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  • My Back is Improving

    6/22/2017 8:36:24 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    About every year-and-one-half or so, my lower back goes out. It starts with feeling slight muscular discomfort, and then within days gets so bad ... Read more

  • Feeling good

    6/22/2017 8:16:29 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I lost 17lbs of muscle since surgery :( my exercise p... Read more

  • Lower Back Pain - Any Suggestions?

    6/19/2017 6:39:16 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    I just got over a cold, and now my lower back hurting and making it hard to walk or function. This is the third time this has happened over the l... Read more

  • When skipping exercise is the right thing to do

    6/15/2017 9:57:33 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    I'm usually pretty disciplined about doing my exercise everyday, and I planned to go out to the golf range, strike some balls, and then go for a ... Read more

  • The Tour of France is Coming!

    6/14/2017 9:36:30 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    J'aime Le Tour de France! July 1-23 - the best in the world compete in the greatest bike race in the world! Read more

  • My View at Breakfast

    6/13/2017 10:52:29 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    Every morning is I sit to eat the first meal of the d... Read more

  • Golfing Today

    6/12/2017 7:49:41 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    Today I got to go play a round of golf with a good fr... Read more

  • Awesome Walk Today

    6/7/2017 2:29:12 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    I had the privilege today of walking for about an hour while meditating on John 6:1-15, the story of Jesus feeding 5000 plus with only Five Loave... Read more

  • Tilling and Planting Today

    6/6/2017 11:22:35 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    We have a fairly big yard but two areas are completed shaded and the grass has given way to bare ground. So later today I plan to till up the gro... Read more

  • Day Off...Probably Going to Golf

    6/5/2017 9:23:55 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    Today is my one day off per week, and oh am I tempted to go golfing! There's a little executive course near my house that's very challenging but ... Read more

  • I'm Sleepy

    6/4/2017 11:03:38 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    It's been a long day, a good day, and I'm sleepy! Time to crash, night-night, ya'll.... Read more

  • Day of Meditation

    6/3/2017 7:55:25 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    I am the preaching pastor of a church near Minneapolis and since I was behind in my normal message preparation, I had to devote my entire day to ... Read more

  • Another Beautiful Day!

    6/2/2017 9:51:01 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    It's another beautiful day in the Minneapolis area, and I look forward to doing my work outside today. I am a white-collar guy, but I can work fr... Read more

  • Get to go Golfing!

    6/1/2017 2:33:13 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    It's a beautiful day in the Minneapolis area: 75 degrees, sunny, slight breeze. So I'm going golfing on a little 18 hole executive course. It's n... Read more

  • Caffeine - The Key Obstacle in my Journey

    5/31/2017 11:51:29 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    Over the years, I've walked away from SP a number of times and for a variety of reasons, but every time I've done so, I've gained weight. This ti... Read more

  • Feeling good

    5/27/2017 7:08:10 PM, by HSARMYWF

    I'm having puréed food and it's going well. I feel good I walked 7k steps yesterday. My sleeve surgery 5/12 and my emergency gallbladder surgery... Read more

  • 2nd surgery in 10 days

    5/24/2017 9:52:56 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I had sleeve gastrectomy 5/12/17 Then had gallbladder removal on Monday. Just trying to feel better. My Dr said I can do cardio in 3 wks and lift... Read more

  • Mid-May Update

    5/23/2017 10:56:49 AM, by RAINBOWCHARMER

    Oops. Somehow I missed updating in April. And technically this is a little past the middle of May. But... I'm here! So that's what counts. ... Read more

  • Uggh

    5/20/2017 7:45:40 PM, by HSARMYWF

    So it looks like Im having a gallbladder issue now. I had gallstones before surgery they thought the actigall would work but Ive been losing so m... Read more

  • Had gastric sleeve surgery a week ago

    5/19/2017 12:06:51 PM, by HSARMYWF

    So I had my gastric sleeve done at Walter Reed last Friday. It went very well. I got excellent care. I lost 9lbs in a week on top of the 7lbs of ... Read more

  • Quick Update

    5/12/2017 2:56:14 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Boot camp starts Monday! I'm trying a new medicine, lamictal, for my bipolar. So far so good! Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I'v... Read more

  • WHY I still SP and BLC

    5/7/2017 2:41:12 PM, by ROX5CAR

    I've been on Sparkpeople since 2010. I was in the morbidly obese range, unhealthy, and looked at people like they were crazy for the exercise the... Read more

  • Day 6 on liquid diet for surgery

    5/4/2017 7:08:15 AM, by HSARMYWF

    So far I've lost 12 lbs since 4/27 when I started liquids. 44lbs lost at together since 11/25. I'm working out 3 times a day now still. I'm on 1,... Read more

  • Liquid diet

    5/2/2017 8:26:48 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I'm on my liquid diet for my gastric sleeve surgery 5/12. I've been on it since 4/27. I've been working out twice a day. I've lost 10 lbs. I'm do... Read more


    4/30/2017 8:37:39 AM, by ROX5CAR

    I have been a BLC member since Round 13. This is the best team here on SP. It keeps me accountable, and I meet so many new people on the same jou... Read more

  • Started 2 wk liquid diet for surgery

    4/27/2017 8:06:36 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I went down to visit my daughter in GA. I did a ton of work on the house. I came back yesterday afternoon. I started liquids today. My surgery is... Read more

  • Whoa!

    4/26/2017 8:40:09 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    I woke up today and I was back down to 391.4 :) OKAY, maybe it was just water weight. That means I only have 3 lbs to lose to be back to where I ... Read more

  • New starting weight

    4/25/2017 8:06:31 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    394.2 A gain of almost 6 lbs :/ all of the fast food and maybe the side effects of my medicine contributed to this gain. I think I need to j... Read more

  • I moved!

    4/24/2017 6:33:18 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    The move is over! Now I'm unpacking everything. I have 3 weeks until the bootcamp starts, so I'm planning to focus on eating healthy, going to th... Read more

  • Recipes

    4/16/2017 7:42:21 PM, by ELYSIAN_DREAMS

    Flaming Amy’s Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins Serves: 5 What You Need: 1 large can pineapple chunks,... Read more

  • Weigh In, Is water the culprit?

    4/16/2017 12:20:58 PM, by AIMLESS07

    4/9/17 200.4 lbs Chest-38 Waist- 31.5 Hips-39 Butt- 44.5 Thigh- 22.5 Calf- 14.5 Arm-13 4/16/17 199.8 lbs (-.6 lbs) ... Read more

  • Today I turn 42 and celebrate Easter

    4/16/2017 8:02:51 AM, by HSARMYWF

    Enjoying the day by going to mass, working out, and going to a brunch on base at the officers club. I wasn't going to cook today. I'm down to ... Read more

  • Low Carb and updated Fast Food Plan

    4/11/2017 8:18:45 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I took a diabetes education class with my friend, Cat! The dietitian there recommended that I try to get 10 servings of 15g carb, or about 150g p... Read more

  • Weigh In 4/9/17

    4/9/2017 10:20:12 AM, by AIMLESS07

    4/9/17 200.4 lbs Chest-38 Waist- 31.5 Hips-39 Butt- 44.5 Thigh- 22.5 Calf- 14.5 Arm-13 My measurements aren't terrible as compared when I was at... Read more

  • Packing

    4/7/2017 7:07:13 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    My brother is coming out to help me pack for the move this weekend! For the past 2 days, I've been eating breakfast and sticking to my eati... Read more

  • Weigh-in

    4/5/2017 12:16:52 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I gained 1.2 lb this week :( I know why. My cravings and portions have been out of control -- from pizza last Wednesday to fast food ... Read more

  • :D

    4/3/2017 12:18:09 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Today I was feeling good so I went a little bit faster at the gym. I managed to beat my personal best on my mile of jogging intervals by more tha... Read more

  • Down to 215- 35 lbs down now

    4/2/2017 10:21:19 PM, by HSARMYWF

    I'm trying to get to 200lbs by May 11 my surgery date. So I'm working very hard to get to my goal. So many changes coming with the upcoming surge... Read more

  • Weekly weigh in

    3/29/2017 1:41:19 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I'm down 2.2 lb this week :D!!! I wasn't perfect (far from it), but I made a lot of good, small decisions. Hopefully this trend conti... Read more

  • Why can't I be happy where I am?

    3/29/2017 12:05:22 AM, by AIMLESS07

    That was me at about this time last year. The sli... Read more

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