. It is so difficult to have a normal life when you are tired all the time. I haven't been able to focus at school or wo... Read more

  • Friends

    2/9/2016 9:11:28 PM, by PJM1968

    Today has been really cold, so did 40 minute zumba routine indoors. Made a good breakfast, did some laundry and it was time for work. I've alread... Read more

  • What is the one thing I am good at ...

    2/9/2016 8:56:17 PM, by LCHALEW-F

    Being a friend to others... Read more

  • Trick your mind and eat healthy!

    2/9/2016 8:31:17 PM, by TMZ777

    This evening I had a great workout not mention I didn'... Read more

  • What the HEY~~~

    2/9/2016 6:49:08 PM, by MERMAIDWALKS

    Today is day 3 of celebrations. Superbowl... ate well... CHECK. Monday... Chinese New Year... Lots of veggies and meals that includ... Read more

  • Grants

    2/9/2016 5:38:52 PM, by CAREYB1975

    Soooo, I got a grant to offset the costs of two of my "races" (using the term loosely because I'm lucky to finish), and while I'm super happy, no... Read more

  • Quote I got this morning

    2/9/2016 5:32:38 PM, by SANDY1380

    ... Read more

  • 2/9/16

    2/9/2016 5:30:03 PM, by SANDY1380

    I too cancel my account with WW due to money. I am just going to use spark and just plan eating healthy for now. I am doing much better today. We... Read more

  • 11 days

    2/9/2016 5:16:26 PM, by REYJADE014

    Im really motivated rn. 11 days till party! I need to lose about 2.15 a week for the next two to get to my goal. I havent been eating great or ex... Read more

  • Up all night, almost too tired to care...

    2/9/2016 4:39:41 PM, by HORACEMIDDLETON

    Been up on and off all night worried about the possible snow-day. It turned into a 2 hour delay. Just made it to grad class after a full day of g... Read more

  • Grocery Shopping

    2/9/2016 4:25:58 PM, by ANDYSTHERESA

    My least favorite job is grocery shopping. Today we were walking down the isles, and all I could see were the thing I use to buy. I wanted them. ... Read more

  • Starting Over. Again!

    2/9/2016 4:10:50 PM, by OWNWHOYOUARE

    I used to be on SparkPeople awhile ago. I ended up closing my account because I was so overwhelmed with all of the options, challeng... Read more

  • Day 2 Paleo Challenge

    2/9/2016 4:05:28 PM, by KATHLEEN624

    Today is going really great. After a great breakfast I went out to do a little grocery shopping for tonight's supper. I am making chicken broth B... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Surgery Date! Winter Photos.

    2/9/2016 3:33:44 PM, by _LINDA

    The big machine that is responsible for tearing down the remains of the bridge! My foot surgery date is March 22! Finally! I was concern... Read more

  • Old me in 2009-2010

    2/9/2016 3:30:57 PM, by MEKMEK85

    Hi everyone, I thought I would share some old pictures of myself when I first start my weight loss. Both of them go back to 2009 and 2010. I w... Read more

  • Thank You!

    2/9/2016 2:36:14 PM, by RENEEREYES

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Responding to my blog is what I needed! Before SP I never let anyone know of my struggles but now I'm reaching out! ... Read more

  • The beginning

    2/9/2016 2:32:41 PM, by CHUBYCAT19

    I'm just sick of being this fat. I have so much anger built up and this nasty body does not help much at all. When I was younger I was an average... Read more

  • Took a break...Now I hurt

    2/9/2016 2:20:43 PM, by DKUBO04

    So this weekend, I took a break from working out. So I didn't work out Saturday, Sunday, or even last night. Let me tell you... my body doesn't ... Read more


    2/9/2016 1:31:21 PM, by DEVSANGEL1

    I have been a good girl. Really I have. I have gotten much better at making my goals, walking, working out, eating....but then....nothing!! Th... Read more

  • Half an inch a day!

    2/9/2016 1:24:07 PM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    I measured the 7th and I lost 1.5 inches since my last measuring (had been the 1/9 or 12/30 for last changes to certain areas), I lost half an in... Read more


    2/9/2016 1:23:56 PM, by HEALTHYFIT2016

    I'm a habitual complainer. I get it from my mother... or so I'm told. It's true. Everything can be made out to be a chore and everything is ha... Read more

  • No More Baggage

    2/9/2016 1:09:51 PM, by MRSPINCKNEY

    Take control of your life again. Refuse to allow ba... Read more

  • Help!

    2/9/2016 12:17:00 PM, by RENEEREYES

    I feel myself slipping away from my program........ Read more

  • Re-routing negative thinking into positive thinking....

    2/9/2016 11:58:25 AM, by JEN-JENG

    There are days when I think too much about the things that aren't going right in my life. I get bogged down in negative thinking and can't seem ... Read more

  • Back up on my feet

    2/9/2016 11:56:52 AM, by JANNY316

    I am back up on my feet this week-yay! Been two weeks since I have been able to get much of any movement at all. Felt like such a slug! Even w... Read more

  • Yoga today

    2/9/2016 11:51:55 AM, by MLIEN913

    Today is not a good day physically. My back has flared and movement is horribly painful. But I will not give in! If I don't at least do yoga I mi... Read more

  • Thank you for reminding me

    2/9/2016 11:12:25 AM, by A_NEW_CHAPTER

    I'm so frustrated (if you couldn't tell from yesterday's post) It always seems to be something. . But I guess that's life -- th... Read more

  • My Engergy is Returning

    2/9/2016 10:54:49 AM, by NMOCHRIS

    When I am eating correctly I have a lot of energy. In my youth I was very active and very thin. I have reacted to stress by eating. Now I am taki... Read more

  • Strength in Numbers

    2/9/2016 10:45:19 AM, by NMUTT71

    Today I'm feeling anxious and I am reaching out to the wonderfully supportive Spark community. Not for myself but for my brother and his family. ... Read more

  • Shock is gone

    2/9/2016 10:36:29 AM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    So now the initial shock had with off, I'm in tears. I secretly had hoped to see a small weight loss today because I really have been trying. I k... Read more

  • Still not feeling well...

    2/9/2016 10:30:58 AM, by PAIGE2017

    I am still not feeling well but was reminded this morning on the radio that the majority of people give up their new year's resolutions today. I... Read more

  • Snow?!?!

    2/9/2016 10:29:35 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    The groundhog may have predicted an early spring but here in Charleston, Illinois it is cold and snowy. I'm so ready for warm weather and my walk... Read more

  • Ugh!!!

    2/9/2016 10:23:33 AM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    So I am at the drs and I swear their scale hates me! I weighed 413 today but a month ago I was 392. I know I've been fluctuating between 390 and ... Read more

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