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  • 06/13/2012

    6/13/2012 11:17:36 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    This day has drug on long enough! Thank goodness I only have 45 minutes left at work (unless I get a long chat at the end of my shift). I've... Read more

  • 06/12/2012

    6/12/2012 4:03:45 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    If you read my blog from yesterday, you know I have not been getting in my steps and swore I would get at least 10,000 today. And my steps so far... Read more

  • Motoring Right Along

    6/12/2012 12:42:10 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    I decided to try to control my puffy ankles with diet & exercise instead of adding more drugs to my morning. I've been moderately successful. Mod... Read more

  • 06/11/2012

    6/11/2012 8:00:16 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    The weekend was a real bust! I ate way too much and had very little exercise. And today is not a whole lot better. Watching the calories a lot mo... Read more

  • 06/08/2012

    6/8/2012 5:53:03 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    Hello....it's me again! It's been a week since I've blogged. Not too much is happening. Still walking, still trying to eat healthy, and still eat... Read more

  • A close to a pretty good week - weekend

    6/2/2012 3:30:07 PM, by BBGRL112

    Well I am down ten (10) lbs this week, managed to walk everyday so far...my mom and I went out to the trail this morning and went once around the... Read more

  • 06/01/2012

    6/1/2012 10:17:31 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    Hello SP! June is here already! Wow, where is the time going? I feel pretty good today, even though it has rained all day here in WV. With all th... Read more

  • Battleship

    6/1/2012 1:18:29 AM, by BBGRL112

    I didn't spend much time on my favorite website today, but it was my mother's bday so :), I will have to say I am proud of us, we have both lost ... Read more

  • 05/30/2012

    5/30/2012 11:24:11 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    Hello SP! I feel good today. My calories are within my limit and I have walked over 10,000 steps. Yippee! And I'm ready for another day! ... Read more

  • Less Than a Week

    5/30/2012 3:22:04 PM, by BBGRL112

    So it has been less than a week since I found out my true starting point, and I am already seeing a consistent 8 lbs gone woohoo, can't wait to s... Read more

  • 05/29/2012

    5/29/2012 8:26:00 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    I'm feeling much better after the hot dogs, hamburger, macaroni salad, cake, etc, that I inhaled at yesterday's potluck. We just have some great ... Read more

  • Having A Much Better Day

    5/29/2012 3:49:36 PM, by BBGRL112

    So I managed to get back on track with the not eating at night, no snacks for me yay! (though I did take my fellow sparkers' advice and took a he... Read more

  • 05/28/2012 cont

    5/28/2012 9:58:46 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    Part 2 Serves me right!! All that "wonderful" fattening food that I ate from our cookout and potluck is coming back to haunt me. I don't fee... Read more

  • 05/28/2012

    5/28/2012 5:28:23 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    Oh, this is not a good day for a diet. We have a potluck at work with tons of sweets. Yum. It's one day in a lifetime of many. Tomorrow is a... Read more

  • Really!?!?!?!?!?

    5/28/2012 9:34:40 AM, by BBGRL112

    Where oh where did my willpower go??? I am trying...no longer trying...but determined to get off the late night eating...last night at work I was... Read more

  • Just an update, keeping myself accountable

    5/27/2012 4:03:49 PM, by BBGRL112

    I finally went back to work last night (after three nights off with my ankle and my regular days off) I REALLY WASN'T LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING BA... Read more

  • 05/26/2012

    5/26/2012 11:46:13 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    A long but fun day. I started the day by going to yard sales. Didn't get a lot of good bargains, but got a couple. Decided to do some yard work. ... Read more

  • 05/25/2012

    5/25/2012 10:01:41 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    My legs, hips, and feet need a rest. So, I did not do a lot of walking today. I did manage to get over 10,000 steps, some how, but it could have ... Read more

  • Minor set back...

    5/25/2012 2:16:08 PM, by BBGRL112

    So I went to have my ankle checked out since it still has been swelling a lot since I hurt it last week...trying to take better care of myself, I... Read more

  • 05/24/2012

    5/24/2012 7:21:31 PM, by AGOLDENHEART

    All mouth and no action! That's what I am, at least when it comes to blogging and entering my info at SparkPeople. This is an extraordinary site ... Read more

  • Just Moving Along

    5/20/2012 2:00:42 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    The ankles are now normal. It's taken over a month to get everything back running smoothly again. My ring is actually loose & my belly isn't tou... Read more

  • Is this week over yet...

    5/18/2012 7:52:08 AM, by BBGRL112

    I am just having one of those weeks, seen my ex out with someone new, and while it shouldn't bother me I know, it does hurt, but I am moving past... Read more

  • random thought

    5/11/2012 3:13:47 AM, by BBGRL112

    I rented movies yesterday, just getting around to watching them...after the way this week has been watching the vow (while a good movie) bad to w... Read more

  • Goals

    5/10/2012 4:27:50 PM, by BBGRL112

    Been thinking it would be good to write down my goals, short and long term, and what better day to think about these things then my day off :) so... Read more

  • Rough Patches

    5/10/2012 11:36:06 AM, by BBGRL112

    So, I forget about those pot holes, those rough patches we all hit along the way. It has been a rough week Letting go of someone, wether they are... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    The First Step

    5/7/2012 11:19:51 PM, by HEATHERC32

    This video is about me and my journey... Read more

  • Strangely Enough...

    5/7/2012 4:38:16 PM, by BBGRL112

    It is the weirdest thing, I know it has only been a couple days, but I can't explain how strong I feel...I don't want to jump the gun so to speak... Read more

  • Time Heals All...

    5/5/2012 10:14:07 AM, by BBGRL112

    I know it will get better with time...but how do you get out of that frame of mind of internalizing everything, feeling like it is something you ... Read more

  • Putting out the trash...

    5/4/2012 8:43:56 AM, by BBGRL112

    So I finally tossed out an unhealthy friendship...something I should have done months ago, and I hate losing a friend, but I guess it took me til... Read more

  • A Little Less Puffy

    4/26/2012 2:25:20 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    A change in diet has helped the inner plumbing tremendously! I've increased my fluids to a 128 oz a day! I have this 32 oz cup which I use to dri... Read more

  • Down & Out in April

    4/22/2012 6:10:46 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    I recovered from the old flu bug/cold or whatever that hammer was that hit me over the head. I'm actually recovering financially much better than... Read more

  • Still Kicking

    4/7/2012 5:33:25 PM, by BBGRL112

    It's been a long while and a long time still struggling. I guess I am just at that place where you wonder how you even got here, not that it happ... Read more

  • Missing in Action

    4/6/2012 5:28:42 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    Okay, okay, I've been officially MIA for the past month or so. That nasty cold/flu or whatever it was made me really sick. I'm still feeling the ... Read more

  • Turning a corner..

    4/5/2012 4:50:05 PM, by RISINGSTAR

    I think I turned a corner in the past several days. I've been at a high stress level with a life situation, and I've noticed I am not automatical... Read more

  • Walked Today

    3/8/2012 12:19:54 PM, by ROSIEJ1942

    I walked ... Read more

  • I Have Sinned and Come Short...

    3/1/2012 11:43:26 AM, by DAISY4114

    I hate to have to write this, but it is what is. I have gained back each and every pound and ounce that I lost last year. Yep. Iím back to squ... Read more

  • Kid Germs

    2/23/2012 2:58:33 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    I've been knocked flat on my fanny by Kid Germs. I don't have any kids & am not normally even exposed to them except through my seasonal job at t... Read more

  • Oatmeal Pancakes

    2/14/2012 1:51:35 PM, by ROSIEJ1942

    Oatmeal Pancakes I had for lunch today, topped with sugarfree syrup and Man... Read more

  • My Valentine Rose

    2/13/2012 5:25:06 PM, by ROSIEJ1942

    My Valentine Rose my daughter got me for Valentines Day.... Read more

  • Is it Spring Yet???

    2/10/2012 1:05:58 PM, by SOCKKNITTER

    Some days it's spring on the Wet Coast & sometimes it's very winter! The days are getting longer every day & one day this week, it WAS summer wit... Read more

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