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Just Moving Along
5/20/2012 2:00:42 PM,  1 COMMENTS

The ankles are now normal. It's taken over a month to get everything back running smoothly again. My ring is actually loose & my belly isn't touching...  Read more


Is this week over yet...
5/18/2012 7:52:08 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am just having one of those weeks, seen my ex out with someone new, and while it shouldn't bother me I know, it does hurt, but I am moving past it a...  Read more


random thought
5/11/2012 3:13:47 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I rented movies yesterday, just getting around to watching them...after the way this week has been watching the vow (while a good movie) bad to watch...  Read more


5/10/2012 4:27:50 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Been thinking it would be good to write down my goals, short and long term, and what better day to think about these things then my day off :) so here...  Read more


Rough Patches
5/10/2012 11:36:06 AM,  2 COMMENTS

So, I forget about those pot holes, those rough patches we all hit along the way. It has been a rough week Letting go of someone, wether they are good...  Read more


The First Step
5/7/2012 11:19:51 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This video is about me and my journey...  Read more


Strangely Enough...
5/7/2012 4:38:16 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It is the weirdest thing, I know it has only been a couple days, but I can't explain how strong I feel...I don't want to jump the gun so to speak...bu...  Read more


Time Heals All...
5/5/2012 10:14:07 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I know it will get better with time...but how do you get out of that frame of mind of internalizing everything, feeling like it is something you done...  Read more


Putting out the trash...
5/4/2012 8:43:56 AM,  4 COMMENTS

So I finally tossed out an unhealthy friendship...something I should have done months ago, and I hate losing a friend, but I guess it took me till yes...  Read more


A Little Less Puffy
4/26/2012 2:25:20 PM,  2 COMMENTS

A change in diet has helped the inner plumbing tremendously! I've increased my fluids to a 128 oz a day! I have this 32 oz cup which I use to drink pl...  Read more


Down & Out in April
4/22/2012 6:10:46 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I recovered from the old flu bug/cold or whatever that hammer was that hit me over the head. I'm actually recovering financially much better than phys...  Read more


Still Kicking
4/7/2012 5:33:25 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It's been a long while and a long time still struggling. I guess I am just at that place where you wonder how you even got here, not that it happens o...  Read more


Missing in Action
4/6/2012 5:28:42 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Okay, okay, I've been officially MIA for the past month or so. That nasty cold/flu or whatever it was made me really sick. I'm still feeling the after...  Read more


Turning a corner..
4/5/2012 4:50:05 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I think I turned a corner in the past several days. I've been at a high stress level with a life situation, and I've noticed I am not automatically tu...  Read more


Walked Today
3/8/2012 12:19:54 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I walked from my driveway, to, the end of my street north of me, crossed the road and walked to the end of my street south of me on my Block and...  Read more


I Have Sinned and Come Short...
3/1/2012 11:43:26 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I hate to have to write this, but it is what is. I have gained back each and every pound and ounce that I lost last year. Yep. Iím back to square o...  Read more


Kid Germs
2/23/2012 2:58:33 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I've been knocked flat on my fanny by Kid Germs. I don't have any kids & am not normally even exposed to them except through my seasonal job at the Mo...  Read more


Oatmeal Pancakes
2/14/2012 1:51:35 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Oatmeal Pancakes I had for lunch today, topped with sugarfree syrup and Mandarin Oranges on the side... Recipe was from a co-worker friend... Re...  Read more


My Valentine Rose
2/13/2012 5:25:06 PM,  7 COMMENTS

My Valentine Rose my daughter got me for Valentines Day....  Read more


Is it Spring Yet???
2/10/2012 1:05:58 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Some days it's spring on the Wet Coast & sometimes it's very winter! The days are getting longer every day & one day this week, it WAS summer with rec...  Read more


The Sky is Blue . . .
2/1/2012 1:23:59 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Wow, woke up this morning to blue sky & fluffy summer clouds. Made me want to get out there & dig in the earth! It's just about time to prune the clem...  Read more


Almost the Last Day
1/30/2012 3:29:40 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm surprised at how quickly January went by. Maybe it's my age - 61 in April, I can't believe THAT either - but one of the darkest months in the year...  Read more


It's been too long
1/26/2012 3:24:43 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I haven't been doing much except deleting most of my Spark People emails. No time to read my mail these days - tax season is almost upon us!! I do tax...  Read more


Wasted Morning?
1/16/2012 2:55:08 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, here it is - Monday morning again. I had big plans for this day...last night. So how did this morning get away from me? Sure I start...  Read more


Is it STILL January??
1/11/2012 2:10:33 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I wish January would go faster!! I know most folks think February is the worst month of the year but I think January is worse. January is full of dark...  Read more


Another Year Survived
1/8/2012 4:42:37 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Three years ago, just before Christmas, I gave my long time Companion the boot. This month marks the 41st payment of the 72 I have to make on the debt...  Read more


Happy 2012
1/1/2012 10:47:28 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Want to wish all my Spark friends a very Happy Healthy New Year!!!!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I did! ...  Read more


And So This is Christmas
12/25/2011 2:25:23 PM,  2 COMMENTS

And it's just another day for those of us with no family, friends or children gathered round. While you're enjoying a tree, presents & family dining,...  Read more


Merry Christmas
12/21/2011 9:49:49 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Want to wish all my Spark friends a very Merry Christmas! Sorry I haven't been around much it's been a rough year. Hopefully the next will be bett...  Read more


Recovering from that Chip Overdose
12/19/2011 3:09:40 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Oh yeah - still recovering but on the way!! Have you noticed that when you eat a whole pile of greasy or high calorie stuff your skin reacts?? I got a...  Read more


I Ate 4 Bags of Chips
12/11/2011 1:47:44 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Yeah, I did. And we aren't talking about the 'snack' size neither! And I know WHY I ate all of those chips. Cause they were there. Cause they were eas...  Read more


12/6/2011 3:51:23 PM,  5 COMMENTS

A lot of the songs that were played at Zumba class were songs that are popular on the radio. I got this idea the other day. Until I can get back to...  Read more


11/29/2011 1:42:23 PM,  10 COMMENTS

You know how you get to a certain weight and think, "how did I get here? What happened?" Well, LIFE happened! I realize that the reason I got to th...  Read more


Taking on Touques
11/25/2011 2:35:58 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I've decided to rearrange my livingroom. To do that, I have to get rid of some things & unearth an old couch from under a huge mound of yarn. I have b...  Read more


A Day to Remember
11/11/2011 8:06:41 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today, in Canada, we take some time to Remember all those who've died fighting in Wars. They fought for our freedom, yours & mine. Remember the terrib...  Read more


And Still More!!
11/9/2011 2:05:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I said I want MORE in my last BLOG. Well, I know life isn't really about getting MORE. Unless it's MORE stuff that isn't good for you. Have you ever n...  Read more


I Want More!!!
11/6/2011 11:57:31 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I was reading a Blog about when you say "I want more . . ", it's your addiction speaking. That infant inside that just won't be satisfied no matter ho...  Read more


The Virus Wins Again
11/3/2011 9:50:31 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Here I go with more of the same virus. This one's a bummer. It hangs around making you feel like crap & you just start feeling better again - I actual...  Read more


This Crummy Virus
10/29/2011 7:33:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I've had a couple of weeks of feeling exhausted. When I sat in my chair to watch TV, I'd fall asleep. I'd come home from work & have to take a nap but...  Read more


10/26/2011 11:39:18 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm back again. Aren't you proud of me? Well, don't be too proud of diet has gone to Hades. I'm still trying every day, but it's been so dif...  Read more


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