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  • Moving Forward!

    1/17/2017 6:56:19 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Another successful day is under my belt! I ate just my 3 meals yesterday...actually ended up under my calorie range...but I figured that was oka... Read more

  • Exercised to the Max!

    1/16/2017 7:04:56 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Sunday was another successful, on-plan day! Hooray! DH and I went out for lunch, then went thrift-store shopping, and then to the grocery. I f... Read more

  • Successful Day!

    1/15/2017 7:36:24 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Made it through the day...on plan. My weight is down this morning...coming off that new spike. Yay! I got more than 10,000 steps in yester... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #8!

    1/14/2017 11:46:26 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Great start to the weekend! I ended up being able to leave work early to do an extra Crossfit class at 5 pm. The workout was great and it was the... Read more

  • New, 8-Week Commitment

    1/14/2017 7:56:22 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    The museum trip yesterday was fun. We went to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's supposed to be the largest children's museum...accord... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #7!

    1/13/2017 1:10:01 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Happy Friday everyone! So far the week is going well and I'm staying on track! I've only eaten out once during the week, which was yesterday... Read more

  • Museum Fun and Car Woes

    1/13/2017 9:06:04 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Still off-track with my eating. *Sigh* Going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with DD and GD's today. We are going to see the Doc M... Read more

  • Doing Better

    1/12/2017 6:48:21 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Whew....very tired this morning. Last night, I went bowling for the first time in many years. This morning, I can feel it. The scale is he... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #6!

    1/11/2017 12:49:52 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I picked up arugula last week. I'm honestly not really sure why. Most likely I saw it in a recipe on Food Network and thought "ohhhh arugula!" Th... Read more

  • Time to Let Go and Let God

    1/11/2017 7:16:17 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Wow...what a great group of people here on SP! So many of you left so much comfort and good advice on my blog yesterday! Thank you so much! I ... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #5

    1/10/2017 1:10:05 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Some things in this struggle are easier to do than others. The last few weeks I've done a great job of going to Crossfit 2 days a week. Before Ch... Read more

  • Bad News...

    1/10/2017 6:56:35 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So, DH's knee is worse. He now requires an MRI and probable surgery. I feel financially threatened by it all...and am eating like there's no to... Read more

  • The Weekends Go Too Fast!

    1/9/2017 6:36:26 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Sunday. DH and I brought up all the games DD had in a bookcase downstairs. We wiped them down to make sure they were dust-free. W... Read more

  • Good Saturday...Moving On!

    1/8/2017 9:11:19 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a good day with the GD's. We took them to a mall that has a nice play area and let them run and play for about an hour. Then, came back to ... Read more

  • Doing Well, Tired, Losing Weight!

    1/7/2017 7:00:43 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a good Friday. I only worked about 4 hours. I had worked so much overtime already, I really didn't need to work for the hours...but did nee... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #4

    1/6/2017 1:20:11 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I was messaging with a friend this morning and he asked how I was. I said really good, how are you? And his answer amazed me. "I'm always good" w... Read more

  • On Top of the World!

    1/6/2017 6:04:38 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I'm feeling so good, it's scarey! I woke up early, feeling happy and excited and ready to get up! This usually is NOT the case. There's an exc... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #3

    1/5/2017 1:07:41 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Last night I had every intention of making new recipe #2 for the new year but oh no - I had no breadcrumbs! I even went grocery shopping last nig... Read more

  • Another Good, But Tiring Day!

    1/5/2017 6:26:48 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good day yesterday. Work was hard but I let God lead me through it. Our slow cooker supper turned out good. I love coming home to a me... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #2

    1/4/2017 12:44:34 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    As I look at the comments on yesterday's blog I realize that I've told all of you to share your 2017 Goals. I shared my bucket list, but do you k... Read more

  • God's Great Day!

    1/4/2017 7:18:13 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a really good day yesterday. I planned my meals for the rest of the week...mostly crock pot suppers. Then DH and I went to lunch and to t... Read more

  • Veg_Girl - A Year in the Life! -Blog #1

    1/3/2017 11:53:05 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    What a refreshing time of year. With the tick of a clock, the flip of a calendar page - a new beginning. A day where you can have hope. A week wh... Read more

  • Realizing I Need to Turn this Over to God

    1/3/2017 8:38:33 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was halfway good/halfway bad. First of all, we worked on the exercise room. We had previously set up a workout room in the basement b... Read more

  • The Key! Living Amends!

    1/2/2017 9:19:18 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I have so much new info, I don't know where to begin. I just read the SP article about how to lose 100+ pounds. It was very encouraging and had... Read more

  • New Year...100% On Track!

    1/1/2017 8:13:11 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Happy New Year! This is my favorite holiday...new beginnings...a chance to set goals...the spot where we are 100% on track. I used to tell my k... Read more

  • 2016!

    12/30/2016 2:23:21 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I've seen an overwhelming amount of people who seemed to have a totally negative 2016. I will say the world as a whole seemed to have a pretty ne... Read more

  • Rough Times

    12/30/2016 7:57:36 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I'm in the pit. ...gaining weight...overeating...exhauste
    d. I know this cannot continue and I'm going to have to do an about-face. I'm goi... Read more

  • Salad time!

    12/29/2016 1:04:18 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Yesterday I posted on the message boards to someone who was requesting new salad ideas. Along with that I read the SP article one 26 High Protein... Read more

  • Dealing with Discouragement

    12/29/2016 6:28:23 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday did not go well. I was discouraged at work. I had no desire to go in...but I did. I worked in office until lunchtime. Then, I met u... Read more

  • The Box!

    12/28/2016 12:55:06 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    One of the techniques I used to keep myself on track with my nutrition is to pack both my breakfast and lunch to bring to work. Luckily for me DH... Read more

  • Seeking an Answer

    12/28/2016 6:52:37 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I am feeling a real need to see a change on the scale. I'm really tired of seeing a repeat of the same numbers over and over again. I've been s... Read more

  • Great Time to Recommit!

    12/27/2016 1:09:39 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    The holidays are a time that people traditionally fall off the health and fitness wagon. And like many this holiday season, I have not done the b... Read more

  • Nice Day Off!

    12/27/2016 6:54:40 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    DH and I both had yesterday off, due to the holiday being on Sunday. We spent the day at home in the morning and then went out to eat for lunch ... Read more

  • Christmas with Family

    12/26/2016 8:19:14 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    We had a really nice Christmas with our family. My girls and their families both came over and we exchanged gifts and had lunch together and the... Read more

  • Merry Christmas!

    12/25/2016 7:28:45 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a wonderful Christmas Eve day and evening. DH and I went to an outlet mall and met up with DD2 and GD2 and GD3. I splurged on them a little... Read more

  • Nice Day at Home

    12/24/2016 8:36:04 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a good day at home yesterday. DH was home too as he had gone to the doctor for his knee. The doctor thinks it may be arthritis and gave him... Read more

  • Blessed!

    12/23/2016 8:56:35 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Ahhh...off for 4 days...and Christmas on the horizon...and I've been free of binges for a week...and the weight is releasing daily...I'm so bless... Read more

  • Feeling SO Good and Positive!

    12/22/2016 7:31:39 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    This journey has taken a huge, positive turn. The weight is releasing, my faith in God's healing is strong, my thinking is clear, and I can see ... Read more

  • My Living Amends

    12/21/2016 7:11:47 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So, yesterday, I tried something different with my eating. I cut back on my lunch. My eating included a small breakfast (approx. 200 cal), smal... Read more

  • New Strategy

    12/20/2016 10:13:21 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good day yesterday...ate in range...had snacks but no binges...lost no weight. Not losing weight is not working for me. I'm glad the bi... Read more

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