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Another Day Below My Calorie Allowance
7/2/2014 4:27:36 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I wonder if eating below my calorie allowance is a good thing or a bad thing. I don't mean to be under the allowance and I'm not just talking a l...  Read more


Wow what a day that was.
7/1/2014 4:31:21 PM,  0 COMMENTS

The weather has been amazing today but was unable to enjoy it :-( Ended up doing unexpected overtime in work today which is a good thing I suppos...  Read more


Fresh Start
7/1/2014 2:47:22 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Ok today is a whole new day. I'm going to get this 1 and a half stone off that I've gained since getting married last year and get back on track to...  Read more


UK WeightWatchers Spark Team has started!
2/8/2014 9:30:47 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Iíve been doing ww for a while but I got a bit frustrated with the recipe ingredients on spark being in US measures and having US brand names!... So...  Read more


Third Times the Charm!
12/22/2013 3:36:38 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Well, I am back for my third, and final round! The tendonitis and plantar faciitus in my left foot has been causing me horrific pain...not to mention...  Read more


Aim for the moon!
10/14/2013 10:24:40 AM,  0 COMMENTS

My favourite saying that motivates me is "aim for the moon because at least if you miss you will end up amongst the stars". This is saying to me to th...  Read more


Eating as punishment
6/26/2013 2:15:03 PM,  7 COMMENTS

OK so I have been having counselling and tonight I think I had an epiphany. I have a big bike ride at the weekend and for the past couple of weeks I h...  Read more


CBT: Motivation
4/15/2013 12:30:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

What matters to me? I want to be a good mum to my daughter, to be a role model and to raise her well. I want to be a good, supportive wife for my hu...  Read more


Get with the programme
4/14/2013 12:49:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today I've decided to re-start my journey. I have been logging on fairly regularly but have not been making enough action changes to make the differen...  Read more


Improving Body Image
4/13/2013 6:03:47 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Well, I caught a really nasty flu virus, which wiped me out physically for about a month so I have done hardly any exercise. I caught sight of my refl...  Read more


Turbo training reviews
3/6/2013 4:03:47 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Did Rides South California tonight. I do like the Rides series - nice scenery, some interesting facts and quotes flashed up and some great technical a...  Read more


Turbo training/spinning
2/27/2013 7:41:10 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I have decided to blog my training for the 100 mile bike ride I have signed up for in August. I have to raise £550 for Sense - a charity for deafblind...  Read more


Caffeine Update
2/27/2013 7:30:09 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Well I have modified the diet. It was too harsh cutting out almost all sugar. I am back to recording what I eat and trying to do everything in moderat...  Read more


Cutting out caffeine and sugar
2/15/2013 11:59:35 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Hello, my name is Clare and I am a caffeine and sugar addict. I have gone cold turkey with caffeine this week, having had up to 8 energy drinks a day...  Read more


2/13/2013 3:41:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm not religious, but I do use Lent as a sort-of second start to the New Year, for making changes, or resolutions. I find it helpful as it has a time...  Read more


Tuesday 15th January
1/15/2013 2:29:17 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Well, I've missed a few days, back now though. Managed to lose 2.5lbs last week, which is very pleasing. I've been aiming to do some exercise most day...  Read more


A bad weekend
1/13/2013 2:45:45 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Started off with lunch at my mums yesterday. Food choices weren't disastrous but once the wine started flowing things went downhill fast. Drank far t...  Read more


FitBit Pie
1/13/2013 2:10:45 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I don't know whether it does a graph of this so I will log my fitbit pie chart for the week: 59.1% sedentary 24.1% lightly active 12.1% fairl...  Read more


Tuesday and Wednesday
1/10/2013 3:54:06 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Well, not too good for diet but the exercise I feel has been good. On Tuesday at 3am I was on the road to my daughter who was in labour. They called a...  Read more


Monday 7th Jan
1/7/2013 1:02:47 PM,  0 COMMENTS

OK weight 16.9 Exercise, 10 minutes wii beginner level Foods entered Feel good, worked even though had cystitis...  Read more


1/6/2013 12:49:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Managed to use the wii, got stuck, rang daughter for help, to be told the control needed new batteries 2 Think I'm all set to go tomorrow!...  Read more


Jan 2013
1/6/2013 9:15:41 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Ok I've read that keeping a blog will help motivate me - and I need motivation to both lose weight and exercise. I have arthritis and associated...  Read more


Everyday is a New Years Day
12/31/2012 5:38:52 AM,  2 COMMENTS

This is my first blog but I've been a SparkPeople member for a while. I've learn a lot but this seems to be the most relevant today. People look...  Read more


3 Simple steps this week
6/13/2012 7:23:58 AM,  7 COMMENTS

My plans for the week are to eat mindfully. I am going to be setting up a nice table at home, which is inviting where I can eat all my meals. I am als...  Read more


Jubilee fun
6/10/2012 7:48:50 AM,  1 COMMENTS

We had a street party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The road was shut and neighbours each brought food, bbq, table and gazebo an...  Read more


Learning to lead
6/8/2012 5:05:15 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I thought I had spent so long trying to please everyone, that I had totally lost my identity. I have just been a chameleon, changing the way I speak,...  Read more


Helped by Horses
6/6/2012 12:37:29 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I have been steadily getting back into horse riding and horsemanship over the past year or so. As part of this I have been studying at Monty Roberts'...  Read more


I still surprise myself and hopefully inspire others
6/2/2012 6:42:28 AM,  2 COMMENTS

It's my friend's birthday today and we'd planned to do our first run together this morning (we usually do our own thing separately) , meeting up at ou...  Read more


An hour a day is not too much
5/30/2012 4:00:40 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I have been doing a moderate/fast hour a day on the treadmill for 3 weeks, but I have gained weight!! I think I will do more intervals of fast and sl...  Read more


Where I have been, where I am going and why for once I am really proud of who I am!
5/25/2012 7:36:06 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I have been on Sparkpeople for just over a year now. I dont have a great story in terms of weightloss to tell, in fact if you look at what I weighed t...  Read more


Is this the key to cracking binge eating?
4/5/2012 2:16:03 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I have had a horrible week. For some reason I have been struggling with anxiety attacks and felt very wound up about work. I have been sticking to a d...  Read more


Losing weight can be fun
3/25/2012 12:41:50 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I have been reading some books about overeating and weight loss and I started thinking about how much easier things are when you can have fun along th...  Read more


Is it possible to make sustainable change and lose weight permanently?
3/19/2012 8:21:22 AM,  7 COMMENTS

My DH has been really supportive while I have been trying to lose weight for the umpteenth time. This is particularly impressive since I discovered at...  Read more


2/29/2012 5:17:05 AM,  1 COMMENTS

My eldest daughter has been competitive swimming for the last 4 years and she recently decided it wasn't for her any longer. She's such a strong s...  Read more


Keeping that spark going!
2/3/2012 6:21:16 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I have spent a while away from Sparkpeople as some of you will have noticed. Its been a bit of a rough time for me and various things in my life becam...  Read more


Exercise great; diet - not so much
1/15/2012 8:48:19 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I have been doing tons of exercise since the new year - I did quite a lot last year anyway, but I have been more focused this year so far. It helps ha...  Read more


week 2 2012
1/15/2012 7:12:39 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I had my weigh in today only lost 1lb (186lbs) this week but thats 1lb closer to my goal. The workouts had been pushed out the way last week for doc...  Read more


loving me
1/12/2012 6:59:33 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I'm sitting outside in my car waiting to go into work. I'm connecting to my inner feelings and realizing how I hate working with this family. The co...  Read more


week 1 2012
1/8/2012 5:24:09 PM,  0 COMMENTS

The workouts over Christmas and the new year kind of got put on hold, and it all went out the window which resulted in me putting on weight. But on th...  Read more


How do I stop making the same mistakes over and over?
1/3/2012 3:55:03 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Looking back over my weight since I first joined SP, I have yo-yo'd, deciding to get back on track when I reach a certain critical weight and losing l...  Read more


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