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  • Day 4

    7/28/2016 7:31:24 PM, by COCOSMOMMA

    Today when I got up, my fasting sugar was 191...oh those consequences! I ran Shawn to work and then the kids and I went to the track. There is a ... Read more

  • Get Ready, Set, Go!

    7/28/2016 4:59:20 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Not tomorrow, now! Why even wait until tomorrow when you can start your new lifestyle right now? I know, because you have to eat up all the foo... Read more

  • Today is the 1st day...

    7/27/2016 7:35:20 PM, by TKRYSTINA

    Today is the 1st day in a really long time that I had numerous crafting ideas just come to me as I saw items to work with. I really enjoyed my da... Read more

  • Day 3...

    7/27/2016 7:08:31 PM, by COCOSMOMMA

    I bombed...Like shamefully bombed, like what was I thinking bombed! I checked my sugar this morning and it was 111...yay me right???? No, I then ... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/26/2016 8:57:10 PM, by COCOSMOMMA

    Today I woke up and did some laundry. I checked my fasting sugar which was 125, not too shabby :) I ate corn pops and 2% milk. I had to be at wor... Read more

  • today started way too early

    7/26/2016 4:31:30 PM, by LEENIE114

    Hubs gets up at 530 every morning. He's a morning person. I'm more of a pull the covers over my head and make whiny noises person, especially tha... Read more

  • Day 1 of every day blogging

    7/25/2016 10:35:16 PM, by COCOSMOMMA

    I got up this morning and cleaned up a little, did a little laundry, making sure to check my fasting blood sugar. It was 121 this morning. Way cl... Read more

  • Phase Two...

    7/25/2016 11:19:05 AM, by NCBOOKGIRL

    Phase Two, Starts NOW! Today is the day that I start to finally tackle Phase Two of my journey. The phase will be tackled with tenacity and... Read more

  • Going to...or Trying to?

    7/21/2016 2:33:40 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Am I Going to lose weight or am I Trying to lose weight? This answer really does waver, which needs to change. BUT! For now... I am eating fair ... Read more

  • Washing Machine Woes!

    7/21/2016 2:19:22 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    I returned home after a band concert last night to find my laundry room an inch deep in water! Called the repairman today. When it rsins it pour... Read more

  • Square One

    7/20/2016 10:19:27 PM, by -SUGARKISSES-

    Okay, I've been gone for a few weeks, because of a very difficult time in my life. I've been debating how to talk bout things on here in a blog b... Read more

  • New Goals -

    7/20/2016 7:03:24 PM, by SYLVIEGIRL

    If ever was a more important time to get fit, now is it. Bulimia has me in a hold, and I have been struggling. I have gained 108 lbs in a ... Read more

  • Not Counting, Just Losing

    7/20/2016 10:22:46 AM, by MOMMY_LOVE8260

    I have discovered something wonderful! My body actually WANTS to lose this excessive weight that I have packed on over the ... Read more

  • Three More Vacation Weeks

    7/19/2016 3:44:55 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    All of you that teach have probably realized that summer vacation is almost over and soon we will be back in the classroom with our kids. Thursda... Read more

  • Inspired...

    7/19/2016 12:58:29 PM, by NCBOOKGIRL

    It's no lie that I have been struggling with Phase 2 of my journey. It's been difficult for me to get in the right mind set to tackle the challen... Read more

  • A year and a day

    7/17/2016 10:05:34 PM, by AMAOLIVIA

    July 16th was one year since I decided to live a healthier life. I'm 102 pounds lighter than I was a year ago. I wear clothes that are five size... Read more

  • Haters Hate

    7/17/2016 6:27:09 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Haters hate At people's weight They just don't see Inside of me I want to hide I just could cry Where did happy go? Haters hate But it's too la... Read more

  • Phase Two...Begin Again...Continue

    7/16/2016 10:10:26 AM, by NCBOOKGIRL

    I look at this phase of my weight loss journey that I am currently in as phase two. I have already lost almost 50 pounds since I started my journ... Read more

  • Little things = great day

    7/16/2016 12:53:40 AM, by HAILIES_NANA

    l always go to the store with a list or certain items in mind. l always get what's on the list, but l also pick up other things. Cookies, a can... Read more

  • MEH

    7/15/2016 11:21:34 PM, by LEENIE114

    So 250 seems to be my new nemesis. I did get below it, but am now fighting to get back down below it. Until I do, no rewards. I think I need a 5 ... Read more

  • Took 5 kids to the lake and almost only came home with 3...(Emotional Trigger)

    7/15/2016 10:46:29 PM, by COCOSMOMMA

    Life is fragile and today I was reminded of that as my 2 oldest boys almost drowned. I took my kids to our new swimming spot and they were playin... Read more

  • I'm already HUGE, so why bother? It never gets better.

    7/15/2016 6:05:17 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I used to feel that way and STILL have those days! At 460 pounds, I honestly thought that something was so wrong with my body that I was totally... Read more

  • MTHFR mutation?

    7/13/2016 7:57:12 PM, by KIMBERLY0916

    I keep running into mention of this MTHFR gene mutation in my research about all my crappy and debilitating symptoms and diagnoses: thyroid,... Read more

  • Another morning of Walking

    7/13/2016 1:12:41 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    I forgot to set my alarm but I woke up early anyways and put on my walking shoes and clothes, got my Richard Simmons "See America" tape and took ... Read more

  • Natural Weight Loss

    7/13/2016 9:35:16 AM, by MOMMY_LOVE8260

    ting-food-you-love This article is an awesome motivator for natur... Read more

  • I just realized....

    7/12/2016 11:51:56 PM, by AMAOLIVIA

    I've only lost about 2 pounds in 20 some odd days. At least some of that was vacation time so I suppose I should be happy to be down at all. Yes... Read more

  • Moderation

    7/12/2016 1:17:48 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    One of my favorite quotes used to be "Everything in excess, moderation is for monks." I thought to myself that I should squeeze the juice out of... Read more

  • Just Get Started

    7/12/2016 8:22:13 AM, by BECOMEFIT

    I use to walk 3 miles every day and had lots of energy. I got out of the habit but I started again today. It was hard but I feel so much better!... Read more

  • Started my Plan

    7/11/2016 2:52:57 PM, by K-RAE82

    yesterday I met with my friend Scott and we started my exercise plan. Its a great combo of upper and lower body strength in a circuit to get my c... Read more

  • Two down and only 98 more to go!

    7/10/2016 11:19:54 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    You would think that this would be depressing to me, but I feel so empowered with the help of Spark People. I don't think the amount... Read more

  • Week of July 4th

    7/10/2016 11:34:00 AM, by COCOSMOMMA

    I havent been keeping up with my blogs very well :( I found out on July 1st that I am being treated like a Type 2 Diabetes patient because my Dr ... Read more

  • The U Turn- Emotional Eating/ Binge Eating

    7/9/2016 11:47:26 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I have a ton to say on the subject. I noticed most wait til the next day to start fresh. I like to start fresh at the next meal, rather than th... Read more

  • TGIF

    7/8/2016 9:07:07 PM, by LEENIE114

    So last month, I thought I had an appointment with my Endo. Turns out I had the time and date correct, but I was a month early. (Face palm) So...... Read more

  • Feeling Today

    7/8/2016 6:55:01 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    I feel encouraged today with my SP plan.... Read more

  • Sushi

    7/8/2016 6:42:21 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    My grand daughters have been trying to get me to eat a d enjoy sushi as they do. Recently they had me try several different rolls. Some I could n... Read more

  • Emotional Eating

    7/8/2016 3:37:43 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I think most of us have the emotional eating issue. T... Read more

  • Day 189 of my VLCD Journey!

    7/7/2016 1:15:10 PM, by GEAUXSAMGEAUX16

    Name calling, I am pretty sure everyone on this sight has experienced name calling either in school or have heard the whispers behind your back. ... Read more

  • Day 188 of my VLCD journey!

    7/6/2016 3:12:46 PM, by GEAUXSAMGEAUX16

    July is here I can't believe it!!!! I spent a long weekend at the cabin with family and I did really well! I did allow myself to eat a brat and s... Read more

  • Still early (less than a week) but Feeling Better!

    7/6/2016 12:44:25 PM, by BECOMEFIT

    I am VERY early in this process, but I still feel very positive and excited about getting healthier. Y... Read more

  • Evolution

    7/4/2016 8:34:48 PM, by MONIQUEDVA

    Today is July 4th which is the USA's Independence Day. I have recently exited an 11 year relationship & I am once again learning to be independen... Read more

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