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  • Me, Again

    10/4/2015 8:07:04 AM, by ZELLAZM

    As I wrote yesterday, I'm leaving on Tuesday for a retreat in Switzerland. This is the view I'm looking forward to, posted on Facebook by a frien... Read more

  • Weighing Everyday - The Evolution

    10/4/2015 7:57:57 AM, by BEATLETOT

    I think some people might feel strongly on this issue. Should one weigh everyday? Or will it just cause neurosis? There are ups and downs on the ... Read more

  • On Track

    10/3/2015 11:20:54 AM, by ZELLAZM

    I've been on a good trend, losing around .5 - 1.5 pounds a week for the past couple of months. Passed a landmark with today's weigh-in - the half... Read more

  • Reasons (excuses)...

    9/16/2015 12:36:31 PM, by GARDENERGAL

    I just posted this in the 2015 Fall 5% Challenge countdown activity forum but wanted to record it here as well. These are my three biggest chall... Read more

  • My Workout Schedule

    9/15/2015 11:38:08 AM, by ALNEAGLE

    Part of my Plateau Busting Challenge today was to make a blog post about my workout schedule. Currently, I am doing P90X, Zumba, and the Couch ... Read more

  • 1/2 pound lost...I'll take it!!

    9/14/2015 10:07:22 AM, by GAYLLYNNE

    This past week I lost a half pound. Notice I didn't say "only". That's because it's gone!! I know I didn't do the exercise I had been doing th... Read more

  • Fall Beginnings

    9/12/2015 4:27:27 AM, by ZELLAZM

    With the BLC starting up in just a few days (September 14th!) and the 5% Challenge a week or so later, I decided it was time to update my Spark p... Read more

  • Update on Sam (The Rescue Dog)

    9/3/2015 8:33:08 AM, by ALNEAGLE

    Sam is healing up really well and continues to a... Read more

  • The Beautiful Bombshell is BACK! Bridal Bombshell Bootcamp Day 8!

    9/1/2015 5:00:38 PM, by GONABFIT

    Trying to eat foods from home. Cooking more. I'm about 7 weeks from getting married, so I don't expect HUGE changes but I do want to be as health... Read more

  • Fitbit Victory!!!

    8/31/2015 9:06:59 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    I am so excited!! Yesterday, for the very first time, I got over 20,000 steps. I have been trying to break through that number for at least two... Read more

  • My Measurements!

    8/31/2015 9:27:30 AM, by ALNEAGLE

    So, I joined the Plateau Busting Challenge here on SP and yesterday was measurements day. We were instructed to measure instead of weigh ourselv... Read more

  • Dog on My Doorstep!

    8/25/2015 2:10:57 PM, by ALNEAGLE

    I had a dog show up on my doorstep yesterday morning bright and early. He was whining outside our door so DH got up to investigate. Turns out h... Read more

  • Speechless

    8/24/2015 2:57:32 PM, by GONABFIT

    I love talking. I have since I was young... Lol but for once I was speechless. Well all I could say was, are you serious!? 2015 has truly... Read more

  • Long Time No Blog

    8/24/2015 2:31:43 PM, by ZELLAZM

    Today I signed up for the Fall 5% Challenge. I'll be a Firecracker again, and have signed on to be on the team of leaders for this round. If you... Read more

  • starting again 2015

    8/23/2015 2:12:10 PM, by NVDONNA

    My daughter got married in June. You would think that would have been motivation to lose some weight. Knowing that I would want to see myself loo... Read more

  • Updates!

    8/18/2015 3:11:12 PM, by GONABFIT

    Hmmm... I thought I had written since June!? Well, Graduated from residency/fellowship -moved back to the house I purchased prior to leav... Read more

  • Back from Vacation

    8/18/2015 2:38:11 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    I spent the last weekend in California at Lake Tahoe with life long friends. I knew there would be alcohol and I tried to make sure I was careful... Read more

  • Starting over fresh slate!

    8/18/2015 1:57:43 PM, by JEWELS2829

    Today has been an awesome day! My stress levels are completely down. I just got married 3 weeks ago to the most amazing man ever! I am so blessed... Read more

  • Elvis

    8/16/2015 8:56:16 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    Today is the 38th Anniversary of the death of the King of Rock and Roll. It's so sad that the world lost such a great talent at such a young age... Read more

  • Day 3

    8/12/2015 3:16:16 PM, by KEM0727

    I'm on day 3 of my re-commitment to SP and remembering why I love it here so much! I love the encouragement from other members, and all of the t... Read more

  • Ziplining Fun!!

    8/12/2015 9:29:57 AM, by ALNEAGLE

    My son went down the zipline with his daddy at th... Read more

  • Well hey there, SparkPeople

    8/10/2015 10:54:29 AM, by KEM0727

    Here I am, again. Starting over. I joined SparkPeople in 2009 and lost about 15 pounds, and felt great about myself. Over the years, I got laz... Read more

  • Topless Car Wash

    7/31/2015 7:09:52 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    Oh my!!! Hide the children ... Read more

  • Zumba!

    7/28/2015 2:11:12 PM, by ALNEAGLE

    I just finished up my first Zumba video session with a couple of the other ladies here on the college campus. It was a lot of fun. We decided t... Read more

  • Zumba ~ I'm Gonna Try It

    7/23/2015 3:44:24 PM, by ALNEAGLE

    I live on a college campus and try to take a 1-mile walk every morning and then my hubby and I usually would do a evening jog. (we fell off that ... Read more

  • For a smile :)

    7/23/2015 10:11:28 AM, by GAYLLYNNE

    Just in case you didn't know!!! :)... Read more

  • Seaweed salad!!!

    7/22/2015 9:48:44 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    I bought some seaweed salad because both my son and I love it. I also know it's really good for you. Last week I was having real problems w... Read more

  • late night eating

    7/6/2015 10:29:48 AM, by GAYLLYNNE

    I have been staying on track and my scale proves it. It is going in the right direction (down!) but slowly. Doesn't matter, it's moving. M... Read more

  • Blood pressure

    7/2/2015 4:42:30 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    I went to the Dr. today because I seem to have a cyst near my eye. He's not sure if it's infected but gave me a prescription if it doesn't clear... Read more

  • 2015 Update

    6/18/2015 9:44:22 PM, by SIRA5106

    So quick recap on what has been going on in my life. Joined a gym across the street from my office in the middle of November. Goal was to ru... Read more

  • Back Again...

    6/16/2015 5:38:13 PM, by DORY.A

    It's been 6 years since I achieved my goal weight back in 2009... and I am back only 5 lbs less than when I started that weight loss journey... a... Read more

  • Feeling Better

    6/15/2015 8:47:12 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    This past weekend I have started walking the lakes every day and getting my 10,000 steps in daily. I've been doing pretty well. It rained a... Read more


    6/12/2015 12:17:09 PM, by ALNEAGLE

    This has been a BIG week for me. My official weigh-in days are Wednesdays. I also weigh-in on Sundays as a mid-week check-in to keep myself in ... Read more

  • I'm Back

    6/12/2015 11:42:48 AM, by BFITNHAPPY1

    After a couple of years of poor eating and workout habits, I am now at my highest weight. Do I know how I got here? Of course. Soda, cho... Read more

  • An Enlightening Reprieve

    6/11/2015 12:41:34 AM, by GONABFIT

    hen-life-says-stop-you-stop/ I had ... Read more

  • Crushing my Cholesterol

    6/9/2015 11:31:38 PM, by JUSTDOIT011

    Ever since I had to get my blood lipids checked for my Nutrition 101 class in college, I've known I have an issue with high cholesterol! I think ... Read more

  • I said yes!

    6/7/2015 9:18:19 AM, by GAYLLYNNE

    No, it's not what you think!!! My son came home from work Friday and said to me that he wanted to go over to the lake and do a little fishin... Read more

  • Ever feel like this?

    6/1/2015 6:33:20 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    ... Read more

  • Peeking out from under that rock...

    6/1/2015 5:25:54 PM, by JUDIMOON

    Rock Bottom - that's where I find myself today... My experience is very similar similar to so many of you here. I lost 50 lbs in 2008 then I le... Read more

  • Home from college

    5/23/2015 9:46:57 AM, by GAYLLYNNE

    My son had a little bit of a hard time the first semester of college but I was adamant that he do better the second half if he wanted to get a ca... Read more

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