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  • My man and i are back together..

    8/5/2014 12:58:00 PM, by LIVE_N_LEARN1

    Well, we decided to give it one more shot. This time im putting god before my relationship with my boyfriend... im EVEN putting god before my re... Read more

  • Laundry!

    8/4/2014 11:14:11 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    The washer and dryer have been installed! I did several loads of laundry yesterday and was able to get all caught up on laundry. Today hopefully ... Read more

  • Have fun

    8/3/2014 2:13:10 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day hugs... Read more

  • Busy Busy

    8/3/2014 11:12:29 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Yesterday was definitely a very full day! I cleaned the bathroom (swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the mirrors, cleaned the toilet, and cleane... Read more

  • Woo Hoo

    8/2/2014 11:29:37 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    I got an e-mail yesterday from the new job! They confirmed my orientation for next Tuesday at 9am and my pre-employment checks came back with goo... Read more

  • Restart My 30 List

    8/2/2014 3:27:59 AM, by FATHINSN

    Earlier this year, I started to do items in my "30 on 30" list and since my vacation in February, I lost track what I should update ... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/2/2014 12:04:20 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Take the time to enjoy your day sending prayers and blessings light love joy and happiness hugz... Read more

  • July Challenge Totals

    8/1/2014 11:35:45 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Here are my July Challenge totals! My numbers are on the left and the challenge number totals are on the right. I am super proud of myself that I... Read more

  • TGIF

    8/1/2014 12:37:45 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed sending prayers light joy laughter and love hugz... Read more

  • End Of July

    7/31/2014 11:32:51 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Well today is the last day of July and the last day of the July challenge I was apart of on a Facebook group that I'm in. I can't wait to tally u... Read more

  • Thursdary

    7/31/2014 9:40:08 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    had bum wednesday si tifay has ti be good sending prayers blessings and ugz... Read more

  • Lots To Do

    7/30/2014 11:16:54 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    So much to do and never enough time to do it all... trying to figure out where in the heck to start my day.... Read more

  • Blah Kinda Day

    7/29/2014 11:18:36 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    I'm making homemade potato salad today! I got the eggs boiled and peeled and need to chop up the onions, black olives, and dill pickles, and then... Read more

  • Jiggle Free July: Day 29

    7/29/2014 9:53:08 AM, by GONABFIT

    Hey everyone! My birthday was almost a week ago and I am 29 now! I got my boot off for my birthday so I have been exercising more and I'm h... Read more

  • Tues

    7/29/2014 12:24:22 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Sebding pe=rayers blessings and hugz... Read more

  • Down

    7/28/2014 11:23:58 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Feeling really down and stressed out lately... need to figure it out.... Read more

  • Giving Rewards

    7/28/2014 2:26:10 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    Partially to tuck away that last blog, I'm posting another right away that is a little more positive. What does a reward minus a few gifts ... Read more

  • Gaining 2014

    7/28/2014 2:06:35 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    The end of the year is gaining on us.... But I've been gaining weight and losing fitness in 2014. I'm between 290-293, up from my lowest i... Read more

  • New WEEK

    7/28/2014 12:31:42 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your week be blessed sending prayers and blessings hugz... Read more

  • Clothes

    7/27/2014 11:34:36 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    I got the cutest lunch bag yesterday from Ross for when I start my job :) I have an anticipated orientation date of August 5th which is only 9 da... Read more

  • Gods day

    7/27/2014 2:16:16 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day be blessed sending prayewrs hugz... Read more

  • Exhaustion Setting In

    7/26/2014 11:17:57 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Really tired again today... my body aches and feels really weak. I've been trying to cut back on my workouts but it's been hard and finding it ev... Read more

  • Orientation and Final Interview

    7/25/2014 11:18:13 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Waiting on the job to schedule my orientation :) Waiting sure is a pain but I'm just happy knowing I have a job! I called Target back since ... Read more

  • Europe Trip!

    7/24/2014 1:27:39 PM, by TINYDANCER95

    Hey guys! So last night my parents helped I me book a 12 day trip in London, Paris, and Rome! I'm so excited! I leave in 27 days! Now here's my p... Read more

  • Gym, Drug Test, Anniversary

    7/24/2014 11:26:31 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Made it to the gym last night and I was able to do 140 reps on most of the weight machines that I used. I did arms and legs and was able to incre... Read more


    7/23/2014 11:24:50 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    So Orchard Supply Hardware called me yesterday and offered me a part-time cashier position with a tentative start date of August 5th at 9am which... Read more

  • Happyhump day

    7/23/2014 12:31:49 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Sending prayers and blessings live life to the fullest hugz... Read more

  • Back And Ready to Hit It Hard

    7/22/2014 12:24:21 PM, by TINYDANCER95

    Hey guys! I've been gone for a very long time and in that time my physical appearance and my emotional track just went downhill. I still can't st... Read more

  • Size Small!

    7/22/2014 11:22:00 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    Last night we went to Target and I got a cute navy and white stripped maxi skirt and an ivory hi-lo top with skulls on it that has hearts for the... Read more

  • Jiggle Free July: Day 22

    7/22/2014 9:35:22 AM, by GONABFIT

    So according to my work scale (you know... the analog kind. I mean the one that you move the big block over to 50-100-150-200, etc. ) I have lost... Read more

  • Breakups Suck

    7/22/2014 1:19:46 AM, by LIVE_N_LEARN1

    Me and my ex broke up a week and a 1/2 ago.. Miss him like crazy but im putting are relationship in gods hands. I know Arnold loves and and i l... Read more

  • Tues

    7/22/2014 12:28:42 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and enjoy life sending light love joy happiness and prayers and many many blessings hugz... Read more

  • Loved The Colors!

    7/21/2014 11:25:04 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    So yesterday we painted a section of our wall, trim, and ceiling with the colors that we selected together and we both really like the color comb... Read more

  • Something CRAZY happend..

    7/21/2014 2:06:59 AM, by LIVE_N_LEARN1

    To understand this story read the blog before this one.. Have a peaceful night my SP friends! :) So, i saw my ex boyfriend tonight to dro... Read more

  • Being rejected is pushing me harder!!

    7/20/2014 8:00:36 PM, by LIVE_N_LEARN1

    Just got out a relationship. Kinda having a hard time with it because he was living with me and my mom.. he sorta just moved in unexpectedly. ... Read more

  • Clean Room Makes Me Happy!

    7/20/2014 11:20:51 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    We started cleaning our bedroom yesterday! It's already looking sooo much better and was definitely much needed. The bf did such a great job goin... Read more

  • Gods day

    7/20/2014 1:11:29 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Please pray for me that everything will work out by tuesday I am sending prayers love light laughter joy blessings and prayers hugz... Read more

  • OSH

    7/19/2014 11:29:56 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    So the job interview yesterday with Orchard Supply Hardware went really good! They're going to be remodeling the store starting in September so t... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/19/2014 12:34:55 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Time is of the essence I need to put a move on it prayers blessings hugz light laughter joy and happiness... Read more

  • Job interview!

    7/18/2014 11:22:14 AM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    So yesterday afternoon I got a call from Orchard Supply Hardware and did an on the spot phone interview. I must have done well enough because the... Read more

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