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  • Meal Planning for Week 94

    5/22/2015 2:41:56 PM, by BLUEDIADEM

    This week's meal plan was delicious and we stuck to it really well! Everything was really fantastic, and while I didn't quite survive last night'... Read more

  • FREE SparkRally July 25, Registering Now

    5/22/2015 1:47:02 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    July 25th, we will be having a SPARK RALLY at the Noblesville, Indiana Library from 10 am -5 pm. BE EXCITED! We always have lots of fun and YOU... Read more

  • Week 95: Weigh In Day

    5/22/2015 11:25:01 AM, by BLUEDIADEM

    Well, we did it. We came, we saw, we didn't lose an... Read more

  • Up two and 1/2 lb and I know why.

    5/21/2015 3:31:35 PM, by TARDAR1

    Today I stepped on a scale and was rewarded with the knowledge that I was 2.5 lb heavier. Thank goodness that I track my food, because I was able... Read more

  • my relationship. ..

    5/21/2015 2:18:20 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how healthy do I think my relationship with food is? To be quite honest with you: I am going to give myself an 8. I think m... Read more

  • I Have A Fear Of Being Thin

    5/21/2015 12:20:20 PM, by ALYSSAR2012

    I have a fear. I’d call it an irrational fear to some extent. I am scared to be thin. It is what I want the most, yet I fear it tremendously. ... Read more

  • Today

    5/20/2015 10:28:35 PM, by RIPRISE

    I cannot decide if today was a good day for me or a bad day.... I went to Sweet Tomatoes with my family for lunch. I ended up eating WAY mo... Read more

  • EH.

    5/20/2015 8:05:37 PM, by STRIKERSANGEL

    Well the past couple of days were pretty good. Spent the weekend with the amazing boyfriend. And have worked the last 3 days. Almost got washed o... Read more

  • Cleaning

    5/20/2015 12:47:58 PM, by TARDAR1

    It is raining outside, so I am cleaning my house...yec. But DH is helping me , so it is not too bad. This morning my glucose was 122. I think I... Read more

  • Getting Real About Why I'm Here

    5/20/2015 12:18:27 PM, by BLUEDIADEM

    Last night the brainweasels got to me a bit. You know the ones, the little guys that wiggle into your brain and suddenly you're looking up the di... Read more

  • 05/19/2015 DUH! finally illuminated a light bulb

    5/19/2015 6:40:29 PM, by KIMBERLY0916

    for as much as I think & expound upon ideas & use logic i have these super DUH moments that you would think would be super obvious .. here's the ... Read more

  • Day 1264- Feeling Powerful

    5/19/2015 3:00:22 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Day 139 of 2015: Sorry for the delay since my last blog. I was really confused and unsure with how to move forward. I think sin... Read more

  • Goal 1 - 299

    5/19/2015 2:08:29 PM, by ALYSSAR2012

    A couple days ago I was 307.2 lbs and had set a goal to be 299. (No specific time frame, that would just be my next small goal.) This morning I w... Read more

  • Gratitude

    5/19/2015 12:18:46 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Today I am most grateful for the breaths that I take, my freedom, my physical and mental abilities and my life that God has given me.... Read more

  • Beautiful day

    5/19/2015 10:15:55 AM, by TARDAR1

    Today is a beautiful day. I was up early, step child has 8th grade graduation tonight. I have to run to my mothers and am going to be very busy. ... Read more

  • Injuries Are for the Birds

    5/19/2015 2:04:55 AM, by BLUEDIADEM

    The whole knee thing is really starting to bum me out. I felt so good yesterday, walked a lot, but now I'm paying for it. I want so badly to avoi... Read more

  • 1 more day.

    5/18/2015 7:11:49 PM, by SANDY1969

    Wow so here we are. Almost a month since my last blog. I have to say that lately I just don't have what it takes. I feel like such a fraud. ... Read more

  • Sparking in the sunshine?

    5/18/2015 4:50:59 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Absolutely!! Woke a bit late this morning and thought that I had missed my chance for a great workout! Grumble...grumble...humph! Raced around, a... Read more

  • Week 95: Brain Hack

    5/18/2015 10:25:01 AM, by BLUEDIADEM

    So here we are, starting the fifth week of our 100 Weeks of Healthy Countdown. FIVE WEEKS! It's pretty great and it's blowing my mind how differe... Read more

  • Reflecting on the Weekend

    5/18/2015 1:17:15 AM, by BLUEDIADEM

    This was actually a really great weekend despite some badness that started when my husband decided to make us breakfast with some bacon that had ... Read more

  • 05/17/2015 mindful eating

    5/17/2015 8:20:02 PM, by KIMBERLY0916

    one of the groups i'm in recently had someone start a topic about mindful eating and asked for tips and tricks on how to do so... this was my qui... Read more

  • Day 2 Life is Good

    5/17/2015 11:10:11 AM, by TARDAR1

    I am on day two of my blogs and day 16 of my new eating changes. I have been walking, will improve on this as I gain more muscle mass and energy.... Read more

  • I am back

    5/16/2015 4:20:03 PM, by TARDAR1

    I am back again. I seem to fail at everything, however, the failure stops here. I was lucky enough to go to VA to visit my daughter and her fa... Read more

  • HALT Emotional Eating

    5/16/2015 8:47:15 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I learned a saying back when I was going to Overeaters Annonymous called HALT which stands for HUNGRY, ANGRY, LONELY and Tired. I actually like ... Read more

  • 05/15/2015 upside down day

    5/15/2015 10:36:23 PM, by KIMBERLY0916

    today was an upside down day. meaning i had a easy day and lots of other people had some misery and probably couldn't explain why. i only get the... Read more

  • Poor Little Bunny

    5/15/2015 1:04:29 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    I was at my moms house the other day and it turned out to be quite an adventure. It all started when I took her little dog out to the back yard.... Read more

  • Meal Planning for Week 95

    5/15/2015 12:33:30 PM, by BLUEDIADEM

    This week we pretty much stuck to our plan for dinners every night and it was really great!! We ate well, we had wonderful lunches and delicious ... Read more

  • Week 96 Weigh-In Surprise

    5/15/2015 12:13:56 PM, by BLUEDIADEM

    STARTING WEIGHT: 316 LAST WEIGHT: 310 CURRENT WEIGHT: 309 It's Week 96 on my 100-week countdown, and this one came with a pleasant surpr... Read more

  • Day 1260- Soul Searching

    5/15/2015 11:21:26 AM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Day 135 of 2015: Total Calories Burned This Week: 504+618+507+180=1,809 Total Calories Burned This Year: 43,915 This blog is... Read more

  • still moving along

    5/15/2015 9:36:19 AM, by SOCCERTAZ

    Earlier this week, spent time at an out of town meeting. It is really hard to eat healthy when you have to eat out a lot. I tried to be healthy b... Read more

  • 05/14/2015 it's the little things

    5/15/2015 12:04:38 AM, by KIMBERLY0916

    so the past couple of days i've been in a LOT of fibro fog and crippling pain. how a lot of people who work out tend to dread "Leg Day" and can't... Read more

  • A big change!

    5/14/2015 10:25:06 PM, by BLUEDIADEM

    I've had my teal hair for almost 3 years now, but a... Read more

  • Day is done and so isn't my Sparkin'

    5/14/2015 9:49:15 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    A long day is over and my spark is fizzling out. Don't will fizzle till dawn and burn bright again! I have sparked 50 minutes of exerci... Read more

  • Dear Exercise

    5/14/2015 3:07:16 PM, by RIPRISE

    Dear Exercise, I love you! I don't know why I dread you so much because every time we get together, I feel AMAZING! Even though I only vis... Read more

  • Day 1258- Recharging

    5/13/2015 10:55:46 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Day 133 of 2015: Weight: 185.0 Total Calories Burned This Week: 504+618+507=1,629 Total Calories Burned This Year: 43,735 ... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 15 May 2015

    5/13/2015 3:35:33 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Weigh in after SRD wasn't the greatest. It's not easy when you are eating every meal out for 3 days, although I don't think I did too bad. I wa... Read more

  • And they said "Never"

    5/13/2015 1:38:38 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    A year ago I began working with a new Physical Therapist, Gabe, who has saved my life. After 21yrs of dealing with left side mobility issues, pos... Read more

  • Rethinking Portions

    5/13/2015 1:37:41 PM, by BLUEDIADEM

    So there's this thing I do every day while I'm plot... Read more

  • What A Difference Choices Make

    5/12/2015 2:02:53 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    We had our first cookout for this spring last week. Nothing fancy, just burgers on the barbie with all the fixings and chips with dip. I though... Read more

  • Working and Fat

    5/12/2015 10:22:29 AM, by RIPRISE

    Today is one of those days at my job that I dread coming in. The reason? Well, today is a seminar day. Two to four times a month, I work late ... Read more

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