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  • Happy Saturday!

    10/1/2016 8:40:05 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Another "on track" day has passed. Yay! Friday was pretty good. I got kind of tired at work but I just kept "doing the next right thing" until... Read more

  • Sharing and Staying On Plan

    9/30/2016 7:27:15 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a good talk with my OA sponsor last night. I went through the workbook and shared my answers to the questions in Chapter 1. We got part-way... Read more

  • Base Camp

    9/29/2016 6:22:25 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday I completed two weeks of eating on plan! Yay! In the morning, I started to get that "shakey" feeling again. It's very hard to descri... Read more

  • New Me Emerging

    9/28/2016 7:22:19 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Today will wrap up 2 weeks of solid abstinence with my eating...no binges...no overeating. It seems like it went really fast. Time goes fast th... Read more

  • 12 Days In...It's Working!

    9/27/2016 6:44:51 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was another day on plan. Yay! The days just keep piling up. I now have 12 days binge-free/on plan/eating in range. My compulsive ov... Read more

  • My Brick House and The Pit

    9/26/2016 6:49:08 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I've always thought that, if I could just ask myself the right questions, I could do a kind of self therapy to get at my eating problems. But I ... Read more

  • 10 Good Days...Such a Relief!!!!

    9/25/2016 8:20:09 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    10 days abstinent from the actions of compulsive overeating...ahhhh...it feels good...freeing. Yesterday, we went to the Applefest. It was o... Read more

  • Star Trek Analogy

    9/24/2016 8:28:39 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    It's Saturday! And Day 10 for me on OA. 9 days of abstinence are behind me. I've stayed with my Plan of Eating each day. I've attended a LOT ... Read more

  • Shakey Day

    9/23/2016 8:24:44 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So, apparently completing a week on plan and moving into week 2 is a bumpy area of the road. I did it...but I felt "shakey" all day. I wasn't p... Read more

  • One Full Week...On Plan!

    9/22/2016 7:11:02 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was another unusual day. I went to work, attended a staff meeting, got my flu shot, and then my DD called. My GD had gotten sick at t... Read more

  • Overcoming Danger Zones

    9/21/2016 7:03:54 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was another good day of abstinence. I ate my 3 meals only. Stayed in my calorie range. I had two major challenges. The first one ca... Read more

  • What a Day!

    9/20/2016 6:30:47 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So nothing went as planned yesterday. So, apparently, the learning curriculum for yesterday was, learn how to handle things being turned upside ... Read more

  • Fall Festival, Good Service

    9/19/2016 7:23:06 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had another good day on plan. We went to the local farm and attended their Fall Festival. It was fun. The GD's enjoyed the different activit... Read more

  • Success & Planning

    9/18/2016 9:00:29 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a successful visit with my daughter's family and attending the birthday party yesterday. Hooray! We were there from 1:30 til 10 pm. So I... Read more

  • Turning the tide

    9/17/2016 11:36:54 AM, by WONDEROONA

    I am trying so hard to get my life in order, financially, emotionally and physically. It is a very slow process and I was overwhelmed on where to... Read more

  • OA...24 hours in...party ahead

    9/17/2016 10:27:28 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I completed 24 hours in "abstinence." Abstinence in OA is defined as abstaining from anything outside of your eating plan. My eating plan is to... Read more

  • OA...A New Beginning

    9/16/2016 6:30:50 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I worked from home yesterday. I like working from home because it is less stressful...however, I am free to eat with no one seeing me or judging... Read more

  • Battle Frog 2016!

    8/26/2016 2:16:32 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    My last Blog highlighted the pride I had in finishing the Cincinnati Battle Frog 2016! And I've got to say - I'm still so very proud. The number ... Read more

  • Bruises of Inspiration

    8/24/2016 1:03:21 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I thought running my first obstacle race in the middle of the afternoon was going to have it's quirks. I figured 3pm meant that hot summer sun be... Read more

  • Do Better

    8/19/2016 11:32:45 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I could do better. I should push myself to be better. Nutrition is something I CAN do great at. I have not lately. It's just a few gum... Read more

  • The good, The Bad, and the Painful

    8/18/2016 11:37:29 AM, by DISNEYDAMSEL1

    So I've been back on spark since July 24th. I'm down 3.5 pounds since then! I'm super excited about that. That is the good. Focusing on me and my... Read more

  • Reasons behind my fitness and weight-loss goals

    8/15/2016 4:28:17 PM, by KIMMIE1

    Daily Community Task Spend a few minutes writing about the reasons behind your fitness and weight-loss goals. What is your true motivation? ... Read more

  • Intimate Moments

    8/12/2016 2:21:08 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    This morning I identified the most intimate moment of my week. The moment when while I am actually naked, I FEEL the most naked. And I don't just... Read more

  • Checking back in

    8/11/2016 11:12:09 AM, by DISNEYDAMSEL1

    So if you read my previous blog, you'll know more of where I'm at, but here's the shortest version. I've struggled with negative self talk for ye... Read more

  • 15 Minutes

    8/10/2016 1:31:28 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    It's time to get back in the saddle again! I've learned that sometimes I push myself too much. No booze, perfect tracking, 1500 fitness minutes -... Read more

  • Still Hard At It!

    8/3/2016 4:51:36 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Just wanted to check in and let everyone that I'm still hard at it! I have continued to keep myself working out and counting calories. I'm down w... Read more

  • So much learning all at once

    7/27/2016 8:57:48 AM, by DISNEYDAMSEL1

    I've had so many ups and downs these last few months. One of my friends pulled me aside in January and gave me some sound advice. I was making my... Read more

  • non-scale victories

    7/14/2016 7:37:37 PM, by KIMMIE1

    As part of a challenge today, I am to write down as many of your recent non-scale victories as you can think of, and keep the list in a place whe... Read more

  • Meal Ideas (work in progress - will add when I think of other ideas)

    7/13/2016 2:21:49 PM, by KIMMIE1

    Breakfast * 1/4 Quinoa with (20) Berries (Blue Berries, Raspberries, Strawberry slices) - around 180 calories * Protein Shake with berries... Read more

  • Divided - A Heavy Heart

    7/8/2016 9:36:09 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. My husband and I often fall asleep with the television on. Last night was no exception. And in t... Read more

  • July Fitness Minutes -My Plan to Rebound!

    7/6/2016 9:59:21 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Six days in to July and I only have 90 Fitness minutes under my belt. With my plan to get 1500 minutes in a month for the first time ever - this ... Read more

  • Back Home to the ET Plan

    7/5/2016 7:40:25 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I'm coming off a week of being "off track" for the most part. We visited Josh over the weekend. I ate and ate and drank diet cola's the whole t... Read more

  • Back Home to the Corral

    6/29/2016 7:49:34 PM, by COMPUCATHY

    CRR (Confess-Reassess-Recommit) Alert... I have been "off plan" for 4 days...well 3 days, really. Sunday was my reset day and it is a high-... Read more

  • My Sweet Ruby

    6/27/2016 11:04:27 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    When I met my husband and we started dating he'd celebrate everything. Every week he'd bring me home flowers "Happy 1 Week Anniversary my love." ... Read more

  • Cooking at Work!

    6/24/2016 1:04:47 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Just wanted to share with all of my fellow Spark Friends one of my new favorite things to do - Cooking at Work! No, I'm not talking about heating... Read more

  • Already Looking Forward to July!

    6/23/2016 1:11:41 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    July is by far my favorite month of the year. The weather's great. 4th of July is always fun. My husband's birthday is in July. And did I mention... Read more

  • POWER Lifestyle!

    6/22/2016 12:44:55 PM, by COMPUCATHY

    In my reading of a past blog today, I had stated... "I heard a good saying on Biggest Loser today. It came from Sugar Ray Leonard. He stated we n... Read more

  • The Rusty Race!

    6/21/2016 12:55:38 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Sunday me and the bestie ran our race for the month of June. We had a fun time but it was SOOO hot! Usually our runs are earlier in the morning -... Read more

  • Running...Working...Fight

    6/21/2016 12:25:50 PM, by COMPUCATHY

    I was successful in my first Week 2 C25K run last night. It was more challenging...but I did it! My average bpm was 132. The workout portion w... Read more

  • Making Progress...Fitter and Healthier after 4 Weeks On Plan!

    6/20/2016 12:55:32 PM, by COMPUCATHY

    So, after changing my attitude and deciding that I do not care what the number on the scale says, this week's weigh in showed a 3-lb loss. Hmm. ... Read more

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